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Things, love thee above all other Gods; and trust in thee above all other Lords. O guide me always with thine Eye here, then shall I find Favour in thy Sight hereafter. While you are at Work.

LORD, prosper thou the Work of my Hands upon me: me: 0 prosper thou my Handy-Work!

Remember to keep God always before you, and be every now and then offering up short Ejaculations to Heaven. Our spiritual Enemies, alas! close us in on every Side; they have a thousand Arts of enticing and betraying you into Sin. How many wanton, lustful Thoughts, atheistical and blasphemous Opinions may arise in your Heart; which call for sudden ejaculatory Prayers to God, for Power and Strength to keep them down? These devout Breathings take up so little Time, that they may be exercised at Work, or as thou walkest by the Way, when thou sittest down, and when thou risest up.

If you undertake a Matter of great Moment, pray for Help thus:

O ALMIGHTY FATHER, supreme Governor of the World, who orderest all Things in Heaven and Earth, I recommend myself, and the Affair I have in Hand, to thy all-wise Disposal. O be thou pleased to direct and prosper what I undertake [name it] if it seemeth good in thy Sight. But whatever the Event shall be, give me


Grace to rest satisfied with what thou, in thy unerring Wisdom, shall appoint for me. I humbly beg thy Blessing on this, and all the Affairs of my Life, that Soul may my bless thee for this, and all thy other undeserved Mercies, bestowed upon me through Jesus Christ.

When you behold the Heavens, the Fields, and the Woods, say,

O LORD, how manifold are thy Works! in Wisdom hast thou made them all! The Earth is full of thy Riches?

If any Temptations assault you.

O LORD, thou Preserver of Men, let not the Enemy of Souls prevail against me: But be thou my Strength and Support in this Hour of Trial, for Christ his Sake. Amen.

If you dread any sudden great Danger.

LORD, save me, or I perish. Arise Lord Jesus, arise, help and deliver me for thy Name's Sake.

If you or your Friends escape Dunger.

ALL Glory be to thee, O Lord, for this Blessing, which is owing to thy Mercy," who art the Fountain of all Goodness.. This Favour shall never slip out of my Mind,


Mind, but I will sing of thy Power and Mercy to my Life's End, and hope that I may at last, through the Merits of my Saviour, with the Spirits of just Men made perfect, sing Hallelujans of Joy and Gratitude, to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, for ever and ever.

If any ill Accident befalls you.

THIS Calamity comes from thy Hand, O Lord; I receive it, therefore, with humble Submission, and wait thy Time for my Deliverance. O make my Patience equal to the Trial; and grant that this, and all Afflictions, which are but for a Moment, may work out for me a far more exceeding and eternal Weight of Glory.

If you are suddenly betrayed into Sin.

WOE is me, wretched Sinner, woe is me! what shall I do? I have unawares committed Evil in the Sight of my God; [name it] without thy Mercy, my Soul and Body are eternally undone: But have Mercy upon me, O Lord, have Mercy upon me! Look upon me, O Saviour of Mankind, as thou didst on thy offending Disciple, that I may weep bitterly for this Sin. What is done I cannot recall; but I resolve, by the Assistance of thy Grace,


never again to commit the Offence I now repent of: On my bended Knees I humbly beg I may keep this Resolution. Lord, hear my Prayers, and let my Cry come unto thee.

If you escape a Temptation.

THY Power and thy Might, O Lord, have preserved me; I therefore will sing of thy Goodness as long as I live.

If Company and Mirth have dissipated your Mind, say,

LET not the Affairs and Pleasures of this Life engage my Affections, but let the Thoughts of Thee, O Lord, delight my Soul.

If you see others Sin grievously.

LORD, kindle in my Heart a Flame of sincere Love towards my offending Brethren, that I may omit no favourable Opportunity to reprove and exhort them, and further their Salvation, lest their Blood be required at my Hands.

Alas! how often do I, through Fear or Favour, become a Partaker of other Men's Sin? But as I am obliged to love my Neighbour, and by all charitable Offices study to promote his bodily Welfare, so must I be more diligent to save his preci


Dearest Saviour,

ous and immortal Soul. as thou delightest not in the Death of a Sinner, reclaim these Offenders, that there may be Joy in Heaven at their Conversion. So may I hope with them, and they with me, for ever to bless thy holy Name.

When the Weather is unseasonable.

O GOD, the Creator and Preserver of all Things, who causest the Grass to grow for the Cattle, and Herbs for the Use of Men, look down from Heaven and send thy Blessing upon the Land wherein we dwell. Thou dost, for our unthankfulness and Abuse of thy Mercies, punish us with unseasonable Weather, [Name either Want of Rain, or too much, &c.] whereby we are in Danger of losing the Labour of our Hands. But, O most merciful Father, forgive us those Sins for which thou art justly displeased; and so let thy Goodness renew the Face of the Earth, that the Pastures and Fields may rejoice and sing. Increase the Fruits of the Earth by thy heavenly Benediction, and grant that we, receiving thy bountiful Liberality, may receive the same to thy Glory, the Relief of those that are Needy, and to our own Comfort; through Jesus Christ our Lord,



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