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I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing Praises unto my God while I have my Being.

When you are returned Home, retire, if you have Opportunity, and offer up this Prayer.

LORD, I am not worthy of that daily Bread, which sustains the Body; but thou hast made me Partaker of the Bread of Life, which came down from Heaven, and nourisheth the Soul; and of which, whosoever eateth, shall live for ever. How many, O Lord, turn a deaf Ear to all the pressing Exhortations of thy Ministers; and being influenced by the Cares, and Riches, and Pleasures of Life, when they are invited refuse to come. How many pious and devout Souls are deprived of the blessed Advantage of this highest and most solemn Act of Religion! And how many sincere and faithful Christians are oppressed with Scruples, and dejected with Fears, so that they dare not venture to partake of the holy Mysteries? What Thanks therefore, most gracious God, can I return unto thy divine Majesty, for impressing a Sense of this Duty upon my Mind, and for that Strength and Power K 5.


whereby thou hast in some Measure enabled me to perform it.

GLORY be to thee, O Lord God, for these fresh Supplies of Grace I have received at thy Altar. Glory be to thee for those comfortable Assurances thou hast given me of Pardon and Forgiveness, Glory be to thee, O Lord God Almighty, for that Peace and Quiet thou hast restored to my Soul: for those Resolutions thou hast wrought in me, to persevere in thy Service to the End of my Life. Grant, O Lord, that I may walk worthy of those Favours, and live as becomes the Redeemed of the Lord.

Lead me, O Lord, through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, through this howling Wilderness of Sorrow and Dangers, and conduct me by the Ways of Peace and Holiness, to my Heavenly Country, the Land of Promise, and at length admit me into thy Presence, where there is Fulness of Joy, and Pleasures for evermore. Amen.

GREAT, unspeakably great, is thy Favour to me, O Lord, who hast this Day. honoured me with the highest Privileges. Thou hast fed me with the spiritual Food


of the most precious Body and Blood of thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Blessing and Honour, Glory and Power, be unto him who sitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever; for he was slain, and has redeemed us with bis Blood. Hallelujah, Salvation. is of the Lord. Thanks be to God, for this his unspeakable Gift in Christ Jesus our Lord. I have tasted and seen this Day, that the Lord is gracious, and that. his Mercy endureth for ever. O trust in him, all ye his People; rejoice and shew yourselves glad in the Lord: for it becometh all those whom he hath redeemed to be thankful. I was unworthy to gather


the Crumbs under his Table; and yet, O inexpressible Condescension, O inestimable Mercy; my Saviour hath placed me among his Children; fed me with the Bread of Life; and satisfied my Soul as it were with Marrow and Fatness.

And now, dear Lord, since I am bought with a Price; even with the invaluable Price of thine own most precious Blood; O let me not lose what is purchased for me, by turning aside unto Wickedness. Alas! I suspect my own Weakness; I fear, I sadly fear the Power of Satan : There

K 6

Therefore I do earnestly entreat thee, O divine Spirit, not to leave me to myself, and my own deceitful Heart, but uphold me by thy mighty Aid.

Protect and defend me against all Temptations, which are apt to ensnare my deceitful Heart, and may cause me to violate the Promise I have made. Give me Grace, that I may not any more defile that Soul which the Blood of Christ hath washed; and let not the Pleasures of the World any more prevail upon me to transgress thy holy Laws. O Lord, subdue my Corruptions, heal my Backslidings, and increase my Charity; that fixing my Thoughts upon the great Advantage of leading a godly Life, I may grow in Grace, and be rich in good Works. Thus shall I, guided by thy Providence, and assisted by thy Holy Spirit, at last arrive at the End of Hope; and, by being faithful unto Death, receive a Crown of Life, in thy glorious Kingdom hereafter, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Our Father, &c.


God the Father bless me; God the Son defend me; God the Holy Ghost preserve and keep me, and be with me now, and for evermore. Amen.

O how happy is the State of that Man! how sweetly and how securely will he live! whose Unrighteousness is forgiven, and whose Sin is covered! Such an one may go about his worldly Affairs with a quiet Conscience; and at all Times, and in all Places, safely rest in the Bosom of Providence. If it should" please God, for the Trial of his Faith, to exercise him with Troubles, still his Conscience will speak Comfort to him, and bid him not fear any Ills. Let profligate, bold Sinners say and do as they think fit, what is that to you? Do you follow God: follow the Way that leads to everlasting Life. That you may do this, learn what to do

After receiving the holy Sacrament.

It is melancholy to observe, that too many Persons, after they have been at the Lord's Table, are not watchful to maintain and keep up that spiritual Frame of Heart which they had got, and brought from the sacred Ordinance. Whereby their Christian Graces languish and die, and they themselves fall back again into their former Sins. But remember, O Christian, that all is not over as soon as you have received. The Graces which you exercised at the Holy Table, are to be practised through the whole Course of your Life. And let this awful Truth be ever uppermost in your Mind, that there is no standing still in Christianity: And that if you go not forward, you certainly go.


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