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to corrupt their innocent Minds with the profane Use of unchaste Writings? Our moderu Wits think every Thing in Scripture so mean and flat, as not to be worth their Reading; but all who have a Taste for Learning, find there such a lofty Eloquence, as is above the Rules of human Art. For these inspired Writers have a grave and manly Majesty, Clearness and Beauty; they have no unnatural Rants, no high swelling Words, but an amiable, great, and noble Simplicity of Language reigns in them. This is more entertaining both to the Learned and Pious, than the most beautiful Passages of Heathen Orators and Poets. The Wise of all Ages have ever been of this Opinion and will be so: And none can speak ill of the Bible, but Scorners and debauched Sinners, who are condemned by its Precepts, and whose Threatenings terrify their Conscience. It is a sad Thought, indeed it is, that many daring Wretches use their Tongues and Pens against this Book, indited by the Holy Ghost. But do you, O pious Christian, dread to despise the Word of God, by which you shall infallibly be judged at the last Day. Who can sufficiently lament that so many pernicious Books appear in the World, which put fair Colours on the worst of Crimes? The Reading of them may fix such Errors on the Mind, which cannot without great Difficulty be rooted out.

What Mischiefs have been done by young Peoples' delighting in Romances and Plays, and wanton Songs, which generally fill the Head with rambling, and unchaste Thoughts? There may be in these Books some entertaining Wit; but this serves only to gild over the Poison and Danger of them; therefore away with them, look not into them and I assure you, this will contribute much to secure your Virtue.' Pious Books will turn your Heart from the Love of sensual Desires, and raise the Minds of young People up to the Contemplation of more noble and more excellent Objects, and enable them to look


nown with a generous Disdain upon sinful Pleasures and mean Pursuits.

That hearing Sermons may turn to your Advantage, hear with an honest Simplicity of Heart, begging the Assistance of the Holy Spirit. How can you be careless or sleepy, when Matters of the last Importance are laid before you? What can rouse you up, if Things relating to your eternal Happiness or Misery cannot prevail on you to listen to them with attentive Mind? It is not enough that you hear and remember, and are affected with a good Discourse, the main Point is, to put in Practice the Instructions you have beard: The Pleasures of the World are apt to blot out the good Impressions made upon your Mind; the Cares of Life will choak the Word; therefore at all Times, especially on the Lord's Day, seriously reflect upon the useful Truths which have been delivered; let them excite your Diligence to attain the Virtues recommended, and avoid the Vices that obstruct your Salvation.

That you may gain Time for Reading, Meditation, and be at the Public Assemblies before Prayers begin, you must rise early. Too many lie long in Bed, and give themselves up to carnal Ease and Rest; yet on Week-Days can stir abroad early to pursue their worldly Affairs. If you are Master of a Family, think on Joshua's Resolution. As for me and my House, we will serve the Lord, Josh. xxiv. 15. Go with your Family to the Evening Service, and go with the same holy Desire as in the Morning. Think not half a Day enough for God and your Soul. If God has dealt bountifully with you, let the Poor, the Maimed, the Halt, and the Blind, rejoice with you. When you relieve their Bodies, give some Instruction to their Souls, which will make the Charity far greater. Therefore, instruct the Ignoraut, draw Sinners to Repentance, comfort the Afflicted, and watch every favourable Opportunity to rebuke and reprove all such as are wicked and scandalous in their Ways.


Suffer not your Family to perish through your Neglect; but by your Care, Example, prudent Counsel, and Reproof, keep yourself and them from the Pollutions of the Age. How is it that, Men are unjust Oppressors; that we hear of so many Thefts and Robberies, Perjuries and Murders? Why have we so many corrupt Administrators of Justice, unnatural Parents, disobedient Children, ill Masters, faithless, idle, and imprudent Servants? Trace it to the Original, and it will be found, that the Want of a due Observation of the Sabbath Day is the chief Cause of all those Mischiefs.

All Praise be to God, who, in a debauched Age, hath put it into the Hearts of many worthy Persous to train up poor Youth in the Fear of God; the only Way of putting a Stop to the Propagation of Sin and Wickedness in the World.

Thanks be given to the Pious Benefactors, and to all who labour in this excellent Work; to their Honour be it spoken, without Diminution of the Royal Dignity, they shall all share in that glorious Title of being Defenders of the Faith.

A Prayer to be used by Parents, Masters. of Families, or Guardians.

O ALMIGHTY GOD, merciful and gracious, take into thy Protection the Children committed to my Charge; [name Relations, Orphans, &c.] Be pleased to give them healthful Bodies, an understanding Heart, a teachable Temper, and an obedient Will, that they may be thy


Servants, and thy Children all their Days. Thou knowest, O Lord, how weak and inconsiderate young People are; how violent their Passions, and how easy to be seduced! I therefore most earnestly implore thy Blessing upon my Endeavours to bring them up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord. And do thou, O God of all Grace, season their Minds with a Sense of Religion, that they may be Examples of Virtue, by a sober, humble, and devout Behaviour and Conversation; that so they may pass through all the Dangers and Temptations of this Life, and be Co-heirs with Jesus in the Glories of the next.

Consider that all Children are by Nature wild and prone to Evil, and therefore must be brought under Discipline betimes. Ground, you know, uncultivated, will produce nothing but rank Weeds. It is happier, says Plato, not to be born, than to be unbred. And because Errors, indulged at the first, are hard to be corrected, use all Endeavours to prevent ill Customs, aud implant such Virtues in the Breasts of your Children, that they may prove a Comfort to their Friends, and an Ornament to their Country. What is so pleasing in the Eyes of God, as to see young Persons formed thus early to Virtue and Honour.


Some know, by woeful Experience, the Troubles and Vexations that uninstructed Daughters bring into Families many of whom, by their petulant Humours, by Impatience, Bitterness, and Clamour, have entirely alienated from them the Affections of their Husbands; who, being vexed by their unquiet Tem


pers, have sought to drown their Cares in excessive Drinking; or to look for good Nature abroad, when they could not find it at Home. When the Passions rule with an absolute Sway, and are not subdued by Religion, how can Peace be expected? Every little Thing will make the Untaught fly out into Anger and Rage, disturbing their own Peace, and that of all around them. Youth at first may, like tender Osiers, be easily fashioned: and if Notions of Virtue and Honour are instilled into them in the Spring of Life, they will scarce ever wear out with Age. For though the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, with their alluring Offers, may, for a Time cloak the good Seed, yet when Years and sober Thoughts bring the Person to himself again, the good Seed early Sown will spring up again, and being watered with the Dew of God's heavenly Blessing, bring forth Fruit in Amendment of Life. Lose not therefore, the first seven or eight Years. God declares, that he is pleased with the Prime of our Affections, with the Obedience of our arliest Years, and with the first Fruits of the Soul. If youthful Days are neglected, nothing but Disobedience and Trouble can be expected: and to have Vexations grow out of our own Bowels, and come from those whom God, and Nature, and Gratitude, have ordained for our Comfort, will be an unspeakable Grief; and, what is worse, God will require their Blood at their wicked Parents' Hands. It is therefore our most important Concern early to shape and manage well their tender, pliable Minds. This is the most proper Season to bend their Minds to Virtue and Religion. What Cruelty is it to let such Habits be formed in youthful Minds, as must be unlearnt! If Parents or Guardians will not use their best Endeavours to make their Children good, they must not expect, when they are advanced in Years, they shall prove any Thing but bad Men. Some say, let Children indulge their Follies; be idle, foolish and vain! When


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