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Jesus, at Thy feet I fall,
Oh, be Thou my all in all.

F. R. Havergal. 277

S. M.
O PERFECT life of love !

All, all is finished now,
All that He left His throne above

To do for us below.

2 No work is left undone

Of all the Father willed ;
His toil, His sorrows, one by one,

The Scripture have fulfilled. 3 No pain that we can share

But He has felt its smart;
All forms of human grief and care

Have pierced that tender heart. 4 And on His thorn-crowned head,

And on His sinless. soul,
Our sins in all their guilt were laid,

That He might make us whole. 5 In perfect love He dies,

For me He dies, for me :
O all-atoning Sacrifice,

I cling by faith to Thee.
6 In every time of need,

Before the judgment-throne,
Thy work, O Lamb of God, I'll plead,

Thy merits, not my own.
ñ Yet work, O Lord, in me,

As Thou for me hast wrought,
And let my love the answer be
To grace Thy love has brought.

H. W. Baker.

C. M.

To CALVARY, Lord, in spirit, now,

Our weary souls repair ;
To dwell upon Thy dying love
And taste its sweetness there.

2 Sweet resting-place of every heart

That feels the plague of sin,
Yet knows that deep mysterious joy,

The peace of God within.
3 There, thro' Thine hour of deepest woe,

Thy suffering spirit passed; Grace there its wondrous victory gained,

And love endured its last. 4 Dear suffering Lamb, Thy bleeding wounds,

With cords of love divine
Have drawn our willing hearts to Thee,

And linked our life with Thine.
5 Thy sympathies and hopes are ours :

Dear Lord, we wait to see Creation, all below, above,

Redeemed and blest by Thee. 6 Our longing eyes would fain behold

That bright and blessèd brow, Once wrung with bitterest anguish, wear Its crown of glory now.

E. Denny.


88, 7s. SWEET the moments, rich in blessing,

Which before the cross I spend,
Life, and health, and peace possessing

From the sinner's dying friend.

2 Here I rest, for ever viewing

Mercy's stream in streams of blood ; Precious drops, my soul bedewing,

Plead and claim my peace with God. 3 Truly blessèd is this station,

Low before His Cross to lie,
While I see divine compassion

Pleading in His languid eye. 4 Here it is I find my heaven,

While upon the Lamb I gaze ;
Love I much ? I've much forgiven,-

I'm a miracle of grace,
5 Lord, in loving contemplation

Fix my heart and eyes on Thee,
Till I taste Thy full salvation,
And Thine unveiled glories see.

W. Shirley. Verse 5, Cook and Webb. 280

C. M. ( Thou, th' eternal Son of God,

The Lamb for sinners slain,
We worship Thee, whose head is bowed

In agony and pain. 2 None tread with Thee Thine awful path,

Thou sufferest alone ;
Thine is the perfect sacrifice :

Which only can atone. 3 Thou Great High Priest, Thy glory-robes

To-day are laid aside,
And human sorrows, Son of Man,

Thy Godhead seem to hide.
4 The cross is sharp, but in Thy woe

This is the lightest part ;
Our sin it is which pierces Thee,

And breaks Thy sacred heart.

5 Who love Thee most, at Thy dear cross,

Will truest, Lord, abide ;
Make Thou that cross our only hope,

O Jesus crucified !

W. C. Dix.



SEE the destined day arise !
See a willing sacrifice !
Jesus to redeem our loss,

Hangs upon the shameful cross.
2 Jesus, who but Thou had borne,

Lifted on that tree of scorn,
Every pang and bitter throe,

Finishing Thy life of woe?
3 Who but Thou had dared to drain

Steeped in gall the cup of pain,
And with tender body bear

Thorns, and nails, and piercing spear? 4 Thence the cleansing water flowed,

Mingled from Thy side with blood,
Sign to all attesting eyes

Of the finished sacrifice.
5 Holy Jesus, grant us grace,

In that sacrifice to place
All our trust for life renewed,
Pardoned sin, and promised good.

V. H. C. Fortunatus. Par. R. Mant. 282

7s.61. EVER patient, gentle, meek,

Holy Saviour, was Thy mind;
Vainly in myself I seek

Likeness to my Lord to find ;
Yet that mind which was in Thee
May be, must be formed in me.

2 Days of toil, 'mid throngs of men,

Vexed not, ruffled not Thy soul ;
Still collected, calm, serene,

Thou each feeling couldst control :
Lord, that mind which was in Thee
May be, must be formed in me.

3 Though such griefs were Thine to bear,

For each sufferer Thou couldst feel,
Every mourner's burden share,

Every wounded spirit heal :
Saviour, let Thy grace in me
Form that mind which was in Thee.

4 When my pain is most intense,

Let Thy cross my lesson prove;
Let me hear Thee, ev'n from thence,

Breathing words of peace and love :
Saviour, let Thy grace in me
Form that mind which was in Thee.

C. Elliott.



JESUS, meek and lowly,
Saviour, pure and holy,
On Thy love relying

Hear me humbly crying.
2 Prince of life and power,

My salvation's tower,
On the cross I view Thee

Calling sinners to Thee.
3 There behold me gazing

At the sight amazing ;
Bending low before Thee,
Helpless, I adore Thee.

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