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am, just the contrary, if I had been to Stanley and Wood, was I the out of humour at Preston. Ob-aggressor! In every case these serve, that the others got into opponents began the attack, and challenges, had to eat their words, that, too, without provocation from got accused of riots, and, in short, me. They saw, that I had the got into all sorts of hobbles. I people with me; this filled them got into none. I saw all the with envy; they began the attack; others either spitten upon or and, as was most justly due, they pelted, or, at least, most horribly were severely punished. Before hooted. Neither fell to my lot. the election was over, I made Why, therefore, should I have them wish themselves any where been out of temper? I had thou- but in my presence; and, if they sands of men and many women, dare to come to Preston again, come a distance of from fifty to they shall have a still worse time five miles, for the sole purpose of of it, unless they make atonement shaking that hand," as they to the people of Preston for the said, which had given them "so insults they offered them. much_pleasure." 1 have fre- Gentlemen, readers of the Requently seen groups of from three gister, you perceive, that there is to a dozen, or more men, standing a deficiency of 1421. 4s. 11d. in the Square opposite my Inn, This sum falls, at present, UPON with walking sticks in their ME; and, I think, that I shall hands, and evidently just come into not be thonght unreasonable, if I the town from a considerable express a hope, that it will be distance. They would keep look- made up to me by a further subing at the window for a while, scription. I do not pretend, that and, at last, send in one of the the loss of this sum would be a party to say who they were, and very serious injury to me. that they wished to shake hands the contrary, I say that it would with Mr. Cobbett. How can not; for, while I read of twelve forget these things! And, who hundred printers being out of will believe, that I could have been work in London, I see all my out of temper amidst all this; I, works increase in sale; while I whose great object is, and is know, that the base and blackknown to be, to excite feelings in guard broad-sheet, which has, for the people such as I here saw the twenty years, been calumniating proof of! In short, never, for me, has, on an average, fallen off one single moment, did I lose my in sale more than a third, since temper. I said "hard things" last August, I also know, that the of the candidates and the Mayor. Register has increased in sale Aye, to be sure I did; but, I said more than a fourth, and nearly a them as a parson says "hard third, since last August. But, things" in the pulpit; or, as a when my readers look at my exjudge says "hard things" from the ertions and labours in the month bench; and, we do not suppose, of May and June last; when they that they lose their temper, be- look at the battle I fought; when cause one of them condemns sin- they contemplate the effect which ners to hell, and the other con- was produced all over the kingdemns thieves to the gallows.dom by my exertions at Preston Again, in no one case, with regard and in the North; when they


consider how much those exer

tions must have done in the pre- ADAMS AND JEFFERSON. paring of men's minds for that change which must take place, if

the country be to be saved; and, From a 'Boston (New England)

Paper of 11 July.


“Yesterday morning, the tolling of

when they consider, that, the 1427., divided into many small sums are nothing, and are a good "bells and the sound of minute deal when they remain in one sum; when they thus consider,«hours before, were again heard in guns, which had ceased only a few they will not, I trust, deem it un-« this city, proclaiming the death of reasonable if I express my hope, another of our ex-Presidents. The that they will make up this sum "funeral rites of the Honourable by a further subscription. There" JOHN ADAMS are scarcely finished, will be a PETITION, as soon as "ere we are called upon to record the Parliament shall meet for des"the death of one as great in fame, "and as celebrated in the annals of patch of business. My plan is, "America as he. The Honourable to prosecute that petition at my own cost; and, when I have oust-« ed the sitting members, which I must, unless all law be openly abandoned, then, perhaps, to appeal to the public for another very moderate sum, to defray the lawful expenses of another contest.

Thomas Jefferson died on the 4th instant, about one o'clock, aged eighty-three years and three months. "Thus, upon the same day-almost


upon the same hour-the spirits of "these two veterans, and almost all "that remained of the signers of the “Declaration of Independence, have "taken their flight from earth to "heaven."

Softly! softly! good Jonathan! You saw them take no flight at all; and, as to the direction in which they went, you should not be so positive without some evidence, at any rate. If you had evidence, you ought to have produced it.

A subscription book is ready at No. 183, Fleet Street, for entering the sums that may be paid in there, or sent thither by post. Mr. JOHN DEAN, at the shop in Fleet Street, will receive the subscriptions, and, if required, will give receipts. The subscribers may send, or write in the book, their own names, or may give, or write, what names they please. There "They waited for that day, and will be NO NËÈD OF THIS" then, as it were, hand in hand, SORT OF CAUTION MUCH LONGER. About two years will, I think, bring us into a state of things which will make it not dangerous (as it once really was) for men to avow openly their agreement in the principles, inculcated by,

Your Friend and
most obedient Servant,

Aye, "as it were;" but, be you assured, Jonathan, that they, old as they were, would have consented to wait a little longer; and, as to their going off "hand in hand," they lived a life of dogand-cat; they were rivals, enemies, and mortal haters of each other. The one put the other out of the Presidency; and that, too, upon the ground, that his prin

ciples of government were abo- in the shade. The hay is short; minably aristocratic and royalist. but, the Downs will be Meadows Add to this, that one was a Pres-till Christmas. Corn is short upon byterian and the other a Deist, the whole; but, there is plenty unless the former lied. So that, abroad, and we have ships, havas to the hand-in-hand work, that ing (thanks to Mr. HUSKISSON) must be a hoax. nothing to do but to go and fetch it.

