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6s, 5s.

Give us, O Lord, fresh hopes in heaven,

And trust in things divine.
4 Let peace, O Lord, Thy peace, O God,

Upon our souls descend ;
From midnight fears, and perils, Thou

Our trembling hearts defend.
Give us a respite from our toil ;

Calm and subdue our woes ;
Through the long day we labor, Lord,
Oh, give us now repose.

A. A. Procter. 94

Now The day is over,

Night is drawing nigh;
Shadows of the evening

Steal across the sky;
2 Jesus, give the weary

Calm and sweet repose ;
With Thy tenderest blessing

May our eyelids close.
3 Grant to little children

Visions bright of Thee ;
Guard the sailors tossing

On the deep, blue sea.
4 Comfort every sufferer

Watching late in pain ;
Those who plan some evil

From their sins restrain.
5 Through the long night-watches,

May Thine angels spread
Their white wings above me,

Watching round my bed.
6 When the morning wakens,

Then may I arise


Pure, and fresh, and sinless
In Thy holy eyes.

S. Baring-Gould. 95

Holy Father, cheer our way
With Thy love's perpetual ray ;
Grant us ev'ry closing day

Light at evening-time.
2 Holy Saviour, calm our fears

When earth's brightness disappears ;
Grant us in our later years

Light at evening-time.
3 Holy Spirit, be Thou nigh

When in mortal pains we lie ;
Grant us, as we come to die,

Light at evening-time.
4 Holy, blessèd Trinity,

Darkness is not dark to Thee;
Those Thou keepest always see
Light at evening-time.

R. H. Robinson. 96

THREE in One, and One in Three,
Ruler of the earth and sea,
Hear us, while we lift to Thee

Holy chant and psalm.
2 Light of lights, with morning shine,

Lift on us Thy light divine;
And let charity benign

Breathe on us her balm.

3 Light of lights, when falls the even,

Let it close on sin forgiven ;
Fold us in the peace of heaven,

Shed a holy calm.

4 Three in One, and One in Three,

Dimly here we worship Thee;
With the saints hereafter, we

Hope to bear the palm.

G. Rorison.


WHEN the day of toil is done,
When the race of life is run,
Father, grant Thy wearied one

Rest for evermore !
2 When the strife of sin is stilled,

When the foe within is killed,
Be Thy gracious word fulfilled,

Peace for evermore!
3 When the darkness melts away,

At the breaking of the day,
Bids us hail the cheering ray –

Light for evermore !
4 When the heart by sorrow tried

Feels at length its throbs subside,
Bring us, where all tears are dried,

Joy for evermore !
5 When for vanished days we yearn,

Days that never can return,
Teach us in Thy love to learn

Love for evermore !
6 When the breath of life is flown,

When the grave must claim its own,
Lord of life, be ours Thy crown

Life for evermore !

J. Ellerton,


7,7,7,5 JESUS, Shepherd of the sheep, Who Thy Father's flock doth keep,

Safe we wake and safe we sleep,

Guarded still by Thee.
2 In Thy promise firm we stand,

None can pluck us from Thy hand,
Speak, we hear, at Thy command,

We will follow Thee.

3 By Thy blood our souls were bought,

By Thy life salvation wrought,
By Thy light our feet are taught,

Lord, to follow Thee.
4 Father, draw us to Thy Son,

We with joy will follow on,
Till the work of grace is done,

And from sin set free.

8s, 7s.

5 We in robes of glory drest

Join the assembly of the blest,
Gathered to eternal rest,
In the fold with Thee.

H. Cook. 99

HEAR our pray’r, O Heav'nly Father,

Ere we lay us down to sleep ;
Bid Thine angels, pure and holy,

Round our bed their vigils keep. 2 Heavy though our sins, Thy mercy

Far outweighs them every one;
Down before the cross we cast them,

Trusting in Thy help alone.
3 Keep us through this night of peril

Safe beneath its sheltering shade ;
Take us to Thy rest, we pray Thee,

When our pilgrimage is made.
4 None can measure out Thy patience

By the span of human thought ;

None can bound the tender mercies

Which Thy holy Son has bought. 5 Pardon all our past transgressions,

Give us strength for days to come ; Guide and guard us with Thy blessing,

Till Thine angels bear us home.

H. Parr.


11,11,11,5 Now God be with us, for the night is

closing ; The light and darkness are of His dispos

ing, And 'neath his shadow here to rest we yield us,

For He will shield us.

2 Let evil thoughts and spirits flee before us ;

Till morning cometh, watch, O Master, o'er

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In soul and body Thou from harm defend us,

Thine angels send us.

3 Let holy thoughts be ours when sleep o'er

takes us ; Our earliest thoughts be Thine when morn

ing wakes us. All sick and mourners we to Thee commend them,

Do Thou befriend them.

4 We have no refuge, none on earth to aid


But Thee, O Father, who Thine own hast

made us. Keep us in life ; forgive our sins ; deliver

Us now and ever.

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