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Land of mine Enemies, where there are daily Wars, and great Calamities. Comfort my Banishment, assuage my Sorrow: For my whole Desire sigheth after thee.

Come, Lord Jesus! come quickly.




Let one read, or say devoutly, what followeth, the rest of the Family attending.

THE LORD hath brought us safe to the Beginning of this Day, let us therefore give him Thanks for this and for all his Mercies.

Let us pray that we may live in the Fear of God, and continue in Love and Charity with our Neighbours.

That the Lord may bless our honest Endeavours, and make us content with what his Providence shall order for us.

And that we may continue his faithful Servants unto our Lives' End.

For all which Blessings let us devoutly pray.

Then all devoutly kneeling, let one say:

GOD, by whom the whole World is governed and preserved, we give Thee humble Thanks for thy fatherly Care over us; beseeching thee to make us truly sensible of thy Mercies, and thank

ful for them. Give us Grace, that we may walk as in thy Sight, making a Conscience of our Ways, and fearing to offend thee, may never fall into the Sins we have repented of. Enable us to resist the Temptations of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil; to follow the Motions of thy good Spirit, to be serious and holy in our Lives, true and just in our Dealings, watchful over our Thoughts, Words, and Actions, diligent in our Business, and temperate in all Things. And because we cannot be safe without thy Succour, defend us we beseech thee, from all Dangers, both of Body and Soul. Make us ever sensible that we depend upon thee, that in all our Necessities we may look up to thee for Help. And the gracioùs God give us what is needful for us, and withal give us contented Minds. Give us the Blessings of this Life, and Grace not to abuse them; but, above all Things,. give us the Blessings of the World to come, for Jesus Christ's Sake. Hear us, O God, not according to our weak Understanding, but according to the full Meaning of that Form of Words which Jesus Christ hath taught us:

Our Father, &c.


The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all ever





Let one read, or say devoutly, what followeth, the rest of the Family attending.


Let us

God to

Let us

By the Favour of God, we are come to the Evening of this Day: and we are so much nearer to our latter End. seriously consider this, and fit us for the Hour of Death. with penitent Hearts beseech him to pardon our Sins; and to deliver us from the Evils which we have justly deserved. Let us resolve to amend where we have done amiss, and pray God that his Grace may ever be with us. And that we may be safe under his Protection, who alone can defend us from all Dangers, as well ghostly as bodily; for all which Blessings let us devoutly pray.



Then all devoutly kneeling, let one say,

O LORD and heavenly Father, we acknowledge thy great Goodness to us, in sparing us when we deserve Punishment; in giving us the Necessaries of this Life; and in setting before us the Happiness of a better Life! O merciful God, pardon our Sins; correct and amend whatever thou seest amiss in us, that, as we grow in Years, we may grow in Grace, and the nearer we draw to the latter End, the better we may be prepared for it. In the Midst of Life we are in Death. Lord, grant that these Thoughts may make us careful how we live, that we may escape the bitter Pains of eternal Death. Take from us all Ignorance, Hardness of Heart, and too much Carefulness of the Things of this Life. Make us a Family fearing thee, O God, submitting ourselves to thy good Pleasure, and putting our whole Trust in thy Mercy. Grant that Governors may rule with Truth and Justice, and that we whose Duty it is to obey, may do it for Conscience Sake. Continue to us the Means of Grace, and the Blessings of Peace and Unity, which by thy Goodness we enjoy. We commend unto thy tender


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