Obrazy na stronie

71 Tis good for me that I have felt

Afthction's chastning rod,
That I might duly leam and keep

The statutes of my God. 72 The law that from the mouth proceeds

Of more esteem I hold
Than untouch'd mines, than thousand

of silver and of gold.

73 To me, who am the workmanship

of thy Almighty hands,
The heavenly understanding give

To learn thy just commands. 74 My preservation to thy saints

Strong cornfort will afford,
To see success attend my hopes,

Who trusted in thy word.
75 That right thy judgments are, I now

By sure experience see;
And that in faithfulness, O Lord,

Thou hast afflicted me.
76 o let thy tender mercy now

Afford me needful aid;
According to thy promise, Lord,

To me, thy servant, made!
77 To me thy saving grace restore,

That I again may live;
Whose soul can relish no delight

But what thy precepts give.
78 Defeat the proud, who, unprovok'd,

To ruin me have sought,
Who only on thy sacred laws

Employ my harmless thought. 79 Let those that fear thy Name espouse

My cause, and those alone,
Who have by strict and pious search

Thy sacred precepts known.
80 In thy blest statutes let my heart

Continue always sound;
That guilt and shame, the sinner's lot,
May never me confound.

81 My soul with long expectance faints

To see thy saving grace;
Yet still on thy unerring word

My confidence I place.
82 My very eyes consume and fail

With waiting for thy word;
O when wilt thou thy kind relief

And promis'd aid afford ? 83 My skin like shrivelld parchment

That long in smoke is set;
Yet no affliction me can force

Thy statutes to forget.
84 How many days must I endure

Of sorrow and distress?
When wilt thou judgment execute

On them who me oppress?
85 The proud have digg'd a pit for me,

That have no other foes,
But such as are averse to thee,
And thy just laws oppose.

86 With sacred truth's eternal laws

All thy commands agree:
Men persecute me without cause;

Thou, Lord, my helper be.
87 With close designs against my life

They had almost prevail'd ;
But in obedience to thy will

My duty never fail'd. 88 Thy wonted kindness, Lord, restore,

My drooping heart to cheer;
That, by thy righteous statutes, I
My life's whole course may steer.

89 For ever, and for ever, Lord,

Unchang'd thou dost remain :
Thy word establish'd in the heav'ns

Does all their orbs sustain.
90 Thro' circling ages, Lord, thy truth

Immovable shall stand,
As doth the earth, which thou up-


By thy Almighty hand. 91 All things the course by thee ordain'd

E'en to this day fulfil;
They are the faithful subjects all,

And servants of thy will.
92 Unless thy sacred law had been

My comfort and delight,
I must have fainted, and expir'd

In dark affliction's night. 93 Thy precepts therefore from my

Shall never, Lord, depart;
For thou by them hast to new life

Restor'd my dying heart.
94 As I am thine, entirely thine,

Protect me, Lord, from harm;
Who have thy precepts sought to


And carefully perform.
95 The wicked have their ambush laid

My guiltless life to take;
But in the midst of danger I

Thy word my study make.
96 I've seen an end of what we call

Perfection here below:
But thy commandments, like thyself,
No change or period know.

97 The love that to thy laws I bear

No language can display;
They with fresh wonders entertain

My ravish'd thoughts all day.
98 Thro' thy commands I wiser grow

Than all my subtle foes;
For thy sure word doth me direct,

And all my ways dispose.
99 From me my former teachers now

May abler counsel take,
Because thy sacred precepts I

My constant study make. 100 In understanding I excel

The sages of our days;
Because by thy unerring rules
I order all my ways.

101 My feet with care I have refrain'd | 116 According to thy gracious word
From ev'ry sinful way,

Froin danger set me free;
That to thy sacred word I might

Nor make me of those hopes asham'd
Entire obedience pay.

That I repose on thee.
102 I have not from thy judgments 117 Uphold me, so shall I be safe,

And rescu'd from distress;
By vain desires misled;

To thy decrees continually
For, Lord, thou hast instructed me

My just respect address.
Thy righteous paths to tread.

118 The wicked thou hast trod to earth, 103 How sweet are all thy words to me! Who from thy statutes stray'd ; o what divine repast!

Their vile deceit the just reward How much more grateful to my soul Of their own falsehood made. Than honey to my taste!

119 The wicked from thy holy land 104 Taught by thy sacred precepts, I

Thou dost like dross remove;
With heav'nly skill am blest:

I therefore, with such justice
Through which the treach'rous ways

of sin

Thy testimonies love.
I utterly detest.

120 Yet with that love they make me NUN.

dread, 105 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,

Lest I should so offend,

When on transgressors I behold
The way of truth to show;
A watch-light to point out the path

Thy judgments thus descend.
In which I ought to go.

