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enliven the whole Earth. O may this Light never see me do any Work of Daikness. Thine Eye, O Lord, which is ten thousand times more piercing than the Sun, is ever upon me. Give me Grace always to walk as a Child of Light, that I may dwell in the Regions of eternal Day.

Then, if you are single, retire to some private Place, and no more forget your daily Devotion, than you would your daily Bread. If you have a Family, call them together, and by Prayer, commit them, and all your Concerns, to the Blessing of that God who heareth the Prayers of all such as call upon him faithfully. Plead not Multiplicity of Business for your Neglect: The greater or more entangled your Affairs are the more Need you have to pray not to be led into Temptation.

We, alas! are poor, weak, and necessitous Creatures, and it is fervent Prayer only that brings down all Manner of Blessings, temporal as well as spiritual, upon us. And to induce you to perform this Duty of Prayer with Alacrity and Zeal, think what a mighty Honour and high Dignity it is to have Leave to pray. For, is it not an Honour for a worthless and depending Creature to appear before, and converse with his great Creator? Is it not an Honour for vile Worms, for sinful Dust and Ashes, to be allowed the Privilege of having Access, at any Time, to the supreme Majesty of Heaven and Earth; to make known to him our Wants, our Calamities, and Distresses, and hereby to obtain the Supply of our Wants, and the removal of our Calamities?

But to the Honour, add too the great Delight and Pleasure resulting from constant Prayer. For, what can be more delightful to you, my Brethren, than to maintain a constant Intercourse with the highest and

[blocks in formation]

most excellent of Beings? than to hold Communion with your Creator, Preserver, and continual Benefactor and by the regular and devout Performance of this Duty, to have the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the sacred Influences of the blessed Spirit, derived down upon you? What can be a greater Refreshment to your Mind, than to disburden it of the heavy Weight of Guilt, by a free and ingenuous Acknowledgment thereof, and by humble Prayer for Forgiveness of the same? in short, what more delightful than to vent your Grief, your Fears, your Wants, your Anxieties, into the Ears of your Heavenly Father? one so tender, so true to his Word: One so able, and so exceedingly willing to supply all your Wants.

Since then all Kind of Blessings, all good Inclinations, our Growth in Grace, and Advancements in the spiritual Life, depend entirely on the Aids of Heaven, and are to be derived thence by Prayer; be assiduous, diligent, and fervent in this Duty; call Home your straggling Thoughts; fix your Attention; raise and awaken your pious Affections; then your religious Addresses to the Throne of Grace shall prove the fervent, effectual Prayer of the Righteous Man, which availeth much.

Thus, if you daily pour out your Soul to God in humble Supplication, and offer him Thanks and Praise all the Days of your Life, you will at length be taken up into Heaven; and there be joined to the eternally praising, worshipping, and adoring Choir of glorified Saints and Angels.

If want of a Form shall discourage you, and you have no other Book, use this following.



If the Family join, instead of I, say We; instead of Me, say Us, &c.

IN the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity. Amen. All Glory be to thee, O Father of Mercies, who hast enlightened mine Eyes that I slept not in Death; who hast delivered me from the Terrors of the Night, and from the Evil that walketh in Darkness! who renewest thy Mercies to me every Morning. Lord, forgive whatever thou hast seen amiss in me this Night. Forgive all my former Sins; all my Abuses. of thy Forbearance and Long-suffering. O grant me Grace to improve all future Opportunities of doing thy Will, that thy Love and thy Fear may rule in my Heart all the Day long. O keep me chaste in my Thoughts, temperate in my Enjoyments, humble in the Opinion of myself, meek and peaceable under all Provocations, just and upright in all my Dealings, and diligent in all my Affairs: and teach me contentedly to submit to whatever happens, either to myself or to others, by the Allotment of thy wise Providence.


Suffer not my Heart to be set too much upon the Things of this World; but grant that I may be carefully cheerful to fit my Soul for everlasting Bliss in the Glories of thy Kingdom.

O merciful Father, I humbly beseech thee to bless and defend thy holy Catholic Church! in a more especial Manner that pure and apostolical Part of it, of which I am a Member. And herein save and defend our Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, our gracious Queen. CHARLOTTE, his Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Family. Give to the Gentry and Magistracy Zeal for Religion; to all Jews, Turks, Intidels and Hereticks, Conversion; to all unhappy Sinners, timely Repentance and to all holy Persons, Increase of Grace. Comfort the Disconsolate, heal the Sick, be a Father to the Fatherless, and take Care of desolate Widows.

I beseech thee, O merciful God, to forgive my Enemies, Persecutors, and Slanderers; remember not their Offences, neither take thou Vengeance of their Sins. Lay not to their Charge whatever they have said or done against me, thy unwor thy Servant, who have so greatly offended thy divine Majesty; open their Eyes, that


they may see the Error of their Ways, and repent: that so we may come to live together in Peace herc, and reign together in Heaven hereafter.

Bless my Friends and Benefactors [especially N.] to whom, by a king Act of thy Providence, I am in a peculiar Manner obliged.

Let it be thy good Pleasure to bless all my Relations [name them]; thou knowest all their Wants; O suit thy Graces and Blessing to their several Necessities of Body and Soul.

Defend, O Lord, me thy Servant, with thy Heavenly Grace, that I may continue thine for ever, and daily increase in thy Holy Spirit more and more, until I come unto thy everlasting Kingdom. Amen. Our Father, &c.

THE Blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be with me, and rest upon me, and all related to me, this Day, and evermore. Amen.

Here, and always when you arise from Prayer, lift up your Heart to God and say;

GLORY be to thee, O God most High, and blessed be the Name of the Lord for




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