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5 O Victor, aid us in the fight,

And lead through death to realms of light; We safely pass where Thou hast trod ;

In Thee we die to rise to God.
6 Thy flock, from sin and death set free,

Glad alleluias raise to Thee;
And ever with the heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Author unknown. 290

hs, 6s. 81. The day of resurrection,

Earth, tell it out abroad,
The Passover of gladness,

The Passover of God.
From death to life eternal,

From this world to the sky,
Our Christ hath brought us over,

With hymns of victory.
2 Our hearts be pure from evil

That we may see aright
The Lord in rays eternal

Of Resurrection light ;
And, listening to His accents,

May hear so calm and plain
His Own “All hail,” and hearing

May raise the victor strain.
3 Now let the heavens be joyful,

Let earth her song begin,
Let the round world keep triumph,

And all that is therein ;
Invisible and visible

Their notes let all things blend,
For Christ the Lord is risen,

Our joy that hath no end.
John of Damascus (8th Cent.) Tr. J. M. Neale.



lls. With Refrain. WELCOME, happy morning ! age to age shall

say, Hell to-day is vanquish’d, heav'n is won

to-day. Lo! the Dead is living, God for evermore; Him, their true Creator, all His works adore.

Welcome, happy morning, etc. 2 Earth her joy confesses, clothing her for

spring, All good gifts returned with her returning

King; Bloom in every meadow, leaves on every

bough, Speak His sorrow ended, hail His triumph

Welcome, happy morning, etc. 3 Months in due succession, days of lengthen

ing light, Hours and passing moments praise Thee

in their flight ; Brightness of the morning, sky and fields Vanquisher of darkness, bring their praise to Thee,

Welcome, happy morning, etc. 4 Maker and Redeemer, life and health of all, Thou from heaven beholding human nature's

fall, Of the Father's Godhead true and only Son, Manhood to deliver, manhood didst put on.

Welcome, happy morning, etc. 5 Thou, of life the author, death didst undergo, Tread the path of darkness, saving strength

to show;

and sea,

Come then, True and Faithful, now fulfil

Thy word ; 'Tis Thine own third morning : rise, O

buried Lord !

Welcome, happy morning, etc. 6 Loose the souls long prisoned, bound with

Satan's chain, All that now is fallen raise to life again ; Show Thy face in brightness, bid the nations

see, Bring again our daylight ; day returns with


Welcome, happy morning, etc.

V. H. C. Fortunatus (6th Cent.) Tr. J. Ellerton. 292

88,75. 81. Sing, with all the sons of glory,

Sing the resurrection song.
Death and sorrow, earth's dark story,

To the former days belong.
Even now the dawn is breaking,

Soon the night of time shall cease, And, in God's own likeness waking,

Man shall know eternal peace. 2 Oh, what glory, far exceeding

All that eye has yet perceived !
Holiest hearts, for ages pleading,

Never that full joy conceived.
God has promised, Christ prepares it,

There on high our welcome waits ;
Ev'ry humble spirit shares it,

Christ has passed the eternal gates. 3 Life eternal ! Heaven rejoices,

Jesus lives who once was dead ; Jòin, o man, the deathless voices,

Child of God, lift up thy head.

Patriarchs from distant ages,

Saints all longing for their heaven, Prophets, psalmists, seers, and sages,

All await the glory given. 4 Life eternal ! Oh, what wonders

Crowd on faith, what joy unknown, When, amidst earth's closing thunders,

Saints shall stand before the throne ! Oh, to enter that bright portal,

See that glowing firmament,
Know, with Thee, O God immortal,
Jesus Christ, whom Thou has sent !

W. J. Irons. 293 8,7,8,7,7,5,7,5. With Refrain. CHRIST is risen, Christ is risen !

He hath burst His bonds in twain; Christ is risen, Christ is risen !

Alleluia ! swell the strain.
For our gain He suffer'd loss

By divine decree ;
He hath died upon the cross,

But our God is He.

REFRAIN. - Christ is risen, Christ is risen !

He hath burst His bonds in

twain ; Christ is risen, Christ is risen!

Alleluia ! swell the strain.

2 See, the chains of death are broken ;

Earth below and heaven above Joy in each amazing token

Of His rising, Lord of love ;
He for evermore shall reign

By the Father's side,
Till He comes to earth again,

Comes to claim His bride. Ref.

3 Glorious angels downward thronging,

Hail the Lord of all the skies ;
Heaven, with joy and holy longing

For the Word incarnate, cries,
Christ is risen ! Earth, rejoice,

Gleam, ye starry train ;
All creation, find a voice;

He o'er all shall reign.
REFRAIN. - Christ is risen, Christ is risen !

He hath burst His bonds in

twain ;
Christ is risen, Christ is risen!

O'er the universe to reign.
A. T. Gurney. Recast in Church Hymns.


10s, 11s. 81. Irregular.
LIFT your glad voices in triumph on high,
For Jesus hath risen and man cannot die.
Vain were the terrors that gathered around

And short the dominion of death and

the grave;

He burst from the fetters of darkness that

bound Him, Resplendent in glory to live and to save. Loud was the chorus of angels on high, “The Saviour hath risen, and man shall

not die."
2 Glory to God, in full anthems of joy !

The being He gave us, death cannot destroy;
Sad were the life we must part with to-mor-

If tears were our birthright, and death

were our end ; But Jesus hath cheered the dark valley of

sorrow, And bade us, immortal, to heaven ascend.

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