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this, you are a pretty fellow to
write about paper-money; and if
you do know it, what do you mean
by the above stupid sentence?

You have discovered, that PITT
foretold, in 1797, that, if the
country were once overcharged
with paper-money, a diminution of
that paper-money would be ruin-
ous to the country. You call this
a "sound prediction" of PITT.
You omit, you mean creature, you
poor wretched old aristocrat, you
omit to observe that PAINE not

but that he also foretold that the
Bank would stop payment.

not run the risk of a civil war
rather than give his assent to a
robbery that must end in putting the
people under a military tyranny
that would keep all the rest of the
community in absolute subjection
to the aristocracy and the clergy.
I have now described the ten-
dency of your project: I shall,
by-and-by, come to a description
of the MEANS which you pro-
pose to make use of; but, before
do that, I must notice a little of
what you say, as to the causes of
the present danger to the Land-only foretold this years before;
owners: You are quite ORIGI-
NAL in this your discovery and
definition of causes. You have
discovered, that, "it is a CURI-
"OUS FACT, that the opera-
"tions of the Bank of England
"commenced with the first crea-
"tion of a paper currency, and
"with the existence of a national
"debt." Now, are you a real fool,
or do you only sham it? If
were one of your four sons, I
should begin to look pretty sharp
after you. Now, suppose I were
to say, it is a curious fact that
George the Fourth began to squall
as soon as he was born; or, that
he began to be a husband as soon
as he was married; or, apter still,
that he began his operations of
reigning from the time he got
upon his throne. What the de-
vil, I say, do you think the people
would say to me? Would they
not, chucking up their chins, and
shrugging their shoulders, say,
"Ah! poor Cobbett!"

You have discovered that the lessening of the quantity of the papermoney causes prices to fall; that augmenting the quantity of it causes prices to rise; you have discovered that the "lamented" Mr. RICARDO was in error, relative to the effect of PEEL'S Bill; you have discovered that he, and the rest of them, ought to have taken wheat, and not gold, as the standard. You have discovered that Mr. PEEL did not foresee the effects of his own Bill. You have discovered that there is a difference, when we are talking about changing the value of money, between a country which has a debt, and a country which has none. You have discovered that France and America acted wisely, with regard to their debt; but that our Government undertook that which no Government ever undertook before. You have discovered Why is it possible that you do that the prices have gone on popnot know that Bank of England ping up and down, according as and paper currency and national the Ministers have changed the debt were all ACTUALLY quantity and value of the money. CREATED BY ONE AND You have discovered that the THE SAME ACT OF PAR- Small Note Bill, of 1822, was a LIAMENT! If you do not know part repeal of PEEL's Bill, but

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You have discovered, that the depreciation during the war was calculated by some, at one fourth; but, by others, on the best grounds, at nearly one half. You have disco

taxes had been taken off after the Peace, the taxes, inficame heavier after the Peace than before, on account of the augmentation in the value of the money. What an original man you are!

How new all your

that it gave the system only a respite. You have discovered, and this is another striking novelty in your pamphlet, that gold cannot now sell at more than *3l. 17s. 10 d. per ounce, be-vered, that though a great many "cause the Bank is compelled to "give it at that price!" The devil it cannot! Do you say so, Sir James! What a discovery is here! It was well you quoted Mr. Tooke on this occasion, and gave us the assertion in his own words. "Goramity!" as the negroes say, to be able to find out that gold cannot exceed 31. 17s. 10d. an ounce, as long as the Bank is compelled to give an ounce for 31. 17s. 101d.! Besides these discoveries, which are so astounding, you have discovered that the paper-money increased vastly between 1822 and 1825; that this increase of paper caused prices to rise; that, in spite of good You have discovered that crops, wheat rose in price; that, Mr. PEEL'S Bill had not got into at last, however, gold began to full force by nine months, when leave the country, the Bank drew the Small Note Bill was passed! in its paper, the bankers began to There's a discovery, in July 1826! break, six London banks stopped You have discovered that Mr. payment, credit was at an end, HANNING, late Sheriff of Somer and the currency, which had been setshire, told the Corn Bill Comincreasing for two years, now de-mittee that the labourers in that creased as much in a few weeks. These are wonderful discoveries, to be sent to us all the way from Netherby, in the mouth of July,

thoughts are! You have disco vered that the salaries of the Judges, and of other officers of the Government, and that the pay of the soldiers were augmented, during the war, upon the ground that money had depreciated in value; but that these salaries and this pay have not been lowered since money has risen in value! Oh! what an original thinker you are!

