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mourn, and am still grieved, because I can grieve no more.

O that my Head were Waters, and my Eyes a Fountain of Tears, that I might weep bitterly for my Transgressions! O Lord, soften by thy Grace, and break this hard Heart of mine; For thou only canst do it, and melt it into Tears of Contrition. But, alas! all the Tears I can shed cannot wash away even one of my Sins: how much less then my great and presumptuous ones! No, it is thy Blood alone can do it. Thus therefore, instead of my own Tears, accept, O heavenly Father, of the Blood of thy own wellbeloved Son; and for his Sake be merciful unto me. Amen.

O THAT I had died before my Sout was drawn aside from the Paths of Virtue! But, O my God, though I cannot come before thee as an innocent Person, yet, if my Heart deceives me not, I come among the Penitents. O blessed Spirit of Grace, repair my Weakness, subdue my evil Inclinations, confirm my Repentance, enliven my Gratitude, dwell in my Heart by Faith, enlarge my Hopes, increase my Charity: Accept my humble and sincere, though imperfect and unworthy,


Service; make Intercession for me, and seal me unto the Day of Redemption. O let me continue thine for ever, and daily increase in all holy Graces more and more, until I come to thine everlasting Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Saviour.

Shall I continue in Sin that Grace may abound? God forbid: I resolve, O Lord, (by the Grace of thy Holy Spirit) to take heed unto my Ways, and to love thee above all the Pleasures and Interests of this Life! and because I am weak of myself, and frail, be pleased, O Lord, to confirm and strengthen me in these good Purposes. I do here this Day, in thy Presence, and before the holy Angels, who rejoice at the Conversion of a Sinner, firmly resolve never to fall again into the Sins I now repent of.

Lord, I no longer beg for the Enjoyments of this World: Neither Power, nor Honours, nor Riches, nor Pleasures. No, my God, dispose of these fading Treasures where and to whom thou pleasest. Give me Pardon and Mercy. Return unto thy Rest, O, my Soul, for the Lord bath redeemed thee. Hearken to thy blessed Saviour speaking those comfortable Words! My Son, be of good Cheer, thy Sins are for

given thee. And now, behold, my drooping Soul revives, and breaks forth into Hymns and Praises, and Hallelujahs, for a Mercy I could not hope for, because I could not deserve; for which, and all his other Mercies, praise the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me praise his holy Name.

Let this happy Day, O my God, be noted in thy Book; and here, upon my bended Knees, I humbly pray that I may live and die in these Resolutions.

Lord, hear my Prayer, and let my Cry come unto thee. Amen.

On Saturday, add this to your Morning or Evening Prayer.

Look down, O Lord, with thy wonted Mercy, and beal the Anguish of my troubled Breast: I tremble to think on my Own Folly and Madness, when I consider how treacherously I have betrayed my own Soul, and hearkened to the Tempta tions of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, and have thereby drawn down Ruin on my own Head, unless thy unspeakable Mercy prevent it. Mercy prevent it. What shall I say unto thee, O thou that art the Judge of all the World? It I look up to Heaven, and consider the Majesty of the great and


holy God; and from thence turn my Eyes downwards on myself, and take a View of my own Vileness, I am horribly afraid. And And yet thou kindly invitest returning Sinners to come to thy holy Table! If I refuse that gracious Invitation, I forsake my own Mercy and Happiness; but if I come unworthily, I shall be punished for bringing a polluted Heart to so pure and heavenly a Feast. What shall I do since Dangers threaten me on both Sides? I will fly to thee, O my God; and that, when I approach thy Altar, it may be profitable to my Salvation, give me, I beseech thee, a due Sense of the Greatness of the heavenly Mystery, and the Excellency of thy Mercy contained in it; and then fill my Soul with pure Affections, with earnest Longings, with godly Sorrow, with firm Resolutions, with profound Reverence, and ardent Devotion; that my Heart may be a clean Habitation for my Saviour, such as he will not disdain; and that I may go to this divine Feast, with such holy and devout Affections, that thou, O my dearest Saviour, mayest bid me welcome at thy Table, and the Food I receive may nourish and preserve my Body and Soul to Life eternal. Amen.


Sacrament Day.

Rise early and prepare yourself lowly and reverently to meet your blessed Saviour at his holy Table. Think on the inestimable Benefits you are going to receive, with the greatest Joy and Gratitude. Banish from your Heart all vain Thoughts and Cares of this Life: repeat the Ejaculations, and your usual Morning Devótions, as in the Week; to which you may add the Litany, and fill up the Time with reading the Scriptures, the Whole Duty of Man, or some other good Book.

Then ask yourself, in the Presence of God, whether you do indeed stedfastly purpose to lead a new Life: without which it is the highest Presumption to approach the Table of the Lord; and resolve for the Future, through the Assistance of divine Grace, to lead a sober, righteous, and godly Life, as you value the Favour of God, and your eternal Happiness.

A Prayer on the Morning you communicate, which muy be added to your other Devo


O ALMIGHTY and eternal God, the Author of Pardon and Grace, of Life and Salvation, have pity upon me; after thy great Goodness, and according to the Multitude of thy Mercies, do away mine Offences. O my God, who delightest not in the death of a Sinner, and whose Mercy is greater than my Sins, let me


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