AIN. 106 I sware, (and from my solemn oath 121 Judgment and justice I have lov'd; Will never start aside,)

O therefore, Lord, engage
That in thy righteous judgments I

In my defence, nor give me up
Will steadfastly abide.

To my oppressors' rage! 107 Since I with griefs am so opprest, 122 Do thou be surety, Lord, for me, That I can bear no more,

And so shall this distress According to thy word do thou

Prove good for me, nor shall the My fainting soul restore.

proud 108 Let still my sacrifice of praise

My guiltless soul oppress.
With thee acceptance find;

123 My eyes, alas! begin to fail, And in thy righteous judgments, In long expectance held; Lord,

Till thy salvation they behold,
Instruct my willing mind.

And righteous word fulfill'd. 109 Tho' ghastly dangers me surround, 124 To me, thy servant in distress, My soul they cannot awe;

Thy wonted grace display, Nor with continual terrors keep

And discipline my willing heart From thinking on thy law.

Thy statutes to obey. 110 My wicked and invetrate foes

125 On me, devoted to thy fear, For me their snares have laid;

Thy sacred skill bestow,
Yet I have kept the upright path,

That of thy testimonies I
Nor from thy precepts stray'd.

The full extent may know. 111 Thy testimonies I have made

126 'Tis time, high time, for thee, O My heritage and choice;

Thy vengeance to employ, (Lord, For they, when other comforts fail, When men with open violence My drooping heart rejoice.

Thy sacred law destroy. 112 My heart with early zeal began 127 Yet their contempt of thy commands Thy statutes to obey;

But makes their value rise
And, till my course of life is done,

In my esteem, who purest gold
Shall keep thy upright way.

Compar'd with them despise.

128 Thy precepts therefore I account

In all respects divine: 113 Deceitful thoughts and practices

They teach me to discern the right,
I utterly detest;

And all false ways decline.
But to thy law affection bear
Too great to be exprest.

PE. 114 My hiding-place, my refuge-tow'r, 129 The wonders which thy laws contain And shield art thou, O Lord;

No words can represent; I firmly anchor all my hopes

Therefore to learn and practise them On thy unerring word.

My zealous heart is bent. 115 Hence ye that trade in wickedness, 130 The very entrance to thy word Approach not my abode;

Celestial light displays; For firmly I resolve to keep

And knowledge of true happiness The precepts of my God.

To simplest minds conveys.

131 With eager hopes I waiting stood, 147 My earlier pray't the dawning day And fainted with desire,

Prevented, while I cried
That of thy wise commands I might To him, on whose engaging word
The sacred skill acquire.

My hope alone relied.
132 With favour, Lord, look down on me, 148 With zeal have I awak'd before
Who thy relief implore;

The midnight watch was set,
As thou art wont to visit those

That I of thy mysterious word
Who thy blest Name adore.

Might perfect knowledge get. 133 Directed by thy heav'nly word | 149 Lord, hear my supplicating voice, Let all my footsteps be;

And wonted favour shew;
Nor wickedness of any kind

O quicken me, and so approve
Dominion have o'er me.

Thy judgments ever true! 134 Release, entirely set me free

150 My persecuting foes advance, From persecuting hands,

And hourly nearer draw; That, unmolested, I may learn

What treatment can I hope from And practise thy commands.

them 135 On me, devoted to thy fear,

Who violate thy law?
Lord, make thy face to shine; 151 Tho' they draw nigh, my comfort is,
Thy statutes both to know and keep

Thou, Lord, art yet more near;
My heart with zeal incline.

Thou, whose commands are righteous 136 My eyes to weeping fountains turn,

Whence briny rivers flow,

Thy promises sincere.
To see mankind against thy laws 152 Concerning thy divine decrees
In bold defiance go.

My soul has known of old,

That they were true, and shall their

137 Thou art the righteous Judge,in whom
Wrong'd innocence may trust;

To endless ages hold.
And, like thyself,thy judgments, Lord,

In all respects are just.

153 Consider my affliction, Lord, 138 Most just and true those statutes were, And me from bondage draw; Which thou didst first decree ;

Think on thy servant in distress,
And all with faithfulness perform'd Who ne'er forgets thy law.
Succeeding times shall see.

154 Plead thou my cause; to that and me 139 With zeal my flesh consumes away,

Thy timely aid afford;
My soul with anguish frets,

With beams of mercy quicken me
To see my foes contemn at once

According to thy word.
Thy promises and threats.

155 From harden'd sinners thou remov'st 140 Yet each neglected word of thine

Salvation far away; (Howe'er by them despis'd)

"Tis just thou should'st withdraw from Is pure, and for eternal truth

them By me, thy servant, priz'd.

