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graciously to accept this Offering from thy unworthy Servant.

While the Exhortation is reading, attend with great Reverence to the Blessings which are promised to all worthy Communicants.

Repeat the Confession in the humblest Posture, audibly saying the Words after the Minister, with great Sorrow of Heart. Recollect the Sins you have been guilty of their several Aggravations

as sinning against the frequent Admonitions of Conscience perhaps after repeated Vows and Promises of Amendment made to God privately, and in this sacred Place, &c. For, indeed, if the Confession of our Sins be not attended with sincere Compunction of Heart, and with real Purpose of Reformation, it will be only like sounding Brass, or a tinkling Cymbal, and will therefore profit us nothing. I believe there never was, in any human Writings, so lively, full, pathetic a Form of Confession; and the Sinner must be hardened, if he is not touched and moved by it.


Be silent, attentive, and in an humble Posture when the Absolution is pronounced; and eartiestly beg of God, that he would be pleased to confirm in Heaven, what his Minister declares on Earth.


When the following Sentences are read, make some short and devout Reflections on them; as when it is said, Come unto me all ye that labour, &c. say softly,


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I COME, O blessed Jesus, I come to thee: The Weight of Sins indeed sinks me down; but, Lord, these comfortable Words bring Joy to my Soul, overwhelmed with Grief, &c.

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And so on all the rest.

When the Minister says, Lift up your Heart, then strive to forget all worldly Things, and see that you speak Truth when you answer, We lift them up unte the Lord.

Let your Heart go along with every Word of the Consecration; fix your Eyes pou the Elements; and while the Minister orders the Bread and Wine, pray after this Manner.

SEND thy Holy Spirit, O Lord, into our Hearts, to cleanse and sanctify us throughout in Soul and Body, that, together with these consecrated Elements of Bread and Wine now offered unto thee, we may receive those inward Graces and Blessings they were appointed to convey, and be washed in that Fountain which thou hast opened for Sin, and for Uncleanness.

When you see the Bread broken, say,

Thou art, O blessed Jesu! the true living and Life-giving Bread which came down from Heaven: O may we so


so eat of this Bread, may we so partake of the Fruits of thy Passion, as to live for


When the Wine is poured out.

THUS, O my Soul, was the most precious Blood of thy crucified Saviour poured forth. Had not his Blood been shed, here had been no Remission of Sins: Blessed be God, who is rich in Mercy, for giving us this Covenant of Peace.

After the Consecration.

O ETERNAL God, grant that the allsufficient Merits of my dear Redeemer may plead effectually for the Pardon of all my Sins. I adore thee, O blessed Jesus, who didst endure the painful Death of the Cross, to deliver Mankind from endless Misery; therefore, with all the Powers of my Soul, I love and praise thee for these stupendous Fa


O Lamb of God, that takest away the Sins of the World, have Mercy upon me. O Lamb of God, that takest away the Sins of the World, grant me thy Peace. Amen.

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While the Minister receives in both Kinds


O LET me receive these sanctified Elements of Bread and Wine, with Purity and Thanksgiving. Welcome, dear Signs of my Saviour's spiritual Presence; welcome, sure Pledges of his Love, and my own Happiness; O that I was a worthy Guest at this divine Feast! Holy Jesu! speak the Word only, and I shall be clean; and be meet to receive the consecrated Elements.

Although my Heart be not worthy to receive so divine a Guest yet thy Presence, Lord, can make it worthy. Enter then into my Heart. O blessed Jesu, cleanse it from all Filthiness of Flesh and Spirit, and dwell therein for ever. Amen. Amen.

Before you receive the Consecrated Bread.

O LORD, I am not worthy thou shouldst enter under my Roof; but, Lord, be merciful to me a Sinner. O be gracious unto thy Servant, come and abide with me, thou blessed Author and Finisher of our Faith and powerfully support me in all Temptations.


Thou hast said, He that eateth thy Flesh, and drinketh thy Blood, hath eternal Life; Behold the Servant of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy Word.

At receiving of the Bread*.

I EAT this Bread,my Lord and God, in Remembrance of thy wonderful Love towards Mankind, and with an entire Trust in the Merits of thy Death.

O Lamb of God, that wast slain for the Sins of the World, have Mercy upon me; by thy crucified Body deliver me from this Body of Death.

After receiving the Bread.

ALL Love, all Glory be to thee, O Lord, who feedest me with the Bread of Life.

Make me a Partaker of the Virtue of thy crucified Body.


I offer to thee my Soul and Body. O make them fit for thy Service.

* Mind here fervently (but silently) to join with the Minister, when he addresses you in those pathetic Words, The Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c. The Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.

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