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inflamed with zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of mankind! O Heart! ever sensible of our misery, and ever ready to give us relief; the real victim of love in the holy Eucharist, and a propitiatory sacrifice for sin on the altar of the cross; since the generality of Christians make no other return for these thy mercies than contempt of thy favours, forgetfulness of their obligations, and ingratitude to thee, the best of benefactors, is it not just that we, thy servants, penetrated with a deep sense of such indignities, as far as we can, make reparation to thy most sacred majesty? Humbled, therefore, before thee, we solemnly declare our sincere detestation and abhorrence of such conduct. Inexpressible was the bitterness with which the multitude of our sins overwhelmed thy tender Heart; insufferable the weight of our iniquities, which pressed thy face to the earth in the Garden of Olives; and excessive thy anguish, when, expiring with love, grief, and agony on Mount Calvary, in thy last breath thou wouldst reclaim sinners to their duty and repentance. This we know, Ŏ dear Redeemer, and would most willingly make some reparation for thy sufferings.

O merciful Jesus, ever present on our altars, and with a Heart open to receive all who labour and are burdened! O adorable heart of Jesus, source of true contrition, give to our hearts the true spirit of penance, and to our eyes a fountain of tears, that we may bewail our sins and those of the world. Pardon, divine Jesus, all the injuries, reproaches, and outrages offered to thee through the course of thy holy life and bitter passion. Pardon all the impieties, irreverences, and sacrileges which have been committed against thee in the sacrament of the Eucharist since its first institution. Graciously receive the small tribute of our sincere repentance as an agreeable offering in thy sight, in return for the benefits we daily receive from the altar, where thou art a living and continual sacrifice, and in union with that bloody holocaust thou didst present to thy eternal Father on the Cross. Sweet Jesus, give thy blessing to the ardent desire we now feel, and the holy resolution we have taken, of ever loving and adoring thee in the sacrament of thy love, thus to repair, by a true conversion of heart, and zeal for thy glory, our past negligences and infidelity. Be thou, O adorable heart, who knowest

the clay of which we are formed, be thou our Mediator with thy heavenly Father, whom we have so grievously offended; strengthen our weakness, confirm our resolution, and with thy charity, meekness, and patience, cover the multitude of our iniquities; be thou our support, our refuge, and our strength, that nothing henceforward, in life, or in death, may ever separate us from thee. Amen.

Nine Elevations to the Sacred Heart.

HE EART of Jesus, perfect adorer of God, teach me to adore the Father with you and by you.

2 Heart of Jesus, burning with love of me, inflame me with your divine love.

3 Heart of Jesus, only victim worthy of God, unite me to your divine sacrifice.

4 Heart of Jesus, overwhelmed with bitterness for the sins of men, break my heart with sorrow for my sins.

5 Heart of Jesus, sovereignly humble, annihilate my pride.

ó Heart of Jesus, perfect model of meekness, inspire my heart with this salutary virtue.

7 Heart of Jesus, infinitely pure and without stain, give me an in

violable purity of body, mind, and heart.

8 Heart of Jesus, consumed with zeal for the glory of the Father, animate my heart with an ardent zeal for your glory and my own sanctification.

9 Heart of Jesus, reign for ever in my heart, and grant me the grace to reign one day with you in heaven.

Litany of the Sacred

LORD, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.

Christ, graciously hear us.

God the Father of heaven,

God the Son, Redeemer of the world,

God the Holy Ghost,

Holy Trinity, one God,

Heart of Jesus, hypostatically united to the eternal Word,

Heart of Jesus, sanctuary of the Divinity,

Heart of Jesus, temple of the most aderable Trinity,

Heart of Jesus, abyss of wisdom,

Heart of Jesus, ocean of goodness,

Heart of Jesus, treasure of wisdom,

Heart of Jesus, our peace and reconcilia-

Heart of Jesus, example of all virtues,
Heart of Jesus, most ineek,

Heart of Jesus, most pure,

Heart of Jesus, most patient,

Heart of Jesus, most humble,

Heart of Jesus, furnace of love,

Heart of Jesus, source of true contrition,
Heart of Jesus, throne of mercy,

Heart of Jesus, sorrowful in the Garden
even unto death,

Heart of Jesus, spent with a bloody sweat,


Hare mercy on us.


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