Pendragon's Heir: The Complete Trilogy (The Door to Camelot, The Quest for Carbonek, The Heir of Logres)

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Suzannah Rowntree, 26 mar 2015 - 424

Camelot is falling.

Can she save it?

Blanche was an ordinary girl in 1900 England...until the knight crashed through her door. Now, her guardians say she’s a princess lost in time.

Now, her father’s enemies want her dead.

Raised in the wild, Perceval has never known his father. Hoping for answers, he pledges his sword to the legendary King Arthur Pendragon.

But dark forces threaten Camelot. And darker crimes fester behind the legend.

Together, Blanche and Perceval uncover a secret that could destroy the kingdom – and in a world of immortals, knights, and deadly combat, they must join forces if they hope to survive.

Even if Camelot could be saved, is Blanche the one to do it?

Or is someone else the Pendragon’s heir?

If you loved Narnia and Middle Earth, you’ll be enchanted by this beautifully crafted Camelot. Read the full story, containing The Door to Camelot, The Quest for Carbonek, and The Heir of Logres in one complete volume!

Get it now.


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Informacje o autorze (2015)

Suzannah Rowntree lives in a big house in rural Australia with her awesome parents and siblings, reading academic histories of the Crusades and writing historical fantasy fiction that blends folklore and myth with historical fact. She is the author of the historical fantasy series Watchers of Outremer as well as the Arthurian fantasy Pendragon's Heir and a series of fairytale retellings.

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