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Liverpool, Aug. 1.-Since Tuesday last the weather has continued as favourable as possible for the harvest, which being, probably the eariest ever remembered, has produced here a very dull demand for Wheats throughout the past week. The importations appear heavy, but they are principally foreign. There was a good demand at this day's market for good fresh old Foreign Wheat, at a small reduction in value from the last quotations. Oats continue in good demand, and fine sweet Oatmeal obtained an advance of 2s. per 240 lbs. Other articles remain much the same as last advised.

Imported into Liverpool from the 25th to 31st July, 1826, inclusive: Wheat, 14,186; Barley, 905; Oats, 5,457; Malt, 230; Beans, 460; and Pease, 278 quarters. Flour, 280 sacks, per 280 lbs. Oatmeal, 723 packs, per 240 lbs. American Flour, 500 barrels.

load. Guildferd, Aug. 5.-Wheat, new, for mealing, 137. to 177. 10s. per Barley, 50s. to 35s. 6d.; Oats, 28s. to 34s.; Beans, 50s. to 54s.; and Pease, grey, 50s. to 56s. per quarter.

Norwich, Aug. 5.-We had a large supply of Wheat to this day's market, many samples of the new crop that are of fine quality. Red sold from 46s. to 52s.; White to 56s. Barley, 28s. to 32s. Oats, 22s. to 27s. Beans, 42s. to 48s. Pease, 42s. to 45s. per quarter; and Flour, 42s. to 43s. per sack.

Bristol, Aug. 4.-The supplies of Corn here are rather increased; the demand steady, and present prices about as follow:-Wheat from 5s. 6d. to 7s. 9d.; Barley, 3s. 3d. to 4s. 9d.; Oats, 2s. 9d. to 3s. 9d.; Beans, 4s. 6d. to 7s.; and Malt, 5s. 6d, to 8s. per bushel, Imperial. Flour, Seconds, 37s. to 49s. per sack.

Ipswich, Aug. 5.-We had to-day scarcely any market, our farmers being so busily engaged in their harvest. So little business was doing that prices are only nominal.

Wisbech, Aug. 5.-We had a very small market to-day, and the little business done was at about the terms of last week, except in Wheat, which was a trifle lower. A few samples of new appeared; the quality inferior to the old.-Red Wheat, 50s. to 54s.; White ditto, 54s. to 56s.; Oats, 24s. to 28s.; and Beans, 44s. to 46s. per quarter.

Wakefield, Aug. 4.-Our arrivals here to-day are very moderate, parti-' cularly of Wheat, being much smaller than for some time back. Fine fresh Wheat has met very dull sale at a decline of 1s. per quarter, and up to the close of the market very little business has been done; middling sorts and Foreign are very unsaleable. Good fresh Oats are scarce, and full as dear. Shelling obtains last week's prices, and 39s. has been reNo alteration in Beans. fused for a sample of new.

Manchester, Aug. 5.-The causes adverted to this day se'nnight still continue in similar operation, and the trade throughout this week has We had a better attendance of both town and ruled extremely dull. country dealers at this day's market; and although only few samples were offering, they were more than equal to the demand. Wheats were much neglected, and to have effected any sales of moment, a trifling reduction must have been submitted to. We had a few parcels of new Wheat, of Good mealing Oats fine quality and condition, both English and Irish. are scarce; and although rather lower in the carly part of the week, fully support our currency. Barley, Beans, Pease, and Malt, continue steady.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Aug. 5.-We had rather a short supply of Wheat from the farmers this morning, but there were a good many arrivals coastwise, and the weather being very fine, the sale for Wheat was dull, at a decline of 2s. per quarter from last week's prices.


Norwich Castle Meadow, Aug. 5.-The supply of Cattle for slaughter to-day was similar to that of last week, very inferior in quality, prices 7s. 6d. per stone of 14lbs. sinking offal. The show of Store Stock was large; Scots sold from 3s. 9d. to 4s. 3d. per stone, when fat. The Short Horns, what few we had were not good; 3s. per stone was obtained for what were sold. Cows and Calves not a ready sale.

Manchester, Aug. 2.—At this day's market there was a large supply of Cattle, Sheep, and Lambs, (the former chiefly Irish,) which niet very dull sale, and barely supported our quotations.-Calves and Pigs remain without alteration in value.-Meat, Beef, 5d. to 6d.; Mutton, 5d. to 54d.; Lamb, 4d. to 5d.; Veal, 54d. to 7d.; and Pork, 3d. to 4d. per pound, sinking offal.

AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, sold in the Maritime Counties of England and Wales, for the Week ended July 29, 1826.

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* The London Average is always that of the Week preceding.

VOL. 59.-No. 8.] LONDON, SATURDAY, AUG. 19, 1826. [Price 6d.

