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O THOU God of infinite Mercy and Forbearance, who art slow to Anger, patient and long suffering; I earnestly beg of thee to endue me with Patience and Forbearance. Shew me, O Lord, that unruly Passion is the Effect of Pride and Haughtiness, and the Mark of a weak Mind. Enable me, by thy Grace, to put off all Anger, Malice, Strife, and put on Bowels of Mercy, Kindness, forbearing and forgiving my Neighbour. Help me to turn my Anger against my unruly Lusts and Passions, then shall Peace and Sedateness of Mind be the blissful Temper of my Soul on Earth; and these, through the Merits of Christ, shall at last advance me to those eternal Regions, where is not the least Disturbance or Discomposure of Spirit.


O HOLY and blessed Spirit, who hast called us not to Uncleanness, but unto Holiness, be graciously pleased to enter into my Heart, and dwell there; and consecrate my Body into a Temple for thyself. Thou art a pure Spirit, and will not enter into a Soul enslaved to Sin; kindle

kindle therefore in my Heart, a Love of Purity, and burn up all my Lusts. I know that the giving Way to idle Affections will bring Pains and Diseases on my Body; Shame and Dishonour on my Soul; and, at last, the Miseries of a sad Eternity on both. Guide me therefore with thy holy Inspirations, that I may stifle and suppress all evil Thoughts, and Desires, and not indulge filthy Fancies, or use obscene Discourse to offend, chaste Ears, or corrupt my Neighbour's Morals, as knowing that I must give a strict Account of all such Words at the last Day. Enable me therefore, O Holy Spirit, to keep both Body and Soul chaste and undefiled, that thou mayest be my Guide, the holy Angels my Guardians, and Peace of Mind my Comfort; that thus being pure in Heart, I may be blessed and see God.


O THOυ bountiful Giver of all Things, who hast provided plentifully for me; Give me Grace to use thy Creatures soberly and temperately, that I may not, like brute Beasts, contrive only how to gratify my sensual Appetites; for then will my Spirits be unfit for the Performance of my Duty, my Affections


Affections unholy, and my Body healthless; but grant that I may use thy good Creatures with Moderation and Thankfulness, to the Refreshing of my Body; and so eat and drink here, that I may be thought worthy to be admitted to the eternal Supper of the Lamb hereafter.


In thee, O Lord, alone, can my Heart find the Rest and Comfort, which the whole World beside cannot give. But unhappy I the Things of this Life have hitherto possessed my Thoughts till I have grown Cold in my Love to thee, O God, and the sweet ravishing Pleasures of Religion, which are most worthy of my Love. How justly, O Lord, mightest thou leave me to inherit my dull unhappy Choice, and shut me out of that heavenly Kingdom, which I have neglected for the Sake of a present fleeting Enjoyment. But, O Father of Mercies, forgive the past Defects of my Love to thee; shew me so much of the great and glorious Things of the other Life, as may deaden my Affections to this present World, and lift them up to the Joys above, where Christ sitteth at the Right Hand of God.


For Resolution and Constancy in Well-doing.

My Lord and my God, who by the Light of thy glorious Gospel hast shewed me the Way of Life and Salvation; be pleased to give me Courage to walk in it, and to own thy precious Truths in the Midst of an adulterous and sinful Generation. That being rooted and grounded in Love, I may never prove false and unfaithful, or grow weary in Well-doing. May I never forget that I am bought with no less a Price than the precious Blood of thy dear Son; how that I was early dedicated to thy Service; and have had all Helps and Means afforded me of growing in Grace. Lord, as thou hast begun to shew Mercy to thy poor Servant, leave me not, nor forsake me, but establish, strengthen, settle me, that at last I may receive the glorious Consummation of all my Hopes, and the blessed End of my Faith the eternal Salvation of my Soul. Amen.



How vile and ungrateful am I, who can think of God's amazing Mercies without being deeply affected by them! Deliver me, O Lord, from this Body


of Sin, and give me a devout, lively, and active Spirit in my Devotions, that my cold earthly Desires may rise up to

Heaven in Fervours, answerable to my Wants. O touch my Heart with deep Contrition, and humble my Soul with that godly Fear which becomes thy awful Majesty.

If Angels, those bright and excellent Spirits, fall down and worship before thy Throne, how fit and reasonable it is, that I, sinful Dust and Ashes, should appear before thee with Reverence and godly Fear? Woe is me, that my Heart is so hard, as not to be broken with the Terrors of the Lord. O blessed Spirit, from whom every good Gift cometh, and who didst in an Instant make of a simple Fisherman a zealous Apostle, and of persecuting Paul a chosen Vessel, to preach the Doctrine of Salvation to the Gentiles, strike my flinty Heart, that the Waters of godly Sorrow may flow forth. Then by praying constantly and fervently to thee here, I shall hereafter join with the blessed Angels, who sing eternal Hallelujahs to the Lamb. for evermore. Amen.


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