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2 I wish that His hands had been placed on

my head, That His arm had been thrown around

me, And that I might have seen His kind look

when He said, “ Let the little ones come unto Me." 3 Yet still to His footstool in prayer I may

go, And ask for a share of His love ; And if I thus earnestly seek Him below,

I shall see Him and hear Him above, 4 In that beautiful place He has gone to

prepare For all who are washed and forgiven : And many dear children shall be with Him

there, For of such is the kingdom of heaven. 5 But thousands and thousands who wander

and fall, Never heard of that heavenly home, I wish they could know there is room for

them all, And that Jesus has bid them to come.

Jemima Luke. 774

C. M.
DEAR Jesus, ever at my side,
· How loving Thou must be,
To leave Thy home in heav'n to guard

A little child like me.
2 I cannot feel Thee touch my hand,

With pressure light and mild,
To check me as my mother did,

When I was but a child :

3 But I have felt Thee in my thoughts,

Rebuking sin for me ;
And when my heart loves God, I know

The sweetness is from Thee. 4 And when, dear Saviour, I kneel down,

Morning and night to prayer,
Something there is within my heart

Which tells me Thou art there.
5 Yes, when I pray, Thou prayest too :

Thy prayer is all for me ;
But when I sleep, Thou sleepest not,
But watchest patiently.

F. W. Faber. 775

LORD, this day Thy children meet
In Thy courts with willing feet;
Unto Thee this day they raise

Grateful hearts in hymns of praise. 2 Not alone the day of rest

With Thy worship shall be blest :
In our pleasure and our glee,

Lord, we would remember Thee. 3 Help us unto Thee to pray,

Hallowing our happy day;
From Thy presence thus to win

Hearts all pure, and free from sin. 4 All our pleasures here below,

Saviour, from Thy mercy flow :
But if earth has joys like this,

What shall be our heavenly bliss ! 5 Make, O Lord, our childhood shine

With all lowly grace, like Thine :
Then through all eternity
We shall live in heaven with Thee.

W. W. How.


C. M. 81.
The roseate hues of early dawn,

The brightness of the day,
The crimson of the sunset sky,

How fast they fade away :
Oh, for the pearly gates of heaven!

Oh, for the golden floor !
Oh, for the Sun of righteousness

That setteth nevermore !
2 The highest hopes we cherish here,

How fast they tire and faint;
How many a spot defiles the robe

That wraps an earthly saint ;
Oh, for a heart that never sins,

Oh, for a soul washed white,
Oh, for a voice to praise our King,

Nor weary day or night! 3 Here faith is ours, and heavenly hope,

And grace to lead us higher ;
But there are perfectness and peace,

Beyond our best desire :
Oh, by Thy love and anguish, Lord !

Oh by Thy life laid down!
Oh, that we fall not from Thy grace,
Nor cast away our crown!

Mrs. C. F. Alexander. 777

8,6,8,6,6,6,6,6. O PARADISE, O Paradise,

Who doth not crave for rest?
Who would not seek the happy land

Where they that loved are blest ;
Where loyal hearts and true

Stand ever in the light,
All rapture, thro' and thro',

In God's most holy sight?

2 O Paradise, O Paradise,

The world is growing old ;
Who would not be at rest and free
Where love is never cold ;

Where loyal hearts, etc.

3 O Paradise, O Paradise,

'T is weary waiting here ; I long to be where Jesus is, To feel, to see Him near;

Where loyal hearts, etc.

4 O Paradise, O Paradise,

I want to sin no more,
I want to be as pure on earth
As on Thy spotless shore ;

Where loyal hearts, etc.

5 O Paradise, O Paradise,

I greatly long to see
The special place my dearest Lord
Is destining for me ;

Where loyal hearts, etc. 6 Lord Jesus, King of Paradise,

Oh, keep me in Thy love,
And guide me to that happy land
Of perfect rest above,

Where loyal hearts, etc.

F. W. Faber.

H. A. & M.


8s, 7s. 61. ALLELUIA, song of sweetness,

Voice of joy that cannot die ;
Alleluia is the anthem

Ever dear to choirs on high ;
In the house of God abiding

Thus they sing eternally.

2 Alleluia thou resoundest,

True Jerusalem and free;
Alleluia, joyful mother,

All thy children sing with thee;
But by Babylon's sad waters

Mourning exiles now are we.
3 Alleluia cannot always

Be our song while here below;
Alleluia our trangressions

Make us for a while forego ;
For the solemn time is coming

When our tears for sin must flow. 4 Therefore in our hymns we pray Thee,

Grant us, blessèd Trinity,
At the last to see Thy glory

In our home beyond the sky;
There to Thee forever singing

Alleluia joyfully. Anon. (Latin, 11th Cent.) Tr. J. M. Neale. H. A. & M. 779

85,7s. 61. BLESSED city, heavenly Salem,

Vision dear of peace and love, Who, of living stones upbuilded,

Art the joy of heaven above, And, with angel hosts encircled,

As a bride to earth dost move. 2 From celestial realms descending,

Bridal glory round thee shed, Meet for Him whose love espoused thee,

To thy Lord shalt thou be led ; All thy streets, and all thy bulwarks

Of pure gold are fashioned. 3 Bright thy gates of pearl are shining,

They are open evermore ;

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