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C. M. Oh, for a heart to praise my God,

Á heart from sin set free,
A heart that always feels Thy blood,

So freely shed for me.

2 A heart resigned, submissive, meek,

My dear Redeemer's throne,
Where only Christ is heard to speak,

Where Jesus reigns alone ;

3 A humble, lowly, contrite heart,

Believing, true, and clean,
Which neither life nor death can part

From Him that dwells within ;

4 A heart in every thought renewed,

And full of love divine,
Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,

A copy, Lord, of Thine.
5 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart;

Come quickly from above :
Write Thy new name upon my heart,
Thy new, best name of Love.

C. Wesley. 517

S. M.
Far from my heavenly home,

Far from my Father's breast,
Fainting I cry, blest Spirit, come,

And speed me to my rest.

2 My spirit homeward turns,

And fain would thither flee ;
My heart, O Zion, droops and yearns,

When I remember thee.

3 To thee, to thee I press,

A dark and toilsome road ;
When shall I pass the wilderness,

And reach the saints' abode ? 4 God of my life, be near :

On Thee my hopes I cast :
Oh, guide me through the desert here,
And bring me home at last !

H. F. Lyte. 518

S. M.
JESUS, my strength, my hope,

On Thee I cast my care,
With humble confidence look up,

And know Thou hear'st my pray’r. 2 Give me on Thee to wait,

Till I can all things do,-
On Thee, almighty to create,

Almighty to renew.
3 Give me a godly fear,

A quick, discerning eye,
That looks to Thee when sin is near,

And sees the tempter fly;
4 A spirit still prepared,

And armed with jealous care,
For ever standing on its guard,

And watching unto prayer.
5 I rest upon Thy word,

The promise is for me ;
My succor and salvation, Lord,

Shall surely come from Thee.
6 But let me still abide,

Nor from my hope remove,
Till Thou my patient spirit guide
Into Thy perfect love.

C. Wesley.


S. M.
My God, permit my tongue

This joy, to call Thee mine ;
And let my early cries prevail

To taste Thy love divine. 2 My thirsty, fainting soul

Thy mercy doth implore ;
Not travellers in desert lands

Can pant for water more. 3 In wakeful hours at night,

I call my God to mind ;
I think how wise Thy counsels are,

And all Thy dealings kind.
4 Since Thou hast been my help,

To Thee my spirit flies ;
And on Thy watchful providence

My cheerful hope relies. 5 The shadow of Thy wings

My soul in safety keeps ;
I follow where my Father leads,
And He supports my steps.

I. Watts. 520

S. M.
BLEST be Thy love, dear Lord,

That taught us this sweet way,
To love Thee only for Thyself,

And for that love obey.

2 0 Thou, our souls' chief hope,

We to Thy mercy fly ;
Where'er we are, Thou canst protect,

Whate'er we need, supply.

3 Whether we sleep or wake,

To Thee we both resign ;
By night we see, as well as day,

If Thy light on us shine.

4 Whether we live or die,

Both we submit to Thee ;
In death we live, as well as life,
If Thine in death we be.

J. Austin.


S. M.
SWEET is Thy mercy, Lord !

Before Thy mercy seat
My soul, adoring, pleads Thy word,

And owns Thy mercy sweet.
2 My need, and Thy desires,

Are all in Christ complete ;
Thou hast the justice truth requires,

And I Thy mercy sweet.
3 Where'er Thy name is blest,

Where'er Thy people meet,
There I delight in Thee to rest,

And find Thy mercy sweet.

4 Light Thou my weary way,

Lead Thou my weary feet,
That while I stay on earth I may

Still find Thy mercy sweet.

5 Thus shall the heavenly host

Hear all my songs repeat,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
My joy, Thy mercy sweet.

J. S. B. Monsell.


S. M.
Still with Thee, O my God,

I would desire to be,
By day, by night; at home, abroad,

I would be still with Thee.
2 With Thee when dawn comes in

And calls me back to care,
Each day returning to begin

With Thee, my God, in prayer.

3 With Thee amid the crowd

That throngs the busy mart,
To hear Thy voice, where time's is loud,

Speak softly to my heart.
4 With Thee when day is done,

And evening calms the mind ;
The setting as the rising sun

With Thee my heart would find.

5 With Thee when darkness brings

The signal of repose,
Calm in the shadow of Thy wings,

Mine eyelids I would close.

6 With Thee, in Thee, by faith

Abiding, I would be ;
By day, by night, in life, in death,
I would be still with Thee.

J. D. Burns.


S. M. Oh, where shall rest be found,

Rest for the weary soul ? ’T were vain the ocean depths to sound,

Or pierce to either pole.

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