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And now He pleads our cause above
And reaps the fruit of all His love.
3 All hail, triumphant Lord !

Heaven with hosannas rings,
And earth, in humbler strains,

Thy praise responsive sings :
Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,
Through endless years to live and reign !
4 Great King, gird on Thy sword,

Ascend Thy conquering car,
While justice, power, and love

Maintain the glorious war:
This day let sinners own Thy sway,
And rebels cast their arms away!

E. Scott. T. Cotterill.


6,6,6,6,8,8 WELCOME, delightful morn,

Thou day of sacred rest ;
I hail thy kind return :

Lord, make these moments blest.
From the low train of mortal toys
I soar to reach immortal joys.
2 Now may the King descend,

And fill His throne of grace ;
Thy sceptre, Lord, extend,

While saints address Thy face ;
Let sinners feel Thy quickening word
And learn to know and fear the Lord.
3 Descend, celestial Dove,

With all Thy quickening powers,
Disclose a Saviour's love,

And bless these sacred hours :
Then shall my soul new life obtain,
Nor Sabbaths e'er be spent in vain.

Hayward, in J. Dobell's Coll.


L. M.
AGAIN the Lord's own day is here,
The day to Christian people dear,
As, week by week, it bids them tell
How Jesus rose from death and hell.

2 For by His flock their Lord declared

His resurrection should be shared ;
And we who trust in Him to save

With Him are risen from the grave. 3 We, one and all, of Him possessed,

Are with exceeding treasures blessed ;
For all He did, and all He bare,

He gives us as our own to share. 4 Eternal glory, rest on high,

A blessèd immortality,
True peace and gladness, and a throne,

Are all His gifts, and all our own. 5 And therefore unto Thee we sing,

O Lord of peace, eternal King ;
Thy love we praise, Thy name adore,
Both on this day and evermore.

15th Century. Tr. J. M. Neale.


7s.61. HOLY, holy, holy Lord,

God of Hosts, eternal King,
By the heavens and earth adored !

Angels and archangels sing,
Chanting everlastingly,

To the blessèd Trinity.
2 Since by Thee were all things made,

And in Thee do all things live,
Be to Thee all honor paid,

Praise to Thee let all things give,

Singing everlastingly
To the blessèd Trinity.

3 Thousands, tens of thousands stand,

Spirits blest before Thy throne,
Speeding thence at Thy command ;

And, when Thy behests are done,
Singing everlastingly

To the blessèd Trinity.
4 Cherubim and seraphim

Veil their faces with their wings;
Eyes of angels are too dim

To behold the King of kings,
While they sing eternally
To the blessèd Trinity.

5 Thee, apostles, prophets, Thee,

Thee, the noble martyr band,
Praise with solemn jubilee,

Thee, the Church in every land,
Singing everlastingly
To the blessèd Trinity.

6 Alleluia, Lord, to Thee,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Three in One, and One in Three !

Join we with the heavenly host,
Singing everlastingly
To the blessèd Trinity.

C. Wordsworth.


7,8,7,8,7,7 HARK! the loud celestial hymn,

Angel choirs above are raising.
Cherubim and seraphim,

In unceasing chorus praising,
Fill the heavens with sweet accord, -
Holy, holy, holy Lord !

2 Lo! the apostolic train

Join Thy sacred name to hallow.
Prophets swell the loud refrain,

And the white-robed martyrs follow ;
And from morn to set of sun,

Through the church the song goes on. 3 Holy Father, Holy Son,

Holy Spirit, Three we name Thee,
While in essence only One,

Undivided God, we claim Thee;
And, adoring, bend the knee,

While we own the mystery.
4 Spare Thy people, Lord, we pray,

By a thousand snares surrounded ;
Keep us without sin to-day,

Never let us be confounded.
Lo! I put my trust in Thee ;
Never, Lord, abandon me.

C. A. Walworth. 141

75.81. HOLY, holy, holy Lord

God of hosts! when heaven and earth,
Out of darkness, at Thy word,

Issued into glorious birth,
All Thy works before Thee stood,
And Thine eye beheld them good,
While they sang, with one accord,

Holy, holy, holy Lord !
2 Holy, holy, holy! Thee,

One Jehovah evermore,
Father, Son, and Spirit, we,

Dust and ashes, would adore :
Lightly by the world esteemed,
From that world by Thee redeemed,
Sing we here, with glad accord,
Holy, holy, holy Lord !

3 Holy, holy, holy ! all

Heaven's triumphant choir shall sing,
When the ransomed nations fall

At the footstool of their King :
Then shall saints and seraphim,
Hearts and voices, swell one hymn,
Round the throne with full accord,
Holy, holy, holy Lord !

J. Montgomery.


6,6,6,6,8,8. We give immortal praise

To God the Father's love,
For all our comforts here,

And all our hopes above :
He sent His own Eternal Son
To die for sins that man had done.

2 To God the Son belongs

Immortal glory too,
Who saved us by His blood

From everlasting woe:
And now He lives, and now He reigns,
And sees the fruit of all His pains.
3 To God the Spirit praise

And endless worship give,
Whose new-creating power

Makes the dead sinner live:
His work completes the great design,
And fills the soul with joy divine.
4 Almighty God, to Thee

Be endless honors done;
The sacred Persons Three,

The Godhead only One;
Where reason fails with all her powers,
There faith prevails and love adores.

1. Watts.

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