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or break out into passionate Expressions against others. But since I am chastised for my Good, O indulgent Father, thy Will be done. Thus will I freely resign up myself to thee, and with firm Resolves devote all my Powers to thy Service, that by so doing, I may be reconciled to thee, my offended God. Take me, I beseech thee, into thy Protection here, till by thy gracious Guidance, I be translated from this Valley of Tears, to the Joys of thy heavenly Kingdom.


O LORD, I am weak, but thou art mighty, and hast promised to give thy Holy Spirit to them that ask ; vouchsafe me thy kind Influences, to cleanse my polluted Nature, to comfort me in my Troubles, to succour me in Temptations, and to assist me in all Parts of my Duty, that I may walk in thy Fear all my Life long. [ commit my Soul to thy Keeping, O thou that art Faithful as well as Almighty; watch over me, that I be not beguiled by the Deceitfulness of Sin, by my own Heart, or by my ghostly Enemies: but may fast, watch, and pray, that I enter not into Temptation; so that living the

Life of Grace here, I may live the Life of Glory hereafter.

For Watchfulness against Sin, and

WITH how many Temptations am I encompassed, and with how many spiritual Enemies beset! Help me, O Lord, or I perish; help me, or I am ruined to all Eternity. O be thou pleased to restrain these Assaults of my spiritual Enemies, or assist and bear me up, that they may not prevail against me. Make me diligent in all my Duties, watchful in all Temptations, that they may never entangle me, but rather excite me to a more manful Resistance against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil; and in all my Conflicts, enable me to be more than Conqueror; that so, having fought a good Fight, finished my Course, and kept the Faith, I may have a Crown of Righteousness, a Crown which fadeth not away,, eternal in the Heavens.

Against Swearing, Lying, and Slandering.

GRANT, O Lord, that I may never use thy sacred Name but on solemn OcF6 casions,

casions, and then with Reverence and profound Respect; above all, that I never prostitute it to confirm a Lye. May I abhor the detestable Sin of raising false Reports of my Neighbour, or believing them that do, suspending my Judgment till I fully know the Matter: That I render not Evil for Evil, nor Railing for Railing, but give Place unto Wrath. O convince my Adversaries of their Errors: restrain their Wrath, and turn their Hearts. The Son of thy eternal Love was abused; the Apostles had implacable Enemies; and can I hope to escape? Lord, support and defend me under all Slanders: that by patient Continuance in well doing, I may obtain Honour and Glory in the Kingdom of Heaven.

If False Things are laid to your Charge.

GRANT, O Lord, that the Injuries and contumelious Usage, the Calumnies and Censures of Men, who speak and think ill of me, may bring me to a modest and lowly Opinion of myself! They show how vain a Thing it is to thirst after the Praise of Men, since Innocence and Goodness cannot protect from Slander and Reproach: I therefore will be obedient to my Saviour


by bearing and forgiving Injuries, that by passing by the Offences of Men, I may obtain Forgiveness of my own Sins from God; This I beg for Christ his Sake. Amen.


O JUST and Holy God, I have offended thy divine Majesty, by violating thy righteous Laws. [Name the Sin.] Without thy Mercy, my Soul and Body are eternally undone. I acknowledge my Transgressions, and

am humbled for

them: See, Lord, my Eyes bathed in Tears, and my Heart broken with Contrition. Look on me, blessed Jesus, as thou didst on thy offending Disciple. What is done I cannot recal; but I resolve, by the Assistance of thy Grace, never more to relapse into those Crimes I now repent of. Fool, that I was, for a short Pleasure, to forfeit my Innocence, my Soul, and the Favour of God! Justly might thy Vengeance, O Lord, have cut me off, and consigned me over to eternal Punishment; but thy Mercy hath spared me. As I am a Monument of thy Goodness, grant I may be an Instrument of thy Praise as long as I live,


And this I beg for Jesus Christ his Sake. Amen.


O KING of Glory, who dwellest in the highest Heavens; who resisteth the Proud, but givest Grace to the Humble ; enable me, O Lord, to imitate the incomparable Humility of Humility of my blessed Saviour. Drive from my Heart a selfconceited, arrogant, and lofty Temper of Mind; strike me with a deep and lively Sense of my Wretchedness, by reason of my Sins; and make me humble as I am wicked. Suffer me not, O God, to exalt myself above. Measure, by trusting to my own Righteousness, lest I fall into the Condemnation of the Devil. Let not the wicked Spirit of Pride rule in my Heart,. but mortify in me all vain Thoughts, and make me truly thankful to Thee for the Good I do, and humbled under a constant Sense of my own Sin, Misery, and Weakness; that thus debasing myself here, I may at last receive Honour, when thou. shalt crown thy humble Servants in the Kingdom of Glory.


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