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this mark, and, by the time that as we approach the death. Never we come to it, what bands of base had hare more turns and tricks. wretches will have been punished; and shifts than this OLD LADY has what gangs of unjust and barbar-had, and never was one better ous ruffians; and what gangs of pursued than I have pursued her. consummate hypocrites! Her rings have been growing

The jolterheads begin to be shorter for some time; she has greatly alarmed, and well they now got into her doublings and may: certainly a really wet har-squattings: I very nearly had my vest would finish them: wheat foot upon her last December: she growing in the ear for ten days barely crept away into the cover: would almost be compensation for and there she is now, dodging the transporting poacher's bill, or, about, not daring to break cover for the banishment bill. In such again. I should like to turn her a case resort must be had to the up in the open; but, she seems supplicating powers of the Hamp-resolved to die out of sight. shire Parsons, and especially those The branch-banks are not, I am of parson HAY, who, just after the 16th of August, had the great living of ROCHDALE given him by the Archbishop of Canterbury! A wet harvest would open the ports, without a tax on bread, and would cause a premium to be given on importation, as in 1801. This would just finish the whole affair. There would very soon be an end to that which has cursed good pretty gentlemen, do you the nation for so many years. want to get out more paper-moHowever, the thing will be done Will you tell me why, without a wet harvest; only not pretty creatures as you are? Do quite so soon; and, for my part, tell me why, do tell me wherefore, am in no haste about the matter: you want to get out more paperI like the gradual work: I have money. An equal number of had sport with the thing for many "mice in council" knows as well years, and, as it is in the nature of as you do, what to do with this the chase, the sport grows better affair; and, in addition to your


told, to issue one pound notes. If they did, nobody would circulate them; and, if they do not, what is the use of these banks? What are they for at all? Why create them, pretty fellows of Whitehall; why make them? The object must be to cause more papermoney to get out than would get out without them. And, why,


native ignorance and incapacity, and, at the same time, so strikthere is the stumbling-block which ingly characteristic of that “ agriyou have in ME. There is but cultural mind," of which Lord ONE WAY of preventing a con- MILTON spoke some time ago; valsive blowing up. That way is there is something in this project. MINE; it is my exclusive pro- of the profound WESTERN, 80. perty; you cannot touch it; and, well calculated to shew what the besides, it is a way, which, if fol- Jolterheads are thinking about, lowed, must send all you to some- and how afraid they are of the thing very nearly approaching to consequences of the present pro-. sweeping the streets. Yet, there gress, that I must quote one pasis but this one way. sage from a bundle of nonsense. lately published, under the title of

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But, again, why, good pretty gentlemen, want to get out more "A Letter to the Earl of LIVERpaper-money, when, only the other" POOL, on the cause of our preday, you wanted every man to "sent embarrassment and dishave a piece of gold in his pocket? "tress: and the measures necesIf you get out more paper-money, you will send the gold out of the country; and then you will have another "late panic." Stop a bit: would it not be better to follow the advice which Mr. WESTERN, the Essex Conjurer, has just given you, and so, when you have got the paper out, stop the Old Lady! Not for good! Oh! no! only for a little while. "SAY to the end of the next Session of Parliament." Oh! yes!" SAY;" and Pitt said in 1797!

sary for our effectual relief. By "C. C. WESTERN, Esq. M. P." There must be a grammatical error, even in this title. Even this could not be made correct; and yet the desire to be everlastingly writing and publishing seems to be a disease, with this poor shallow man, who once had the meanness to attack me behind my back, at a County Meeting in Essex; but who shall have no other County Meeting there, if I am apprized of it, without attacking me to my face, if he attack me at all. It is a mean, mean man: he has treated me in a dirty manner; and I will treat him as he deserves to be treated.

But, there is something so ridiculous in the project of this sapient County Member of Essex; this law-giver of more than thirty years standing; there is something so ludicrous in his project, Let us now hear what his remedy


that measure of "effectual re-tion! That is to come first; that lief" which this ponderous Member of Parliament promises us, in his title-page. His words are as follows: "Under these circum"stances, I venture to declare it "to be my unhesitating convic"tion, that the course UNAVOID"ABLY NECESSARY to be

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'for a limited time-SAY to the "end of the next session of Par"liament, so as to allow us again with safety, such an ex

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is to give us an extension of what this silly man calls our currency. This is to give us such a parcel of paper, as the "necessities of the country require;" that is to say, to enable Mr. WESTERN to pay his bills and his taxes in wheat at twenty shillings a bushel, and to rob the annuitant of onehalf of his income, and to rob also the tradesman of one-half of his book debts, and the servant of one-half of his year's Yet, in the latter part


"tension of our credit currency of this curious paragraph, this

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suckler of Essex calves very coolly says, that he cannot conceive what description of persons could complain of such an alteration in the currency. Why, every creditor would have a right to complain, at any rate. The butcher that any gentleman owes a sum of money to, for meat, would in effect, have half his bill lopped off, by this measure. The fortunes of tradesmen consist, in general, of their book debts, the half of which would be lopped off at once, by this scheme of the Essex senator.