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* passed from hence to join that patriotic band which had gone before them, and with them to rejoice in the celebration of an event unparalleled in the history of the "world."

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Oh! mercy on us! Only think of their going off to join the whole band, in heaven, there to celebrate

Any NOBLEMAN or GENTLEMAN wanting a Tutor to his family, or a private Secretary for himself, would find the Advertiser every way the Jubilee of Independence! qualified to discharge the duties neWhat a toasting; what a cheering; cessary to either situation, in such what speechifying; what hear a manner as would prove honourable hearing! Good Royalists might to himself and satisfactory to his dispute the fact, and assert that employer. The most respectable rethe whole band are gone in another ferences can be given; Mг, COBBETT direction. himself being one among the num

Thus it almost always happens ber of gentlemen to whom the Adwhen fools get a pen into their vertiser has the privilege to refer. hands. The death of these two Address by letter (post paid) to A.Y., really great men, happening on 183, Fleet-street. the same day, and on such a day, had in it something singularly inI know the Advertiser very well; teresting and striking: but, this I have known him for some years, wretched newspaper-scribe has and can truly say, that if I stood contrived to speak of it in a way in need of a person in either of calculated to fill the mind with ludicrous instead of sober thoughts.


the capacities that he mentions, he is the man that I should prefer to almost any other that I know. He writes well, and in a neat hand, is quick, is not conceited, is good-humoured, and has stood several years of matrimony, or to speak more respectfully, has enjoyed several years of conjugal felicity, without any addition being made to his longitude of face; and this latter is, with me, a capi

This is the finest Summer I ever knew. It has given us all that the South of France gives. Harvest over, beans and all, early in August; Indian-Corn fit to eat tal consideration. mid-August; Catalpa trees that have been in full bloom; AltheaFrutexes now in full bloom, even



It was my intention to publish, in this present Register, a Letter to SIR JAMES GRAHAM, on his prospectus of national robbery and plunder. I shall do this in my next. The subject of my letter to my friends at BLACKBURN could not be put off.




JUST published, No. 1., a little work under the above title. Lintend it to contain about six numbers, at twopence a Number, to be published monthly. I intend it to be the Companion of the Working Classes, giving them useful information and advice, adapted to their present difficult situation; and especially I intend it as the means of teaching them how to AVOID SUFFERING FROM HUNGER! I intend clearly to explain to them their rights and their duties. Applications from the country should be made without delay.

THIS is a day that we all ought to keep. This is a day "for the joyous face," as Prosperity Robinson calls it. For, on this auspicious day, our KING WAS BORN, and Castlereagh cut his own throat! The latter event is one that ought to be kept fresh in the minds of the people of this kingdom. The Americans always, on the 4th of July, re-pub- I shall give one copy of each lish their DECLARATION OF Number to every working family INDEPENDENCE, in order to in Preston, as a mark of my grakeep the event alive in the minds titude for their great kindness toof men, and to make the rising wards me, and also as a mark of generation acquainted with it. my admiration of their sense and For a similar reason I shall, in their public spirit. The other my next, insert the account of Numbers will be published on the Castlereagh's cutting his own first of each succeeding month.throat, alter noticing the part he The price, to Gentlemen taking a took in the Power of Imprison- quantity, will be, for one hunment Bill, in the Manchester dred, twelve shillings, for five Affair of 16th August, and in the hundred, fifty-five shillings, and, Six-Acts. These are all things for a thousand, five pounds. that ought never to be forgotten.

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L. s. d.

s. d.

Wheat.. 4,846 for 15,036 15 10 Average, 62 0 opening for Oats this time, has given

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Barley.. 120
Oats.. 5.596 ..


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736 ..

181 9 0........ .30 2 7,958 10 3..........28 5

1,709 4 6..........46 5 734....2,216 16 1........ .60 4

the factors more confidence in standing out for prices, and notwithstanding the limited demand for this

Friday, Aug. 11.—The supply of grain, an advance of 1s. to 2s. per quarter on last Monday's prices has been obtained, chiefly from needy buyers. In Flour no alteration.

Wheat and Flour this week is fair, but all other articles short. Fine Wheat supports Monday's terms, other sorts are not in demand. Barley, Beans, and Pease, meet no alteration in value. Oats are getting dearer, and are 1s. per quarter higher than on Monday.

Monday, Aug. 14.-The arrival of Wheat and Flour last week was tolerably good for this season of the year; of Oats it was moderate, and of all other Grain short. To this morning's market, there is a fair

Price on board Ship as under. Flour, per sack ......50s. — 55s. Seconds....... .42.-46s. North Country ..40s. — 43s.

COAL MARKET, Aug. 11. Ships at Market. Shipsɛald. Price. 514 Newcastle.. 27 25s. 02. tó 32s. 6d. 22 Sunderland 14 30s. 9.-34s, Od.

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