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open wide

5 Redeemer, come;

My heart to Thee: here, Lord, abide.
Let me Thy inner presence feel ;

Thy grace and love in me reveal. 6 So come, my Sovereign ! enter in ;

Let new and nobler life begin ;
Thy Holy Spirit guide us on,
Until the glorious goal be won.

G. Weissel. Tr. C. Winkworth. All.

S. M.


JESUS, I live to Thee,

The lovliest and best ;
My life in Thee, Thy life in me,

In Thy blest love I rest.
2 Jesus, I die to Thee,

Whenever death shall come ;
To die in Thee is life to me,

In my eternal home.
3 Whether to live or die,

I know not which is best ;
To live in Thee is bliss to me,

To die is endless rest.

4 Living or dying, Lord,

I ask but to be Thine;
My life in Thee, Thy life in me,
Makes heaven for ever mine.

H. Harbaugh. 434

C. M. 61
FATHER, I know that all my life

Is portioned out for me ;
The changes that are sure to come,

I do not fear to see :
I ask Thee for a present mind,

Intent on pleasing Thee.

2 I ask Thee for a thoughtful love,

Through constant watching wise,
To meet the glad with joyful smiles,

To wipe the weeping eyes;
A heart at leisure from itself

To soothe and sympathize.
3 I would not have the restless will

That hurries to and fro,
Seeking for some great thing do

Or secret thing to know ;
I would be treated as a child,

And guided where I go.
4 Wherever in the world I am,

In whatsoe'er estate,
I have a fellowship with hearts

To keep and cultivate ;
A work of lowly love to do

For Him on whom I wait.
5 I ask Thee for the daily strength,

To none that ask denied,
A mind to blend with outward life,

While keeping at Thy side,
Content to fill a little space,

If Thou be glorified.
6 In service which Thy will appoints

There are no bonds for me ;
My secret heart is taught the truth

That makes Thy children free;
A life of self-renouncing love
Is one of liberty.

A. L. Waring. Alt. 435

L. M. 61.
Thou hidden source of calm repose,

Thou all-sufficient Love divine,
My help and refuge from my foes,

Secure I am, if Thou art mine ;

And lo ! from sin, and grief, and shame,

I hide me, Jesus, in Thy name. 2 Thy mighty name salvation is,

And keeps my happy soul above ;
Comfort it brings, and power, and peace,

And joy, and everlasting love ;
To me, with Thy dear name, are given

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.
3 Jesus, my all in all Thou art,

My rest in toil, my ease in pain,
The medicine of my broken heart,

In war, my peace, in loss, my gain,
My smile beneath the tyrant's frown,

In shame, my glory and my crown ; 4 In want, my plentiful supply,

In weakness, my almighty power,
In bonds, my perfect liberty,

My light in Satan's darkest hour,
In grief, my joy unspeakable,-
My life in death, my all in all.

C. Wesley. 436

C. M. 61. Thou hidden love of God, whose height,

Whose depth unfathomed no man knows, I see from far Thy beauteous light,

Inly I sigh for Thy repose :
My heart is pained, nor can it be

At rest till it finds rest in Thee.
2 ’T is mercy all that Thou hast brought

My mind to seek her peace in Thee; Yet while I seek, but find Thee not,

No peace my wandering soul shall see : Oh, when shall all my wanderings end, And all my steps to Thee-ward tend !

3 O Love, Thy sovereign aid impart

To save me from low-thoughted care ; Chase this self-will through all my heart,

Through all its latent mazes there ; Make me Thy duteous child, that I

Ceaseless may “Abba, Father,” cry. 4 Each moment draw from earth away

My heart, that lowly waits Thy call; Speak to my inmost soul, and say

“I am thy Love, thy God, thy All.” To feel Thy power, to hear Thy voice, To taste Thy love, be all my choice.

G. Tersteegen. Tr. J. Wesley. 437

6,4,6,4,6,6,4. Thy love to me, O Christ,

Thy love to me,
Not mine to Thee, I plead,

Not mine to Thee :
This is my comfort strong,
This is my only song,

Thy love to me.
2 Thy record I believe,

Thy word to me;
Thy love I now receive,

Full, changeless, free, -
Love from the sinless Son,
Love to the sinful one,

Thy love to me.
3 Immortal love of Thine,

Thy sacrifice,
Infinite need of mine

Only supplies.
Streams of divinest power,
Flow to me, hour by hour,

Thy love to me.

4 Let me more clearly trace,

Thy love to me,
See in the Father's face,

His love to Thee;
Know as He loves the Son,
So dost Thou love Thine own
Thy love to me.

Mrs. M. E. Gates.


L. M.
My gracious Lord, I own Thy right

To every service I can pay,
And call it my supreme delight

To hear Thy dictates, and obey. 2 What is my being but for Thee,

Its sure support, its noblest end,
Thine ever-smiling face to see,

And serve the cause of such a friend ? 3 'T is to my Saviour I would live,

To Him who for my ransom died ;
Nor could the bowers of Eden give

Such bliss as blossoms at His side. 4 His work my hoary age shall bless,

When youthful vigor is no more ;
And my last hour of life confess
His dying love, His saving power.

P. Doddridge. 439

6,4,6,4,6,6,4. MORE love to Thee, O Christ,

More love to Thee !
Hear Thou the pray’r I make

On bended knee.
This is my earnest plea,
More love, O Christ, to Thee,

More love to Thee,
More love to Thee !

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