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And by virtue of His merits

Thither faithful souls may soar. Who for Christ's dear name, in this world

Pain and tribulation bore. 4 Many a blow and biting sculpture

Polished well those stones elect,
In their places now compacted

By the heavenly architect,
Who therewith hath willed for ever

That His palace should be decked. 5 Laud and honor to the Father,

Laud and honor to the Son,
Laud and honor to the Spirit,

Ever Three, and ever One,
Consubstantial, co-eternal,
While unending ages run.

Anon. (Latin, c. 6th or 7th Cent.) Tr. J. M. Neale. (Part II. of this hymn is “ Christ is made the sure foundation,” No. 731.) 780

88,7s. 81. HEAR what God, the Lord, hath spoken ;

O my people, faint and few, Comfortless, afflicted, broken,

Fair abodes I build for you ; Thorns of heartfelt tribulation

Shall no more perplex your ways ; You shall name your walls Salvation,

And your gates shall all be Praise. 2 “There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end shall flow; For the Lord, your faith rewarding,

All His bounty shall bestow : Still in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign ; Never shall you feel oppression,

Hear the voice of war again.

3 “Ye no more your suns descending,

Waning moons no more, shall see ;
But, your griefs forever ending,

Find eternal noon in Me:
God shall rise, and shining o'er you,

Change to day the gloom of night ;
He, the Lord, shall be your glory,
God, your everlasting light."

W. Cowper.


85,75. 81. HARK ! the sound of holy voices,

Chanting at the crystal sea, Alleluia, Alleluia,

Alleluia, Lord, to Thee ; Multitude which none can number,

Like the stars in glory stands, Clothed in white apparel, holding

Palms of vict'ry in their hands. 2 Patriarch, and holy prophet,

Who prepared the way for Christ, King, apostle, saint, confessor,

Martyr and evangelist;
Saintly maiden, godly matron,

Widows who have watched to prayer,
Joined in holy concert, singing

To the Lord of all, are there.
3 Marching with Thy cross, their banner,

They have triumphed, following Thee, the Captain of salvation,

Thee, their Saviour and their King. Gladly, Lord, with Thee they suffered ;

Gladly, Lord, with Thee they died ; And by death to life immortal

They were born and glorified.

4 Now they reign in heavenly glory,

Now they walk in golden light,
Now they drink, as from a river,

Holy bliss and infinite :
Love and peace they taste for ever,

And all truth and knowledge see
In the beatific vision
Of the blessed Trinity.

C. Wordsiyðrth. 782

C. M.
HOW BRIGHT these glorious spirits shine :

Whence all their white array ?
How came they to the blissful seats

Of everlasting day?
2 Lo, these are they from sufferings great,

Who came to realms of light, And in the blood of Christ have washed

Those robes which shine so bright.
3 Now with triumphal palms they stand

Before the throne on high,
And serve the God they love, amidst

The glories of the sky.
4 His presence fills each heart with joy

Tunes every mouth to sing ;
By day, by night, the sacred courts

With glad Hosannas ring.
5 Hunger and thirst are felt no more,

Nor suns with scorching ray ;
God is their Sun, whose cheering beams

Diffuse eternal day. 6 The Lamb which dwells amidst the throne

Shall o’er them still preside ;
Feed them with nourishment divine,

And all their footsteps guide.

7 'Mong pastures green He'll lead His flock

Where living streams appear ; And God the Lord from every eye

Shall wipe off every tear. 1. Watts. Scottish Drafts Trs. & Paraphs. W. Cameron. 783

7,6,8,6. 81. TEN thousand times ten thousand

In sparkling raiment bright,
The armies of the ransomed saints

Throng up the steeps of light : ”T is finished ! all is finished,

Their fight with death and sin: Fling open wide the golden gates,

And let the victors in.

2 What rush of alleluias

Fills all the earth and sky! What ringing of a thousand harps

Bespeaks the triumph nigh! Oh, day, for which creation

And all its tribes were made ; Oh, joy, for all its former woes

A thousand-fold repaid !
3 Oh, then what raptured greetings

On Canaan's happy shore ;
What knitting severed friendships up,

Where partings are no more !
Then eyes with joy shall sparkle

That brimmed with tears of late ; Orphans no longer fatherless,

Nor widows desolate.

4 Bring near Thy great salvation,

Thou Lamb for sinners slain; Fill up the roll of Thine elect,

Then take Thy power, and reign :

Appear, Desire of nations,

Thine exiles long for home ; Show in the heav'ns Thy promised sign; Thou Prince and Saviour, come!

H. Alford. 784

S. M. “ FOREVER with the Lord !”

Amen ! so let it be !
Life from the dead is in that word,

’T is immortality!
2 Here, in the body pent,

Absent from Him I roam,
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent

A day's march nearer home. 3 My Father's house on high,

Home of my soul, how near
At times, to faith's foreseeing eye,

Thy golden gates appear ! 4 Ah! then my spirit faints

To reach the land I love,
The bright inheritance of saints,

Jerusalem above !
5 “Forever with the Lord !”

Father, if 't is Thy will,
The promise of that faithful word

E'en here to me fulfil.

6 Be Thou at my right hand,

Then can I never fail ;
Uphold Thou me, and I shall stand ;

Fight, and I must prevail. 7 So when my latest breath

Shall rend the veil in twain,
By death I shall escape from death,
And life eternal gain.

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