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Though Earth no lovelier prospects shew

Than Children walking in thy ways;
And heaven no sweeter music know

Than infant voices joined in praise :-
Though such, secur'd from early vice,
• Water'd by thy continual care,
Spring up like trees of Paradise,

And fruits in long succession bear:-
Yet will the tears of transport swell,

Our spirit's pure affection burn,
When aged sinners, warn’d of Hell,

Though late, and slow, to God return. Humbly they take the lowest seat,

Matrons and hoary-headed men
Are learners at the Saviour's feet,

Are little children once again.
Lord! we commit them to thine hands;

To thee their new-born hopes aspire;
O take them, keep them--these are brands
Pluck'd out of everlasting fire!



OH! thou who art the God of truth,
Behold a company of youth

Appear before thy throne;
And while we now attempt to raise
To Thee a song of grateful praise,

To us thy love make known.
May we be objects of thy care, .
And be preserv'd from every snare,

To taste thy love divine:
Oh! may we prize thy Sacred word
Above what earth can e'er afford,

And yalue ev'ry line.
Then shall we love to live to thee, ,
From sin as from a serpent fiee

While we on earth may dwell ;'
Then shall we prove to all around,
That a Redeemer we have found,

Who saves from sin and hell,


Grant that our teachers may receive
The choicest blessings thou canst give,

For all their care and love;
Oh! may they see their pupils rise,
As those who soon shall gain the skies,

To reign with Thee above.

Then may we meet with joy supreme,
To join in that most glorious theme

Which angels tongues employ;
Then to behold the Saviour's face,
T adore the riches of his grace,

With pure and lasting lay.



HEAVEN and earth, and all creation,

Shall adore Immanuels name;
Every age and every nation,

Spread the great Redeemer's fame.

Babes and hoary Sires shall render

Homage at our Saviours feet;
Kings and Queens their crowns surrender,

And the Prince of Glory greet,

Thou, O Lord, our hopes elatest,

For thy promises have shown;
From the least unto the greatest,

Shall our Saviours name be kpown:
On thy faithfulness relying,

We would teach the youthful race,
And to thee, by faith applying,

Claim the blessings of thy grace.
May our hearts and bands uniting,

Join with zeal in our employ;
In this work of love delighting,

May we see our crown of joy.




WHEN Jesus left his Father's throne,

He chose an humble birth;
Like us, unhonour'd and unknown,

He dwelt upon the earth.

Like Him, may we be found below,

In Wisdom's paths of Peace ;
Like Him, in grace and knowledge grow,

As years and strength increase.

Jesus passd by the rich and great,

For men of low degree ;
He sanctified our parents' state,

For poor, like them, was He.

Sweet were his words and kind' his look,

When mother's round him press'd,
Their infants in his arms he took,

And on his bosom bless'd..

Safe from the world's alluring harms,

Beneath his watchful eye,
En the dear circle of his arms,

May we for ever lie,

Wlxen. Jesus into Salem rode,

The children sang around;
For joy they pluck'd their palms, and strew'd

Their garments on the ground.

Hosanna, our glad voices raise,

Hosanna to our King;
Could we forget our Saviour's praise,

The stones themselves would sing.

For we have learn'd to love His name;

That name divinely sweet,
May we through all our lives proclaim,

And our last breath repeat.




[blocks in formation]

[Vol. II,

Writing Monitor's INSTRUCTIONS, The following Instructions for the Writing Monitors of Sunday

Schools, is extracted, by permission, from a recent publication alled Directions for carrying into effect the Plan of Munitors, adapted to Sunday Schools.Price 6d. and which, for the sake of obtaining correct information on this subject, we recommend Sunday School Teachers to procure.

I. THE superintendent monitor is to be at the school half an hour before the writing scholars assemble, to get every thing in readiness.

II. He is to lay the writing books belonging to each class on the end of the desks, and to deliver a sufficient number of pens to each monitor, which should always be mended previous to the meeting. 2\\2\/2\/2/2ti2ti2mūū2/2/2/2Ỉūtiņ2?2?Â2Ò22§§Â2Ò2ÂòÂ?2?Â2Ò2 come, that no time may be lost.

IV. In case the superintendent monitor should be absent, the next superior monitor present, is to take the superintendence of the meeting.

Monitor in Attendance. V. The superintendent monitor is every writing evening to appoint a monitor in attendance, in rotation, from among the senior scholars; who is to give out the ink stands and carry the books, pens, &c. from the teacher or superintendent monitor to the different monitors, attend to the candles, and do anything else which may be requisite. When the school is concluded, be is to put every thing away in an orderly manner.

[blocks in formation]

Monitors. VI. There shall be a writing monitor to each class, who must always be present at the appointed time, and see that he scholars come with their hands and faces clean. .

VII. The writing monitors must study their instructions, and particularly observe that the scholars sit properly, and hold their pens right; they must see that the scholars keep their books and copies clean, and not let any of them continue writing with bad pens.

VIII. The writing inonitors must not suffer any thing to be written on the covers of the writing books, except the name of the scholar and the date when he began his book, which is to be done by the teacher.

IX. The writing monitor, at each desk, must keep every thing in its proper place, and must not, on any account, suffer the copies or pens to lie about carelessly.

X. The writing monitor must not permit any of the schoļars to leave their seats, but when any thing is wanted in any of their classes, the monitor of the class must attend to it.

XI. The writing monitors are not to allow any of the scholars to take home their pens or their books. When the books are written through, they must ask the teachers cousent before they suffer them to be taken home.

XII. At the conclusion, the writing monitors are to deliver the books and pens to the superintendent monitor, and when directed by him, they are to give out the hats; and when ordered, they are to lead their classes quietly out of the school, and see that the scholars proceed home in an orderly manner.

Conclusion of the Writing School. XIII. At the time appointed, the superintendent monitor iş to order the scholars to finish their lines; in a few minutes after, he is to order them to leave off writing. Each writing monitor is then to stand at the end of his desk, and must see that all the scholars wipe their pens, and lay them on their books, which are to remain open. The superintendent monitor will then order the monitors to mark the attendance of their classes ; when this is done, he is to order the scholars to stand up, &c. The meeting will then be concluded, agreeable to the rules of the school. He shall then direct the monitors to give out the hats, after which he shall order them, one by one, to lead their classes out of the school in

e by one, e out the haschool. He en be

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