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O God, who wert

Deus, qui beatam Mariam semper virginem, pleased that the blessed Spiritus sancti habita- Mary ever virgin, the culum, hodierna die in habitation of the Holy templo præsentari volu- Ghost, should on this

isti: præsta quæsumus; day be presented in the ut ejus intercessione in temple: grant, we beseech templo gloriæ tuæ præ- thee, that by her inter Per cession we may deserve

sentari mereamur.

Dom......... in unitate to be presented in the

ejusdem Spiritus.

temple of thy glory. Through our Lord...... in the unity of the same,

Commemoration of St. Edmund, K. M. ANT.-Qui vult venire, V. and R. as in the Common,

page xx.

Then a Commemoration of Sunday.

SECOND VESPERS, the same as the First, with Com memorations of the following, and of the Sunday.



of St. Cecily, Virgin and Martyr.-Double. =In the Second Vespers of the preceding, a Commemo


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Deus, qui nos beatæ Cæciliæ virginis et martyris tuæ solemnitate lætificas: da, ut quam veneramur officio, etiam piæ conversationis sequamur exemplo.

annua O God, who givest us joy by the annual solemnity of blessed Cecily, thy virgin and martyr: grant, that we may follow the example of her pious life, whom we venerate by this office.

Then a Commemoration of the Sunday.


Ant. Cantantibus ōrga

nis Cæcilia Domino decantabat, dicens: Fiat cor meum immaculatum, ut non confundar.

Ant. While the organs

played Cecily sung to the Lord, saying: Let my heart be undefiled, that I may not be confounded.

PSALMS, as in the Common of Virgins, page xxxv.

Ant. Valerianus in cubiculo Cæciliam cum Angelo orantem invēnit.

Ant. Cæcilia famula tua, Domine, quasi apis tibi argumentosa deservit. Ant. Benedico te Pater Domini mei Jesu Christi: quia per Filium tuum ignis extinctus est a latere


Ant. Triduanas a Domino poposci inducias, ut domum meam Ecclesi

am consecrarem.

Ant. Valerian found Cecily in a chamber pray. ing with an Angel.

Ant. Thy servant Ce cily serves thee, O Lord, like an industrious bee.

Ant. I bless thee, 0 Father of my Lord Jesus Christ: because by thy Son the fire is extinguish ed at my side.

Ant. I begged of the Lord a respite of three days, that I might consecrate my house as a Church.

Then of the following festival.


St. Clement, Pope and Martyr.-Double.

FIRST VESPERS, from the Little Chapter,
Common, page XVII, except:


Ant. OREMUS omnes ad

as in the

Ant. LET us all pray

Dominum Jesum Chri- to the Lord Jesus Christ,

stum, ut Confessoribus

that he would open a

suis fontis venam aperiat. fountain for his Confes



O God, who givest us

Deus, qui nos annua

beati Clementis martyris joy by the annual solem tui atque Pontificis solem- nity of blessed Clement nitate lætificas: concede thy martyr and Bishop: ut cujus na- mercifully grant; that

propitius ;

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talitia colimus, virtutem quoque_passionis imitemur. Per Dom.

we may imitate his fortitude in suffering whose festival we celebrate. Through our Lord, &c.

Commemoration of St. Cecily, V. M.

Ant. Virgo gloriosa semper Evangelium Christi gerebat in pectore suo, et non diebus neque noctibus a colloquiis divinis et oratione cessabat.

V. Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis.

R. Propterea benedixit te Deus in æternum.

Ant. The glorious virgin always carried in her breast the Gospel of Christ, and ceased neither day nor night from divine converse and prayer.

V. Grace is poured abroad in thy lips.

R. Therefore hath God blessed thee for ever.

PRAYER.—Deus, qui nos annua, as above, page 359. Commemoration of Sunday: then of St. Felicitas, M. ANT.-Simile est, V. and R. as in the Common, page XLII.


Præsta quæsumus omnipotens Deus: ut beatæ Felicitatis martyris tuæ solemnia recensentes, meritis ipsius protegamur et precibus. Per Dom.

Grant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God: that celebrating the solemnity of blessed Felicitas thy martyr, we may be protected by her merits and prayers. Through our Lord, &c.


Ant. Orante sancto Ant. While holy CleClemente, apparuit ei apparuit ei ment prayed, the Lamb Agnus Dei. of God appeared to him.

Ant. Non meis mēritis ad vos me misit Dominus vestris corōnis participem


Ant. Vidi supra montem Agnum stantem, de sub cujus pede fons vivus


Ant. De sub cujus pede fons vivus emanat, flūminis impetus lætificat

civitatem Dei.

Ant. Omnes gentes per gyrum crediderunt Christo Domino.

Ant. Not for my merits hath the Lord sent me to you to become a partaker


your crowns. Ant. I saw a Lamb standing upon a mountain, from beneath whose foot a fountain of living water gushes forth.

Ant. From beneath whose foot a fountain of living water gushes forth, the stream of the river maketh the city of God joyful.

Ant. All the nations round about believed in Christ the Lord.

LAST PSALM.-Credidi, page 9.

Then of the following.


St. John of the Cross, Confessor.—Double.

FIRST VESPERS, from the Little Chapter, as in the

Common, page XXXII.

In the Hymn, meruit supremos.


DEUS, qui sanctum


O GOD, who didst

Confessorem render thy holy Confessor

tuum perfectæ sui abne- John a wonderful lover

gationis, et Crucis ama

concede, ut, ejus imita


perfect self-denial and

torem eximium effecisti: of the cross: grant that,

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