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ness of Body. Look mercifully upon me O Lord, and the more the outward Man decayeth, strengthen me so much the more with thy Grace and Holy Spirit in the inner Man. Give me unfeigned Repentance for all the Sins of my Life past, and steadfast Faith in thy Son Jesus, that my Sins may be done away by thy 'Mercy, and my Pardon sealed in Heaven, before I go hence and be no more seen. I know, Lord, there is nothing impossible with thee, and that thou canst even yet raise me up, if it be best for me; and therefore I humbly submit myself unto thy all-wise Disposal: But forasmuch as in all Appearance the Time of my Dissolution draweth near, O bestow upon me those holy and heavenly Qualifications, which may fit me for my approaching Change. And whensoever thou art pleased to take me hence, take me unto thy Favour, through the Merits of thy most dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

When the sick Man apprehends himself in great Danger.

HASTE thee, O Lord, to deliver me. In thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, my most merciful Saviour and only Redeemer,

in thee alone is all my Trust. Let me never be confounded, Oblessed Jesu, when I sue to thee for Mercy. Mercy, O Lord, and Forgiveness of my Sins, is what I most humbly beg of thee, O Christ, save me. O God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, three Persons, and one God, have Mercy upon me. Receive my Soul into thy Hands. And for thy Mercies Sake place it in thy heavenly Kingdom, among thy holy Angels, and blessed Saints. Ŏ Lord, hear me, and be merciful unto me. Into thy Hands I commend my Spirit; for thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, thou God of Truth. Amen.

When troubled in Mind.

O BLESSED Lord, thou great Physician of Souls, I come unto thee for Relief, who only canst heal my wounded Spirit, and comfort my weak and dejected Mind; deliver me from all those tormenting Fears and Perplexities with which I am so encompassed, and which I am not able to prevent or resist; I beseech thee, gracious God, to hear my Complaints, and take away this Burthen from me, that, being restored to a quiet, easy, and composed Frame of Mind, I

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may serve thee with more Delight in the Duties of my heavenly Calling. Lord, hear my Prayer, which in the Anguish of a troubled Spirit I make unto thee, for the Merits of my ever-blessed Saviour, who himself was a Man of Sorrows, and acquainted with Grief, to whom with thee O Father, and thee O Holy Ghost, be all Glory, World without End. Amen.

If any of your FAMILY or FRIENDS die suddenly.

O MOST gracious Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, Judge of the Living and Dead, behold me here prostrate at thy Feet, on account of thy Servant whom thou hast smitten with thy hasty Rod. Grant that this, and other like Spectacles of Mortality, which are daily before my Eyes, may move my Heart effectually to consider how frail and uncertain my own Condition is. Grant that this sudden Stroke of thy Hand may awaken me to a careful Performance of my Duty, that I may henceforth love, honour, and obey thee, and seriously apply my Heart to holy and heavenly Wisdom; that when I depart out of this Valley of Tears, I may die the Death of the Righteous, and be numbered

with thy Saints in Glory everlasting. And this I most ardently beg for Jesus Christ his Sake. Amen.

The Sick Man's Prayer for his FAMILY and RELATIONS.

O LORD GOD Almighty, I praise thee for the constant Experience I have had of thy great Goodness to me all my Life long. And now that I am going the Way of all Flesh, and must speedily be gathered to my Fathers, I not only desire to retain, to my last Breath, a thankful Remembrance of this thy Loving-Kindness; but beg Liberty also at the same Time to intercede with thee, for those I leave behind me, [my Wife and Children, and others] my near and dear Relations. Take them all into thy Protection, and administer to them all Things pertaining to Life and Godliness*. Be a Father to the Fatherless, and a Husband to the Widow. Keep them as the Apple of thine Eye. Preserve them under the Shadow of thy Wings; and let no Evil come nigh their

* If you are poor, and leave a poor Family behind you, let not that affect you, but remember, that although you die, yet the Goodness of God endureth for


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Dwelling. Thy Blessing is incomparably the most desirable Portion I can leave them. Bestow upon them I beseech thee, all Blessings, spiritual and temporal, in Christ Jesus.

If Troubles of any Kind afflict you.

O GRACIOUS God, who for wise Ends art pleased to exercise us with Troubles and Afflictions, in order to awaken us out of that deep Sleep of Sin, whereunto the Pleasures and vain Cares of this World have cast us; and dispose us thereby to wean our Hearts from all Things here below, and fix them on Death and Eternity: Adored be thy gracious Providence, which by this Cross and Calamity calleth loudly upon me to mind the one Thing needful, to set my House in order, and prepare my Soul for a Place in the heavenly Mansions above. Mercifully grant that I may answer the Design of thy Goodness, in calling me thus mercifully to Repentance and Newness of Life. This Trouble I patiently submit to, though for the present it be not joyous, but grievous; hoping by thy Grace, that it will produce in my Soul the peaceable Fruits of Righteousness., Lord, evermore lift up the Light


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