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and lawful money.

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especially a law-giver, to think / gold and silver; and Mr. WESabout any thing but gold and TERN wants to alter the law, silver for a currency. Why not which he shall not do, if I can have gold and silver at once, and help it. Indeed, he shall not, I. have no more disputing about this say that positively. I cannot, currency work? Why not have just at present, put myself into the King's coin? Why not have Parliament; but I can prevent real money at once? Gold and this robbery of the fundholders, silver are the lawful coin of the and prevent it I will. I take that realm. Nothing else is lawful charge upon myself now. Bank money. No paper-money is good Restriction I cannot help, to be The law sure; but I will take care that the knows nothing of it. What a Aristocracy do not rob the fundstrange thing it is, then, that any holders. Norfolk petition, inman, and particularly a law-maker, deed, I agree to; for that would should be representing a parcel do justice to every body; but suffer of unlawful paper, as necessary the Aristocracy to rob the fundfor our salvation. Alas! The holders, I will not. fact is; the fact so dismal for the Boroughmongers, and so cheering to me; the fact is, that in this legal money the interest of the debt cannot be paid, without taking away the estates of the landlords! This is the important fact. This makes the landlords resort to all manner of schemes for lowering the value of money; that is to say, for lessening the sum that they have to pay to the fundholders. The fundholders are getting away their estates by the means of gold and silver taxes; the landlords, therefore, want to pay them in brass, or in any thing of less value than gold or silver. The law THEIR NEGLIGENCE! says that they shall be paid in Mind, I say this very deliberately;

It is for you, however, Money Hoarders, to watch well the tug that is approaching. Something or other is likely enough to be attempted, or, at least, proposed. The moment a proposition is made to deduct any thing from. the Fundholder, that moment the Funds fall. They will fall below those of France in one day. The ultimate consequences it is no use to dwell upon here; but, you know well, how safe a thing Gold is. Those who can get Gold now, and who neglect to do it, will, before Christmas; or, at least, before February, REPENT OF

I say it with an earnest desire that [at Leeds, called the Leeds Merevery body who reads this may cury, I believe. This fellow, follow my advice, it being always after inserting the account of the my earnest desire that those who "Quarter's Revenue," observed, read what I write, should profit that "this affords the best posfrom their reading. Many are"sible proof of the increasing the instances, in which I have" prosperity of the country." In clearly foreseen what was com- observing upon this, I began in ing; but never did I more con- the following words: "Stupid fidently expect any event what-" cuckoo (singularly complimenever, than I now expect those "tary!) stupid echo of the stupid events, which will make it a sub-" London Press! Stupid BAINES, ject of deep regret with every one, "with head as empty as thy purse who shall have the power to turn" is full." After these personal paper or funds into Gold, that he compliments, I proceeded to show has neglected to do it. As sure as Christmas will come, so sure will come a state of things, such as shall make every man rejoice who has had the prudence to get Gold.

the creature, that the augmentation in the Revenue, had arisen from the diminution in the value of the money. I showed that the Government had not got more money in reality, though they had got more in name.

The present Quarter's Revenue has fallen off in nominal amount; but it is, in fact, a much larger sum taken from the people. The present Quarter's Revenue will buy a sixth more of bread, a fourth more of meat, a half more of cottons and of many other

The old periodical humbug, commonly called the Quarter's Revenue; this old farcical thing has been played off this month, without its usual success. It is always a lie; always a piece of imposture, but generally the imposture is abetted and assisted by the base newspapers of London, from which the lies are poured things, than could have been out into the country bottles of bought with the

drugs. I remember that, in the

height of prosperity, one of these Quarter's Revenues was noticed by a very stupid ass of the name of BAINES, who publishes a paper

Quarter's ReThis is the way

venue of 1825.
to look at the matter. It is very
true, that those whom the Govern-
ment have to pay, make no abate-
ment on account of the low prices

of provision and clothing.
they are to be paid so much mo-
ney; and though the raising the
value of money, diminishes the
amount of the Quarter's Revenue,
the people who have to be paid
out of that Revenue will have the
same sum that they used to have.
I have no great opinion that
there will be much of a falling
off in the Revenue. There will
be a monstrous falling off in the
rents of landlords, in the profits CONVULSIVE

No:| but I know that the whole mass of
Jews and Jobbers wish it. And I
know this further, that, if this
measure be adopted, one golden
sovereign will buy a ten pound
note, in a very short time after-
wards. Well, now, mind, either
this must take place; either this
must take place, I say, or there
must be a REDUCTION OF
DEBT; or, there must be a

