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have Leisure, ought frequently to receive the Holy Communion, as the best Improvement of their Time; so they who are engaged in many worldly Affairs, ought to come often to the Sacrament, and learn how to sanctify their Employments. It is your Duty indeed, to provide for yourself and Family by Industry and Labour; but this must not take up all the Vigour of your Mind. You have a higher and a more noble Part to take Care of; I mean your immortal Soul (worth more than the whole World.)

Upon Friday before the Holy Communion.

Consider, O Man, whoever thou art, that sinnest against God, that thou canst not hope for Pardon without Repentance: Therefore, on this Day call thyself to account, examine your Ways by the Rule of God's Commandments, and search after every ungodly Deed, condemning yourself for your past Transgressions, and imploring the Mercy of your heavenly Father through his well-beloved Son.


Nothing can be of greater Use, than for Men, in this State of Danger and Infirmity, frequently to call themselves to a strict Account, comparing their Actions with the Laws of God. If this Day of SelfExamination was duly performed, the Seeds of Vice could not take such deep Root in the Heart. many, who get their Bread by the Sweat of their Brows, who are Servants, and cannot command their own Time, complain they have not an Opportunity for this Examination: Here then, I must add a Word to the Masters themselves. I need not tell them that every Master of a Family must be in some Measure answerable for the religious Behaviour of his Family : he is to watch over and instruct, admonish and reprove his Children and Servants: He is to worship God with them in his Family, and to allow and require them


to worship God in Secret by themselves, and in the public Congregation, particularly at the Lord's Table. But if covetous Masters will not allow their Servants Time for religious Duties, this Examination may be performed the Sunday before; or by rising a little sooner, or only a little later lying down to rest, he may redeem Time enough from his Sleep to enlarge his Devotions, to examine the State of his Soul, and by the Exercise of Repentance and Thankfulness, Faith, Hope, and Charity, prepare himself in the best Manner for a worthy Approach to the Lord's Table. Besides, in the Fields or at the Plough, or working at a Trade, Men may reflect on their Lives past, and offer up devout Ejaculations: But want of Time is generally a frivolous Pretence; for they can find Leisure for Idleness, for reading ill Books, and profane Ballads, &c. which corrupt the Mind, and render it averse to all holy Duty.

Therefore make no Excuses; but be humbled and sorrowful, that you have not considered these Things sooner: Beg of God, who alone searches the Heart, and tries the Reins, to discover to you all the Evils and Deceits of your own Hearts, and then judge yourself here, that you be not condemned hereafter.






For those Virtues and Graces which respect our Duty to Almighty God, our Neighbours, or Ourselves.

O God the Father of Heaven:

Have Mercy upon me a miserable Sinner.

O God the Son, Redeemer of Mankind, the Author and Finisher of our Faith: Have Mercy upon me a miserable Sinner.

O God the Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier, Comforter, and Perfecter of the Faithful; who alone canst guide and assist me in my Duty ;

Have Mercy upon me a miserable Sinner.

O God

O God, who preservedst me every Moment of my Life from sad Accidents and Dangers; who hast redeemed me by the Death of thy Son, and sanctified me by the Grace of thy Holy Spirit; who hast afforded me all the necessary Means and Helps to Salvation, and hast prepared a glorious Inheritance for me in the Kingdom of Heaven:

Have Mercy upon me a miserable Sinner.

To be preserved from sinning against God.

From Infidelity, and Distrust of thy Mercy, O God; from murmuring at thy Dealings with me; from being impatient under thy afflicting Hand, and disobedient to thy just Commands:

Good Lord deliver me.

From indulging evil Thoughts and Desires; from bad Company and Discourse; from taking thy sacred Name in vain; from mis-spending the Lord's Day; from Coldness, Wanderings, and Indevotion in my Prayers:

Good Lord deliver me.

From putting off my Repentance from Day to Day; from resisting the Good Motions


Motions of thy Holy Spirit; from tamely hearing others blaspheme, or any ways dishonour thy Holy Name:

Good Lord deliver me.

From despairing of thy Mercy, or presuming groundlessly on thy Goodness; going on in a Course of Sin, or fearing Man more than thee, O God; from Want of Zeal in thy Service, and Cowardice in not standing up for thee against EvilDoers:

Good Lord deliver me.

From neglecting of reading the Holy Scriptures, in order to learn my Duty; from being careless and remiss to practise what I hear or read; from absenting myself from the Lord's Table, or coming without a due Preparation of Soul, or neglecting to keep the Promises and Vows I made at thy Altar:

Good Lord deliver me.

To be preserved from sinning against your Neighbour.

From dishonouring my Parents: from being refractory and disobedient to the lawful Commands of our Governors in


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