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The Prayer.

JESUS, whose name is above all

names, that at the name of Jesus every knee may bend, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and in hell; whose body, that was murdered by mankind, the Almighty raised from the dead, glorious and immortal; who, by thy ascension, didst triumph over death, and lead captivity captive; who, according to thy promise, sentest down the Spirit that proceedeth from the Father and thee, the comforter and enlivener; who, stretching forth the bounty of the Almighty hand, didst shed upon the chosen children of Adam that glory that neither eye hath seen nor ear hath heard, nor hath it entered the heart of man to conceive; and who wilt come forth in power and majesty to judge the living and the dead, before whose throne all mortals shall appear; grant to us to celebrate these mysteries to thy honour and our own salvation; who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, one God, for all eternity. Amen.

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Blessed Virgin Mary.

The fifteen mysteries are divided into three parts, viz., five Joyful, five Sorrowful, and five Glorious mysteries. We should endeavour to raise corresponding affections in the will during the recital of each Decade, such as the devotion of each one may suggest; for example, in the first part, sentiments of joy for the coming of our Redeemer; in the second, of compassion for the sufferings of our Lord, and contrition for our sins, which were the occasion of them; in the third, of thanksgiving for the exaltation and glory of our Saviour and of His Blessed Mother, hoping, through the merits of His passion and by her intercession, to be made partakers of their glory.*




I. The Annunciation.


ET us contemplate in this mystery how the angel Gabriel saluted our Blessed Lady with the title "Full

i. 100 days' Indulgence, for each Pater and Ave, to all who, with contrition, recite the whole or one part.

of grace," and declared unto her the Incarnation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our Father, &c., once.

Hail Mary,

&c., ten times. Glory be to the Father, &c., once.


Let us pray.

HOLY Mary, Queen of Virgins, through the most high mystery of the Incarnation of thy beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ, by which our salvation was so happily begun; obtain for us, through thine intercession, light to be sensible of the greatness of the benefit which He hath bestowed on us, in vouchsafing to make Himself our Brother, and thee, His own beloved Mother, our Mother also. Amen.

ii. Plenary, to all who say one third part daily for a year, on any one day in the year.

iii. Ten years and ten quarantines, once a day, to every one saying, with contrition, one third part with others, in public or in private.

iv. Plenary, on the usual conditions, on the last Sunday in every month, to all who are in the habit of saying with others, at least three times a week, a third part.

To gain these Indulgences, the Rosaries must have been properly blessed, and meditation on the mysteries must be made by such at least as are capable of meditating. But to gain the Indulgences, it is not necessary to read the contemplations or the prayers given in this method of reciting the Rosary, which has been popular in England for many generations.



II. The Visitation.

ET us contemplate in this mystery how the Blessed Virgin Mary, understanding from the angel that her cousin St. Elizabeth had conceived, went with haste into the mountains of Judea to visit her, and remained with her three months.

Our Father, &c., once. Hail Mary, &c., ten times. Glory be to the Father, &c., once.

Let us pray.

0 HOLY Virgin, most spotless

mirror of humility, by that exceeding charity which moved thee to visit thy holy cousin, St. Elizabeth; obtain for us, through thine intercession, that our hearts being visited by thy most holy Son, and freed from all sin, we may praise and give thanks for ever. Amen.

III.-The Birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.


ET us contemplate in this mystery how the Blessed Virgin Mary,, when the time of her delivery was come, brought forth our Redeemer Jesus Christ at midnight, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for him in the iun at Bethlehem.

Our Father, &c., once. Hail Mary, &c., ten times.

Father, &c., once.

Glory be to the

Let us pray.

MOST pure Mother of God, through thy virginal and most joyful delivery, whereby thou gavest unto the world thine only Son our Saviour; we beseech thee, obtain for us, through thine intercession, the grace to lead such pure and holy lives in this world, that we may become worthy to sing without ceasing, both day and night, the mercies of thy Son, and His benefits to us by thee. Amen.

IV. The Presentation of our Blessed Lord in the Temple.


ET us contemplate in this mystery how the Blessed Virgin Mary, on the day of her Purification, presented the Child Jesus in the Temple, where holy Simeon, giving thanks to God with great devotion, received Him into his arms.

Our Father, &c. once.

Hail Mary,

&c., ten times. Glory be to the

Father, &c., once.

Let us pray.

HOLY Virgin, most admirable mistress and pattern of obe

dience, who didst present in the

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