After all, however, there is some plan to be fixed on, to render this currency secure from fluctuations! Good God! Need we wonder that we are in embarrassment and

distress, when we are governed ing it in gold; preparations for by laws made by men like this? the ruin of hundreds of thousands The close of the paragraph, how- of poor men; loans made to South ever, points the pyramid of stu- America, by borrowed money or pidity. Here the wise WESTERN false bills, and goods bought with tells us, that new bales of paper those bills, which were finally to money "would place the country be returned good for nothing to "again in that state of prosperity the manufacturer who had sold "we so recently enjoyed, and at the goods; laying the sure founda"the same time give us every tion of ten thousand bankruptcies "reasonable ground to rely upon and of fifty thousand unpublished "its permanence." If this be insolvencies; the reducing of a not a proof of madness; if this be hundred thousand families from not a proof of that degree of silli- competence to ruin; the building ness, of absence of reason, of of cotton mills and making of absence of the mental faculties cotton machines beyond the posusually belonging to man; if we sibility of employment; the madhave not here a proof of this, ness, the rage of inordinate gain; never did paper and print convey engendered and fostered by a false such proof to the world. It is paper-money; the laying of the notorious, every creature in Lon- foundation of the starvation and don, down to the porters that the bloodshed which now stare us carry the loads, and the boys that in the face, in spite of the pitiful sweep the shops, know that the and miserable contrivances of "prosperity we so recently en- coaxing subscriptions, at the Lonjoyed," was the existence of a don Tavern: these, good Mr. vast mass of falsehood and fraud, WESTERN; these, thou vain

working about in the shape of bits and empty coxcomb, who, being of paper, which bits of paper upon your own dunghill, thought could only answer for a certain proper to attack me behind my time; and must, at last, inevitably back: these constitute the items, produce misery. This was the "in that state of prosperity we so state of prosperity: a contracting recently enjoyed;" and which of innumerable debts, that were state of prosperity you anxiously never to be paid; a putting forth wish to restore, and to render of immense quantities of paper " PERMANENT"! Good God! money, without the means of pay- Again I say, need we wonder at

any sufferings which that nation for patching up the thing: he canhas to endure, who has the cala- not endure the idea of coming to mity to be bound by laws pro- my remedy-he is too proud for ceeding from legislators like that: he cannot bring his stomach this? Every body knows; every down to that; he is afraid of that porter, every shop boy, every reform, which, putting an end to trollop of a maid of all-work; the paper must produce: the ATTevery thing with a head upon its woods, who are much cunninger shoulders, and walking erect, and than he is, tell him that an altera-, living in London; every one knows tion of the standard is the thing; that our "late state of prospe- and that part paper and part merity" was a state of falsehood, of tal may do very well together. In fraud, gambling, mining, cheat-short, my plan would put an end ing, humbugging; every thing to all paper in a very short time;. that is monstrous; and this WEN my plan would put an end to was one great scene of the basest power of imprisonment Bills and frauds, on the one side, and the Six Acts; my plan would make most shameful culibility on the the Parsons disgorge the sixteen other side, that ever was witnessed hundred thousand pounds; my in the world; that, in short, we plan would put an end to those lived in a scene of bubbling and precious jobs, the crown lands; cheating that must, of necessity, my plan would make the aristobring itself to an end, in a few cracy surrender that which they months, and that was, as long as have had out of the loans; my it existed, a thing stamping the plan would not take one single. character of the nation with in- farthing from any fundholder, famy. Alas! the pious WES- until every other reduction, and TERN; the honest Member for every just restitution had taken Essex, wants this state of things place. Therefore it is that you see back again; and, what is more, he all these schemes for avoiding my, plan. Paper money, little shillings, branch banks, bank restric

wants every reasonable ground

to rely upon its permanence"!

Oh no! My friends. This tion, any thing but my plan, any man is not the rogue that one thing but the refunding system, would naturally think him. He is which mine would partly be. At only a very great fool: he has got first sight, it seems so strange his head bothered, with a project that there should be any body, and

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