Among the Moors: Sketches of Oriental Life

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Sampson Low, Marston, 1894 - 281

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Strona 5 - There is no other god but God, and Mahomet is his prophet;" after which they kiss the superior's hand and retire.
Strona 57 - ... sordid tatters. A donkey bars our way. It is all skin and bone, and is gazing sadly into space, his head resting on the parapet of the wall with an expression of suffering and indelible melancholy. At every spot where the bones bulge the skin is cut, and swarms of flies settle on the naked flesh.
Strona 110 - Here is a file of camels, the first we have met as yet, slouching along with that intolerable jerking of the body, that pitching, insipid movement, so characteristic of them. Their large feet make no sound when touching the ground ; they glide on with big strides, stretching their...
Strona 57 - Some lean cats with bristling nisset coats jump into the plashes, pursued by half-naked lads, and disappear into some wide-mouthed holes. Dirty Jews with smooth, glossy hair, black skull-caps fastened on by a check handkerchief, brush by us with squinting eyes, clad in their ragged, patched robes of faded blue, and a musty smell...
Strona 205 - One would think to see them thus rigid in their straight pose, magnificently attired, they were mysterious idols who had been exposed out of their venerated temples. Slim young girls with big dark eyes, and a simple silk kerchief attached round their heads, move about with an adder-like flexibility, and their long loosened tresses flow over their shoulders.
Strona 205 - Slaves, negresses with hard profiles and sombre faces, with heavy metal rings in their ears, clad in checked garments of red or blue squares on a white ground, their waists encircled by red belts, are standing hard by.
Strona 55 - ... root where its white terraces were standing, and the herdsman will drive his goats to browse where the high walls raised their menacing fronts. And he will crush beneath his bare feet the stalks of wild flowers, unconscious of the fact that a dead town is lying there, under the soil which AKZIL AH.
Strona 102 - Sherif, and descends in a direct line from the Prophet, just as every Englishman who has any respect for himself is a descendant of the Normans, as every Frenchman, who is anybody at all, has an ancestor among the Crusaders.
Strona 57 - Women, coming out of kennel-like hovels, draw back at once, terrified at the sight of us, and disappear indoors, shouting and shaking their fiats at us.
Strona 204 - Most of the women are handsome, with a proud, savage, attractive beauty. Their attitudes are marked with a strange suppleness mixed T11E TERRACES OF THE HOUSES IN FEZ.

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