Who from thy statutes stray. 141 Brought, for thy sake, to low estate, | 156 Since great thy tender mercies are Contempt from all I find;

To all who thee adore ;
Yet no affronts or wrongs can drive According to thy judgments, Lord,
Thy precepts from my mind.

My fainting hopes restore.
142 Thy righteousness shall then endure, 157 A num'rous host of spiteful foes
When time itself is past;

Against my life combine;
Thy law is truth itself, that truth

But all too few to force my soul
Which shall for ever last.

Thy statutes to decline. 143 Though trouble, anguish,doubts, and I 158 Those bold transgressors I beheld,

To compass me unite; (dread, And was with grief oppress'd,
Beset with danger, still I make

To see with what audacious pride
Thy precepts my delight.

Thy cov'nant they transgress'd. 144 Eternal and unerring rules

159 Yet while they slight, consider, Lord, Thy testimonies give;

How I thy precepts love;
Teach me the wisdom that will make O therefore quicken me with beams
My soul for ever live.

of mercy from above!

160 As from the birth of time thy truth 145 With my whole heart to God I callid, Has held through ages past, Lord, hear my earnest cry!

So shall thy righteous judgments firm
And I thy statutes to perform

To endless ages last.
Will all my care apply.

SCHIN. 146 Again more fervently I pray'd,

161 Tho' mighty tyrants, without cause, O save me, that I may

Conspire my blood to shed,
Thy testimonies throughly know,

Thy sacred word has pow'r alone
And steadfastly obey !

To fill my heart with dread.

162 And yet that word my joyful breast | 2 Once more, O Lord, delivrance send, With heav'nly rapture warms;

Fromn lying lips my soul defend, Nor conquest, nor the spoils of war, And from the rage of sland'ring Have such transporting charms.

tongues. 163 Perfidious practices and lies

3 What little profit can accrue, I utterly detest;

And yet what heavy wrath is due, But to thy laws affection bear,

O thou perfidious tongue, to thee ! Too vast to be exprest.

4 Thy sting upon thyself shall turn; 164 Sev'n times a day, with grateful voice,

Of lasting tlames that fiercely burn, Thy praises I resound,

The constant fuel thou shalt be. Because I find thy judgments all 5 But O how wretched is my doom, With truth and justice crown'd.

Who am a sojourner become 165 Secure, substantial peace have they

In barren Mesech's desert soil !
Who truly love thy law;

With Kedar's wicked tents inclos'd, No smiling mischiefthem can tempt,

To lawless savages expos'd,
Nor frowning danger awe.

Who live on nought but theft and 166 For thy salvation I have hop'd,

spoil. And, though so long delay'd,

6 My hapless dwelling is with those With cheerful zeal and strictest care Who peace and amity oppose, All thy commands obey'd.

And pleasure take in others' harms. 167 Thy testimonies I have kept,

7 Sweet peace is all I court and seek ; And constantly obey'd;

But when to them of peace I speak, Because the love I bore to them

They straight cry out, To arms, to The service easy made.

arms! 168 From strict observance of thy laws

I never yet withdrew;

To Sion's hill I lift my eyes,
Convinc'd that my most secret ways 1 From thence expecting aid;
Are open to thy view.

2 From Sion's hill, and Sion's God, TAU.

Who heav'n and earth has made. 169 To my request and earnest cry

3 Then thou, my soul, in safety rest, Attend, gracious Lord;

Thy Guardian will not sleep; Inspire my heart with heav'nly skill, 4 His watchful care, that Israel guards, According to thy word.

Will Israel's monarch keep. 170 Let my repeated pray'r at last

5 Shelter'd beneath th' Almighty's Before thy throne appear;

wings According to thy plighted word,

Thou shalt securely rest,
For my relief draw near.

6 Where neither sun nor moon shall 171 Then shall my grateful lips return

The tribute of their praise,

By day or night molest.
When thou thy counsels hast reveal'd, 7 From common accidents of life
And taught me thy just ways.

His care shall guard thee still ; 172 My tongue the praises of thy word

8 From the blind strokes of chance, and Shall thankfully resound,

foes Because thy promises are all

That lie in wait to kill.
With truth and justice crown'd.

9 At home, abroad, in peace, in war, 173 Let thy almighty arm appear,

Thy God shall thee defend;
And bring me timely aid,

Conduct thee thro' life's pilgrimage For I the laws thou hast ordain'd

Safe to thy journey's end.
My heart's free choice have made.
174 My soul has waited long to see

Thy saving grace restor'd;

"TWAS a joyful sound to hear
Nor comfort knew, but what thylaws, Our tribes devoutly say,
Thy heav'nly laws, afford.