"The simpleton, PARSON SMYTHIES, told you, that the evil of low . prices would correct itself; for, that the Government would not be able "to collect the taxes, to pay the salaries, the pensions, the army, the "sinecures, and the interest of the Debt. This SMYTHIES, though a "PARSON, is a fool. The taxes can still be collected; and let this silly "SMYTHIES, and others, who are like him, hear, and let their teeth "chatter in their heads, while they do hear, that they may walk off to "the Poor-house, and that the revenue of the Government will thereby "be increased, rather than diminished."-Register, 25th January, 1823.



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On the capacity of the Government to collect the Revenue, amidst the miseries of the Nation; and on the projects now on foot for robbing the people in the middle ranks of life, in order to keep up the luxury and the splendour of the Boroughmongers.

Kensington, 16th August, 1826. |tical interest at this moment; and MY EXCELLENT Friends, I address myself to you, upon the It appears to me to be neces-occasion, as a mark of my gratisary to inculcate, at this time, tude towards you, for the great correct notions upon the subjects kindness which you showed me, stated at the head of this Letter. on the 27th of June last, when The subjects are of extreme im-you received me on my return portance; they are of great prac- towards London from Preston.


Printed and Published by WILLIAM COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.


The subjects here mentioned are of the MANCHESTER GUARDIAN; of great interest to us all; and I that white-livered looking fellow trust that the remarks which I am CUNLIFF, of the BOLTON EXabout to make upon these subjects, PRESS; that despicable hireling, will tend to excite hope in your who appears to be more fool than breasts, of seeing better days than knave, who conducts the PRESTON those which we now see, and that PILOT; that great full-pursed aud we have seen for some years past. empty-skulled fellow, BAINES, of You must have perceived, that the LEEDS MERCURY; that most there is one description of persons, sublime ass (I forget his name), who, while they do not like to who conducts the SHEFFIELD pay taxes themselves, like ex-IRIS; that reptile of all reptiles tremely well to grind the working BOTT SMITH, of Liverpool, with classes to powder. These persons cousin John forming the tail of are extremely puzzled at this the maggot: hence it is that these time. They would fain hope to and their like, never forgetting be able to shift off the taxes from ANNA BRODIE, who is at the head themselves, and yet to keep the of the whole crew; hence it is, hellish boroughmonger system that they are always looking out afloat. One of the sources of de- for the "Quarter's Revenue"; that lusive hope is, that the amount of old battered humbug, by which the revenue, that is to say, the the people of England have been amount of the Government taxes, deceived and robbed for the last is a criterion whereby to judge of hundred and thirty years. ADDIthe prosperity of the nation. In soN, the author of that wishyother words, it is supposed that washy tittle-tattle stuff, the SPECthe nation is well off in proportion TATOR, was the first, or thereas its taxes are great. The taxes abouts, who began to cheat this are looked upon as the nation's nation by humbug stuff about income. And as individuals are “public credit” and “revenue.” well off in proportion to the amount of their income, so it is presumed that the nation must be well off, in proportion to the amount of its income. Hence not want to be cajoled and cheatthe stupid creatures, such as that great conceited coxcomb, TAYLOR,

I beg you, my good friends, to have a little patience with me, while I expose this humbug. You want to know the truth; you do

ed; you do not want to be humbugged: let the aristocrats and


the parsons humbug themselves, this, they begin to bellow forth: if they like: let us find out the" Ah! all is right, at last! All is ruth, and when we have found it," sound at bottom! The nation's let us adhere to it. resources are unimpaired." No The revenue means the aggre-matter what distress may be pregate or total amount of the money vailing: there may be bankruptwhich the Government collects cies and insolvencies twice as nufrom the people in taxes. It makes merous as ever were known beup an account of these collections fore; there may be beggary and once in a quarter of a year; and ruin and pauperism two or three it permits its clerks or somebody times as great as ever were known else, to publish this account; and, before; yet, if the "Quarter's at the same time, to publish an Revenue" does but keep up, all account of the revenue in the cor- is right; and the nation is in a responding quarter of the last state of PROSPERITY, though year. For instance, April, May it be notorious that millions upon and June, make a quarter: so millions are suffering from hunger that, early in last month, an ac- and nakedness. count of that quarter was published, accompanied with an account of the receipts, or revenue for the months of April, May and June, in 1825. This is called the "Quarter's Revenue," and if the quarter of this year be equal to the quarter of last year, then the newspaper brutes, above mentioned; and, in short, the whole of to punish that species of moral the three hundred newspaper baseness, which, in real turpitude, brutes all over the kingdom, with in real wickedness and hellishabout fifty more brutes that con-ness, far

Strange infatuation! Infatuation which never could have existed had it not been for the three hundred and fifty brutes of the Press; that at once most infamous and most stupid Press; conducted, with few exceptions, by men that have long ago merited the gallows, if the gallows could be employed

duet Magazines and Reviews; felony.

surpasses almost any

this enormous bevy of brutes, the Now, my friends of BLACK

BURN, pray take a look at this

matter: see how these newspaper

moment they discover that the quarter of this year is equal to the quarter of last year; the mo- brutes deceive themselves; see ment the noisy brutes discover how they sophisticate the under

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