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may surely there be fixed, where true Joys are to be found.

O Lord, Creator and Preserver of Mankind, I pray unto thee for all Sorts and Conditions of Men, that thou wouldest be pleased to make thy Ways known unto them, thy saving Health among all Nations; enlighten all Jews, Turks, Infidels and Heretics, with the Knowledge of thy Truth. Be gracious to thy holy Catholic Church, especially to that Part of it to which I belong. Bless the King and the whole Royal Family, with all temporal Blessings here, and with eternal Glory in the World to come.

Lord, let it be thy good Pleasure to give to our Governors, Zeal for Religion; and to the whole Nation healthful and peaceful Times. Bless all that I have wronged, and forgive those that have wronged me forgive my Enemies, Persecutors and Slanderers: have Mercy upon them, Lord have Mercy upon them. Spare them, for they are the Work of thy Hands; O spare them, for they are redeemed with the precious Blood of thy dear Son; and lay not to their Charge whatever they have said or done against me thy Servant, who have so greatly offended thee, my merciful Father.


Bless and keep my Relations and Friends, [name them.] Lord, thou knowest all their Wants, and all their Desires; be pleased therefore to suit thy Graces and Blessings to their several Necessities of Body and Soul.

Finally, I commend to thy fatherly Goodness and Compassion, all those who are under thy afflicting Hand: give them I beseech thee, both Patience to bear, and Prudence to make a right Use of their Trials; and, in thy own good Time, give them a happy Issue out of all their Afflic tions, to take them from these temporal Miseries to thine eternal Rest in Heaven, through thy Mercies in Jesus Christ our Lord and mighty Redeemer.

I bless and praise thy Name, O God, for all thy Goodness; [mention the Mercies vouchsafed unto you] for thy Preservation of me this Day past, and the rest of my Life, from innumerable Accidents and Dangers; but above all, I laud and magnify, and adore thy Goodness, for redeeming the World by the Death and Passion. of thy only begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Grant I may express my Thankfulness to thee, O God, by submitting myself entirely to thy holy Will and Pleasure; and by studying to

serve thee in true Holiness and Righteousness all the Days of my Life.

O make me mindful of that Time when I shall lie down in the Dust; and because I know neither the Day nor the Hour, when I shall be summoned hence to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, grant I may never live in such a State, as I shall be afraid to die in; but that thro' thy Grace, I may live so soberly, righteously, and godly in this present World, as that my Soul may be prepared for the Company of Saints and Angels in thy heavenly Kingdom, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose Name and Words, in behalf of myself, and all Mankind, I humbly and heartily pray.

Our Father, &c.

If every Evening you shall thus adjust your Accounts with Heaven, and it should please God to take you hence before tlie Morning Light, you may rest confortably assured, that you will be numbered with the Saints in Life everlasting.

A short Prayer at Night for Servants, Children, or any that are straitened in Time.

O LORD, pardon all the Sins I have committed this Day in Thought, Word,


or Deed, against thy divine Majesty ; [confess them] wash me thoroughly from my Wickedness, and cleanse me from my Sins.

And because thro' the Weakness of my mortal Nature, I cannot always stand upright, grant me the Help of thy Grace that I may overcome all the Temptations that daily surround me. Assist me, good Lord, by thy Grace, that I may worship thee, serve thee, and obey thee as I ought to do. Supply me with all Things needful, while I am on Earth, and prepare my Soul for the Happiness of Heaven.

Lord, receive me, and all my Friends, into thy Protection this Night. [my Father, &c. according as they stand related] Watch over me, and refresh me with seasonable Rest, that I may rise the next Morning more fit for thy Service.

All Praise and Thanksgiving be to thee, O Lord, for the Mercies bestowed upon me this Day and all the Days of my Life.

Mercifully hear my Prayers, and accept my Praises, for the Sake of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, in whose Words I sum up all my Wants.

Our Father, &c.

Here meditate awhile, and then say;

The Blessing of God Almighty, the Fa


ther, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be with me this Night and for evermore.

[blocks in formation]

NAKED came I out of my Mother's Womb, and naked shall I return; O make me wise to prepare for my latter End.

When you lie down in your Bed.

VOUCHSAFE me, O gracious Lord, a quiet and a happy End. Defend me and this Family from all Adversities which may happen to our Bodies. Good Lord, deliver us from Fire, from Lightning and Tempest, from Thieves and Robbers, and from all those other Perils and Dangers which for our Sins might justly fall upon us. Blessed Lord, into thy Hands I commit myself, my Soul and Body. O`save me from all Dangers, ghostly and bodily, through thy merciful Goodness, in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

O how secure and sweetly do they sleep, who go to Bed with a quiet Conscience; who after a Day of faithful Industry and pious Living, lay down their Heads in Peace, and safely rest in the Bosom of Providence.


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