county used to eat bacon and cheese; but that now they have potatoes, and nothing but pota, toes; which they carry even to 1826! the field to eat cold. Oh! ORI· Besides these discoveries, how-GINAL man! You have discoever, you have discovered, that if vered, that Mr. PEEL'S Bill ought the Small Note Bill had not been not to have been passed, unaccompassed in 1822, the landlords panied with an adjustment of would have been ground to pow-contracts. You have discovered der; that that Bill was passed that Mr. HUSKISSON has been avowedly, in order to obtain a re- greatly inconsistent, he having, spite for the landlords. You have in 1815, defended the Corn Bill, discovered, that this changing of and asserted that corn must be the value of money, unjustly gives dear, as long as the country had the property of one man to the other. to pay the existing taxes; and,

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come to discuss the he now having been an advocate until we for lowering the price of Corn, means, which you propose to emwhile he assists in measures to ploy for diminishing the burden This discussion raise the value of money, and of the Debt. while he demands and obtains, an must be the subject of another augmentation of his own nominal letter, which shall be published የማ You have discovered in my next; and, in the mean it In, dying and leaving his while, I leave you to chew the estate to his son with settlements cud, upon what I have here said to be paid out of the estate, may, to you, begging you to be asin consequence of a change in the sured, that we will have a famous value of money, not leave enough fight with you, before you shall to pay the legacies, and send his accomplish the plunder contemson to a Workhouse. You have plated in your book. Is it possidiscovered even this; never, ble that you can be such a wretchdare say, in your whole life did ed driveller as to expect to take you read the letter to TIERNEY of us in, by your plan of cajolery, 1818! Oh! no, you are no pla-laid down in page 64! You will giarist, I'll warrant you! This not find ten labouring men, in all is all your own discovery; and it England, that you can impose was you, brilliant descer. lant of upon by such miserable cajolery, "John with the bright sword;"Oh! yes, I dare say we are going it was you, who discovered, the to be persuaded that you want to terms, TAX-EATERS" and rob the Fundholders for OUR "BLOOD-SUCKERS," which GOOD! This might have passyou use, in page 36: it was you ed before the passing of Ellenwho discovered STERN-borough's Bill, and the TransporPATH OF DUTY - MAN," tation Poacher's Bill; before the which you have, in page 37: it hanging of so many men, for rewas you who discovered, in page sisting game-keepers; before the 68, the term "FUND-LORD:" invention of the Tread-mill; beit was you, who are the Discoverer fore the three women sent to the of all these things; and, in addi- Treadmill for five Pheasants' tion to these, you have discovered, eggs; before the Sunday Turnthat the present Ministers are pike Toll Laws: more connected with Annuities than with the Land. These are all your own discoveries; or else you are the lowest, the meanest, the basest plagiarist that ever put pen to paper. However, the truth is, you are like the rest of your order, in general, in whom, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, we find met, character just as low, as their pretensions to birth are high.


What your character is, we do not, however, so clearly see,

before the Highway Act, which shuts roadsurveyors out of the Park, and lets them into the field, if it be but of a quarter of an acre; before the New Trespass Law, which sends the poor person to Jail, for a trespass amounting to a penny, and which does not touch the trespasser who commits damage to the amount of five. pounds. Before these things, and many others, that might be mentioned, never forgetting the Select Vestry Bill, the mass of the.

common people might have felt ber, 1822. This is one of those differently, in a struggle between countries of chalk and flint and the Land and the Funds. As dry-top soil and hard roads and things now stand, it would be high and bare hills and deep dells, monstrous, indeed, if the labour-with clumps of lofty trees, here ing classes were to back those and there, which are so many who made the new Game Laws, rookeries: this is one of those and the new Trespass Laws. Un countries, or, rather, approaching natural, indeed, and base, beyond towards those countries, of downs all description, would it be, if the and flocks of sheep, which I like common people, the Working so much, which I always get to Classes, were to join the Land- when I can, and which many owners, in ruining three hundred people seem to flee from as nathousand families, in the middle turally as men flee from pestilence. ranks of life; a thing which They call such countries naked could not fail to add greatly, to and barren, though they are, in the power, the haughtiness, the the summer months, actually insolence, and the cruelty, of those covered with meat and with corn. Land-owners; and, for which I saw, the other day, in the reason, amongst many others that MORNING HERALD London" best I shall notice, before I have done, public instructor," that all those I trust, that the people, in all had deceived themselves, who had parts of the country, will be upon expected to see the price of agrithe watch, with regard to this sub-cultural produce brought down by ject. WM. COBBETT. the lessening of the quantity of


