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P. M.

ABOVE the clear blue sky,

In Heaven's bright abode,
The angel host on high
Sing praises to their God.

They love to sing
To God their King ;


2 But God from infant tongues

On earth receiveth praise,
We then our cheerful songs
In sweet accord will raise.

We too will sing
To God our King;


3 O blessèd Lord, Thy truth

To us Thy babes impart,
And teach us in our youth
To know Thee as Thou art.

Then shall we sing,
To God our King;


4 0 may Thy holy word

Spread all the world around :
And all with one accord
Uplift the joyful sound.

All then shall sing
To God their King ;

J. Chandler.

6s, 5s.


JESUS, meek and gentle,

Son of God most high,
Pitying, loving Saviour,

Hear Thy children's cry.
2 Pardon our offences,

Loose our captive chains,
Break down every idol

Which our soul detains.

3 Give us holy freedom,

Fill our hearts with love ;
Draw us, holy Jesus,

To the realms above.

4 Lead us on our journey,

Be Thyself the way
Through terrestrial darkness

To celestial day.

5 Jesus, meek and gentle,

Son of God most high,
Pitying, loving Saviour,
Hear Thy children's cry.

G. R. Prynne.

8s, 7s.

JESUS, tender Shepherd, hear me ;

Bless Thy little lamb to-night ; Through the darkness be Thou near me ;

Keep me safe till morning light. 2 All this day Thy hand has led me,

And I thank Thee for Thy care ; Thou hast clothed me, warmed and fed me;

Listen to my evening prayer !

3 Let my sins be all forgiven ;

Bless the friends I love so well :
Take us all at last to heaven,
Happy there with Thee to dwell.

Mary L. Duncan. 765

8,4,8,4,8,8,8,4. COME, let us all unite and sing,

“God is love."
Let heav'n and earth their praises bring :

God is love;
Let every soul from sin awake,
Each in his heart sweet music make,
And sweetly sing for Jesus' sake,

"God is love."
2 0 tell to earth's remotest bound

“God is love !"
In Christ is full redemption found :

God is love,
His blood can cleanse our sins away ;
His Spirit turns our night to day,
And leads our soul with joy to say,

God is love." 3 What though our heart and flesh should fail :

God is love, Through Christ we shall o'er death prevail :

God is love.
In Jordan's swell we need not fear,
For Jesus will be with us there
Our souls above the waves to bear :

God is love.
4 In heaven we shall sing again,

“God is love," Yes, this shall be our noblest strain,

"God is love."

While endless ages roll along,
In concert with the heav'nly throng,
This still shall be our sweetest song,
“ God is love."

C. R. Hurditch.

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6s, 5s. 81. With Refrain. JESUS, King of Glory,

Thron'd above the sky,
Jesus, tender Saviour,

Hear Thy children cry.
Pardon our transgressions,

Cleanse us from our sin ;
By Thy Spirit help us

Heay'nly life to win.
REFRAIN. -Jesus, King of Glory,

Thron'd above the sky,
Jesus, tender Saviour,

Hear Thy children cry.
2 On this day of gladness,

Bending low the knee
In Thine earthly temple,

Lord, we worship Thee;
Celebrate Thy goodness,

Mercy, grace, and truth,
All Thy loving guidance

Of our heedless youth. —Ref.

3 For the little children,

Who have come to Thee ;
For the glad, bright spirits

Who Thy glory see ;
For the loved ones resting

In Thy dear embrace ;
For the pure and holy

Who behold Thy face, Ref.

4 For Thy faithful servants

Who have entered in ;
For Thy fearless soldiers

Who have conquered sin ;
For the countless legions

Who have followed Thee,
Heedless of the danger,

On to victory ; Ref.
5 When the shadows lengthen,

Show us, Lord, Thy way;
Through the darkness lead us

To the heavenly day.
When our course is finished,

Ended all the strife,
Grant us with the faithful,

Palms and crowns of life. Ref.

E. Harland.


6,6,6,6,8,8. HUSHED was the evening hymn,

The temple courts were dark ;
The lamp was burning dim

Before the sacred ark ;
When suddenly a voice divine
Rang thro’ the silence of the shrine.

2 The old man, meek and mild,

The priest of Israel, slept ;
His watch the temple-child,

The little Levite, kept ;
And what from Eli's sense was sealed,
The Lord to Hannah's son revealed.
3 Oh! give me Samuel's ear,

The open ear, O Lord,
Alive and quick to hear

Each whisper of Thy word,
Like him to answer at Thy call,
And to obey Thee first of all.

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