Up, Israel, to the temple haste, 175 Prolong my life, that I may sing

And keep your festal day.
My great Restorer's praise ;

2 At Salem's courts we must appear Whose justice from the depth of woes

With our assembled pow'rs,
My fainting soul shall raise.

3 In strong and beauteous order rang'd, 176 Like some lost sheep I've stray'd, till I I Like her united tow'rs. Despair my way to find;

4 "Tis thither, by divine command, Thou, therefore, Lord, thy servant

The tribes of God repair,

Before his ark to celebrate
Who keeps thy laws in mind.

His Name with praise and prayr.
PSALM cxx.

5 Tribunals stand erected there, TN deep distress I oft have cried

Where equity takes place; To God, who never yet denied

There stand the courts and palaces To rescue me, opprest with wrongs: Of royal David's race.

60 pray we then for Salem's peace,

For they shall prosp'rous be, (Thou holy city of our God!)

Who bear true love to thee. 7 May peace within thy sacred walls

A constant guest be found, With plenty and prosperity

Thy palaces be crown'd. 8 For my dear brethren's sake, and

friends No less than brethren dear, I'll pray, May peace in Salem's tow'rs

A constant guest appear.
9 But most of all 1'11 seek thy good,

And ever wish thee well,
For Sion and the temple's sake,
Where God vouchsafes to dwell,

N thee, who dwell'st above the skies,

For mercy wait my longing eyes; 2 As servants watch their masters' hands,

And maids their mistresses'commands. 3, 4 0 then have mercy on us, Lord,

Thy gracions aid to us afford;
To us, whom cruel foes oppress,
Grown rich and proud by our distress.

HAD not the Lord, may Israel say,
I Been pleas'd to interpose;
2 Had he not then espous'd our cause,

When men against us rose : 3,4,5 Their wrath had swallow'd us alive,

And rag'd without control;
Their spite and pride's united floods

Had quite o'erwhelm'd our soul. 6 But prais'd be our eternal Lord,

Who rescu'd us that day,
Nor to their savage jaws gave up

Our threaten'd lives a prey.
7 Our soul is like a bird escap'd

From out the fowler's net ;
The snare is broke, their hopes are

And we at freedom set.
8 Secure in his almighty Name

Our confidence remains,
Who, as he made both heav'n and

Of both sole monarch reigns.

4 Be good, O righteous God, to those

Who righteous deeds affect;
The heart that innocence retains

Let innocence protect.
5 All those who walk in crooked paths

The Lord shall soon destroy;
Cut off th'unjust, but crown the saints
With lasting peace and joy.

W HEN Sion's God her sons recall'd

From long captivity,
It seem'd at first a pleasing dream

of what we wish'd to see.
2 But soon in an accustom'd mirth

We did our voice employ,
And sung our great Restorer's praise

In thankful hymns of joy.
Our heathen foes repining stood,

Yet were compellid to own,
That great and wondrous was the work

Our God for us had done. 3 Twas great, say they; 'twas wondrous

great, Much more should we confess ; The Lord has done great things, whereof

We reap the glad success.
4 To us bring back the remnant, Lord,

Of Israel's captive bands,
More welcome than refreshing show'rs

To parch'd and thirsty lands. 5 That we, whose work commenc'd in

May see our labours thrive,
Till finish'd with success, to make

Our drooping hearts revive.
6 Tho' he despond that sows his grain,

Yet doubtless he shall come
To bind his full-ear'd sheaves, and

The joyful harvest home.

NE build with fruitless cost, unless

The Lord the pile sustain;
Unless the Lord the city keep

The watchman wakes in vain. 2 In vain we rise before the day,

And late to rest repair,
Allow no respite to our toil,

And eat the bread of care.
Supplies of life, with ease to them,

He on his saints bestows;
He crowns their labour with success,

Their nights with sound repose.
3 Children, those comforts of our life,

Are presents from the Lord ;
He gives a num'rous race of heirs,

As piety's reward.
4 As arrows in a giant's hand,

When marching forth to war,
E'en so the sons of sprightly youth

Their parents' safeguard are.
5 Happy the man whose quiver's filla

With these prevailing arms;
He needs not fear to meet his foe
At law, or war's alarms.

PSALM OXXV. W HO place on Sion's God their trust,

Like Sion's rock shall stand; Like her immovably be fix'd

By his Almighty hand. 2 Look how the hills on evry side

Jerusalem enclose; So stands the Lord around his saints,

To guard them from their foes. 3 The wicked may afflict the just,

But' ne'er too long oppress,
Nor force him by despair to seek
Base means for his redress.

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