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2 0 Master, it is good to be

With Thee, and with Thy faithful Three,
Here, where the apostle's heart of rock
Is nerved against temptation's shock ;
Here, where the son of thunder learns
The thought that breathes, and word that

burns ;
Here, where on eagle's wings we move

With Him whose last best creed is love. 3 O Master, it is good to be

Entranced, enwrapt, alone with Thee;
And watch Thy glistering raiment glow
Whiter than Hermon's whitest snow,
The human lineaments that shine
Irradiant with a light divine,
Till we too change from grace to grace,

Gazing on that transfigured face. 4 O Master, it is good to be

Here on the holy mount with Thee,
When darkling in the depths of night,
When dazzled with excess of light,
We bow before the heavenly voice
That bids bewildered souls rejoice,
Though love wax cold, and faith be dim,
“This is my Son, oh, hear ye Him.”

A. P. Stanley


L. M. Oh, wondrous type, oh, vision fair Of glory that the Church shall share, Which Christ upon the mountain shows,

Where brighter than the sun He glows. 2 From age to age the tale declare,

How with the three disciples there,
Where Moses and Elias meet,
The Lord holds converse high and sweet.

3 With shining face and bright array,

Christ deigns to manifest to-day
What glory shall be theirs above,

Who joy in God with perfect love.
4 And faithful hearts are raised on high

By this great vision's mystery ;
For which in joyful strains we raise

The voice of prayer, the hymn of praise. 5 O Father, with the eternal Son,

And Holy Spirit ever one,
Vouchsafe to bring us by Thy grace
To see Thy glory face to face.

Sarum. Tr. J. M. Neale.


L. M. On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry Announces that the Lord is nigh ; Come, then, and hearken ; for he brings

Glad tidings from the King of kings. 2 Then cleansed be every Christian breast,

And furnished for so great a guest !
Yea, let us each his heart prepare
For Christ to come and enter there.

3 For Thou art our salvation, Lord,

Our refuge and our great reward ;
Without Thy grace our souls must fade,

And wither like a flower decayed. 4 To heal the sick stretch out Thine hand,

And bid the fallen sinner stand :
Once more upon Thy people shine,
And fill the world with love divine.

5 All praise, eternal Son, to Thee,

Whose advent set Thy people free;
Whom with the Father we adore,
And Holy Ghost for evermore.

From the Latin. Tr. J. Chandler.


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8,8,8,4. FIERCE raged the tempest o'er the deep, Watch did Thine anxious servants keep, But Thou wast wrapped in guileless sleep,

Calm and still.
2 Save, Lord, we perish,” was their cry,

“O save us in our agony !
Thy word above the storm rose high,

“Peace, be still.” 3 The wild winds hushed ; the angry deep

Sank, like a little child, to sleep ;
The sullen billows ceased to leap,

At Thy will.
4 So, when our life is clouded o'er,

And storm-winds drift us from the shore, Say, lest we sink to rise no more, Peace, be still.".

G. Thring. 227

JESUS, Son of God most high,
God from all eternity,
Born as man to live and die,

Hear us, Holy Jesus.
2 Leaving Thine eternal throne,

Making mortal cares Thine own,
Making God's compassion known,

Hear us, Holy Jesus.
3 By Thy life, so lone and still,

By Thy waiting to fulfil
In its time Thy Father's will,

Hear us, Holy Jesus.
4 May we mark the pattern fair

Of Thy life of work and prayer,
And for truth all perils dare,

Hear us, Holy Jesus.

5 Bid us come, at last, to Thee,

And forever perfect be,
Where Thy glory we shall see,
Hear us, Holy Jesus.

T. B. Pollock.


L. M. O MASTER, let me walk with Thee In lowly paths of service free ; Tell me Thy secret, help me bear

The strain of toil, the fret of care.
2 Help me the slow of heart to move

By some clear, winning word of love ;
Teach me the wayward feet to stay,

And guide them in the homeward way. 3 Teach me Thy patience ; still with Thee

In closer, dearer company,
In work that keeps faith sweet and strong,

In trust that triumphs over wrong. 4 In hope that sends a shining ray

Far down the future's broadening way,
In peace that only Thou canst give,
With Thee, O Master, let me live.

W. Gladden. 229

5,6,8,5,5,8. FAIREST Lord Jesus,

Ruler of all nature, 0 Thou of God and man the Son,

Thee will I cherish,

Thee will I honor,
Thou, my soul's glory, joy, and crown.
2 Fair are the meadows,

Fairer still the woodlands,
Robed in the blooming garb of spring ;

Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer,
Who makes the woful heart to sing.

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3 Fair is the sunshine,

Fairer still the moonlight,
And all the twinkling, starry host ;

Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer Than all the angels heaven can boast.

Anon. (German). Tr. R. S. Willis.


C. M. IMMORTAL love, for ever full,

For ever flowing free,
For ever shared, for ever whole,

A never ebbing sea !
2 Our outward lips confess the name

All other names above ;
Love only knoweth whence it came,

And comprehendeth love.

3 We may not climb the heavenly steeps

To bring the Lord Christ down; In vain we search the lowest deeps,

For Him no depths can drown. 4 But warm, sweet, tender, even yet

A present help is He;
And faith has still its Olivet,

And love its Galilee.
5 The healing of His seamless dress

Is by our beds of pain ;
We touch Him in life's throng and press,

And we are whole again. 6 Thro’ Him the first fond prayers are said

Our lips of childhood frame,
The last low whispers of our dead

Are burdened with His name.

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