paper-money. Now, in the first place, corn is, on an average, a seventh lower in price than it was last year at this time; and, what would it have been, if the crop UPHUSBAND (Hampshire), and the stock had now been equal THURSDAY, 24TH AUG.- We left to what they were last year? Burghclere last evening, in the All in good time, therefore, good rain; but, as our distance was Mr. THWAITES. Let us have a only about seven miles, the con- little time. The "best public insequence was little.-The crops structors" have, as yet, only fallen, of corn, except oats, have been in number sold, about a third, very fine hereabouts; and, there since this time last year. Give are never any pease, nor any beans, them a little time, good Mr. grown here. The sainfoin fields, THWAITES, and you will see them though on these high lands, and come down to your heart's content. though the dry weather has been Only let us fairly see an end to of such long continuance, look as small notes, and there will soon green as watered meadows, and a be not two daily "best public ingreat deal more brilliant and beau-structors" left in all the "entire" tiful. I described this beautiful great "British Empire." village (which lies in a deep dell) But, as man is not to live on and its very variously shaped en- bread alone, so corn is not the virons, in my Register of Novem-only thing that the owners and

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ocenpiers of the land have to except fat cattle; and, observe, when the prospect is good, it shows a rise in the price of lean cattle; not in that of the meat, which is just ready to go into the mouth. Prices will go on gradually falling, as they did from 1819 to 1822 inclusive, unless upheld by untoward seasons, or by an issue of assignats; for, mind, it would be no joke, no shamn, this time; it would be an issue of as real, as bona fide, assignats as ever came from the mint of any set of rascals that ever robbed and enslaved a people, in the names of "liberty and law."

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look to. There are timber, bark,
underwood, wool, hides, pigs,
sheep, and cattle. All these to-
gether make, in amount, four
times the corn, at the very least.
I know that all these have greatly
fallen in price since last year;
but, I am in a sheep and wool
country, and can speak positively
as to them, which are two articles
of very great importance. As to
sheep; I am speaking of South
Downs, which are the great stock
of these counties; as to sheep,
they have fallen one-third in price
since last August, lambs as well
as ewes. And, as to the wool, it EAST EVERLEY (Wiltshire,)
sold, in 1824, at 40s. a tod; it SUNDAY, 27TH AUG. EVENING.-
sold last year, at 35s. a tod; and We set off from UPHUSBAND ON
it now sells at 19s. a tod! A tod Friday, about ten o'clock, the
is 28 lbs. avoirdupois weight; so morning having been wet. My
that the price of South Down sons came round, in the chaise,
wool now is, 8d. a pound and a by ANDOVER and WEYHILL, while
fraction over; and this is, I be- I came right across the country
lieve, cheaper than it has ever towards LUDGARSHALL, which lies
been known within the memory in the road from Andover to this
of the oldest man living! The place. I never knew the flies
best public instructor" may, so troublesome, in England, as I
perhaps, think, that sheep and found them in this ride. I was
wool are a trifling affair. There obliged to carry a great bough,
are many thousands of farmers and to keep it in constant motion,
who keep each a flock of at least in order to make the horse peace-
a thousand sheep. An ewe yields able enough to enable me to keep
about 3 lbs. of wool, a wether, on his back. It is a country of
4 lbs., a ram 7 lbs. Calculate, fields, lanes, and high hedges; so
good Mr. Thwaites, what a differ- that no wind could come to relieve
ence it is when this wool becomes my horse; and, in spite of all I
8d. a pound instead of 17d. and could do, a great part of him was
instead of 30d. as it was not many covered with foam from the sweat.
years ago! In short, every mid- In the midst of this, I got, at one
dling sheep-farmer receives, this time, a little out of my road, in,
year, about 2501. less, as the pro- or near, a place called TANGLEY.
duce of sheep and wool, than he I rode up to the garden-wicket of
received last year; and, on an a cottage, and asked the woman,
average, 2507. is more than half who had two children, and who
his rent.
seemed to be about thirty years
old, which was the way to LUD-
GARSHALL, which I knew could

There is a great falling off in the price of horses, and of all cattle

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