THING. Consider, then, what would be the situation of a man, who, in either of these cases, held paper-money or Funds! Let no one say, to himself, "I'll wait a little," "I'll wait until the danger becomes manifest." Let no one

of Merchants, Manufacturers, and UP OF THE WHOLE Tradesmen of every description; but, while the Revenue will take away rents and profits, it will not, I think, fall off greatly itself, and especially for some time to come. But, even a little falling off, together with alarming news from the country, and all the manifest say this; for, when the danger dangers, which a falling off of trade will give rise to, will certainly cause the funds to fall. Therefore, as it is hardly possible

that they will sell for more than they sell for now, now is the time to sell; and NOW is the time to get the gold! I do not say that Mr. WESTERN's advice will be followed, and that there will be,

An Act for the protection of the "Bank for a limited time-SAY "to the next Session of Parlia"ment." I do not give it as my opinion that this will be done;

becomes manifest, the Funds will have fallen. Now, therefore, is the time to realize. My opinion is, that no better time will ever come; my opinion is, that in this ticklish state of things, there is no security in any thing but Gold. There is no knowing what may happen; but we all know that man is safe, whose property is deposited in Gold.


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to represent me as a friend of the
King of Spain, and as, from that
motive, wanting to see the new re-

The Scotch feclosofee of "cheap publics overset. No: I care not currency,” of “surplus capital," a straw for the King of Spain. I of "surplus population," of " anti-want to see the republics overset, child-breeding," of the benefit and in order to prevent their new happiness flowing from great ma- tyrants from robbing the people of nufacturing establishments, of the those countries, and from sharing gains from making loans to South the spoil with Jews and other vilAmerica; all this Scotch feeloso-lains in England. If a revolufee has received such blows from tion cannot be made without loadthe events of the last eight months, ing the people with a national and has been the subject of so debt, it ought not to be made. much laughter, that DocToR There is NO POLITICAL 'BLACK, (editor of the London CURSE equal to that of a

national debt.

When DOCTOR BLACK can prove to me, that the King of Spain used to shut the people up in their cabins from sun-set to sun-rise, and transported them, without judge or jury, for not obeying; when he can prove to me, that the South American Spa

Morning Chronicle), who was one
of the leading feelosofers, has, for
a long while, been very wary. He
has ventured upon no opinions as
to political events; and has en-
deavoured to amuse his readers
by showing how much more free
and moral the Scotch are than we
What effect these lucubra-niards were ever driven to eat
tions may have had on the poor horse-flesh, draff (grains), and
old Chronicle itself, I know not; sea-weed which had been spread
but, for myself, I must confess, for manure; when he can prove
that I, as a reader, feel great re-to me, that the common labouring
-lief at a change of matter in the
DOCTOR, though the change con-
sists of what he, I dare say, deems
pretty sharp sarcasm on myself.
The DOCTOR's wit assails me
on two points; the first is that of Black, can prove these things to

people in that country, had not
a quarter part of the food of a
soldier, and not so much as the
felons in the jails: when DocToR
BLACK, liberty-loving Doctor


me, even then I will not allow that away from him, without his own the people ought to have desired consent freely given, is a SLAVE. a change, if that change were not Therefore, as a friend of freedom, to be effected without loading I must wish, and I do wish, them with a national debt, and complete overthrow and destrucconsequent perpetual army, which tion to all those aspiring villains I think ten million times worse who attempt to load their countrythan the inquisition, even sup- men with debts, taxes, and standposing this to have been all that ing armies, under pretence of our Parsons have ever told us. making them FREE! There are, I suppose, records, or pretended records, of the suf-I rejoice that the Jews and other ferings inflicted by the inqui- greedy wretches in England, who sition. Let them be produced; have lent their money to the Boand I will produce the sufferings LIVARS, will lose it. In the first inflicted by our revenue laws! Iplace, God forbid that they should would soon make ST. DOMINICK blush at his want of zeal.

But, far is this from being all.

hold the South Americans in the slavery of national debt, and make them eat horse-flesh and draff; and, in the next place, every loss of this sort, sustained by the Jews, is a heavy blow given to corruption, including all her hellish fry. The fall of the "COLOMBIAN BONDS" is calculated to raise the hopes of every good Englishman. This fall, and the fall of the other

Oh, no! I am not to be feelosofised out of my senses. It is very well to make revolutions now and then, but not by the means of loans, to pay the interest of which the labour of the child in the cradle is mortgaged. This is an odd way of gaining liberty. Better, surely, to be the "slave" of Ferdinand, and free" bonds," will, in the end, bring to from taxes, than be a "free republican,” and loaded with taxes. Names are nothing worth it is things that we ought to attend to. The truth is, that the man who can

beggary some eight or ten thousand families of gamblers, including about fifty thousand persons: These are all vermin who cordially support corruption; and, thus, she loses a 'prop; thus she becomes more feeble than she

keep the fruit of his property, or labour, for his own use, is a really FREE MAN: he who has it, or any was; she becomes less sharp in considerable part of it, taken her bitings; she has less of the

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