The Geographical Journal, Tom 15

Przednia okładka
Royal Geographical Society., 1900
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Strona 310 - I am directed by the lords commissioners of her Majesty's treasury to acquaint you that, from information which has been received, it has become necessary to take additional means for preventing any such attempt.
Strona iv - ... admission fee, and £2 as his first annual subscription, or he may compound, " either at his entrance by one payment of £35, or at any subsequent period on the " following basis : — Fellows of 20 years
Strona 448 - Standard Dictionary of the English Language. Upon Original Plans. Designed to Give, in Complete and Accurate Statement, in the Light of the most Recent Advances in Knowledge, and in the Readiest Form for Popular Use...
Strona 74 - Rawson, at the advanced age of eightyeight years, the Society has lost one of its oldest and most valued members.
Strona 127 - On the norther side of the mouth of this inlet lie three ilands [really blocks of mountains divided by valleys, which would look like islands from the distance (10 leagues) they were from land], not farre the one from the other, being very high mountainous land. The farthest of the three to the north-west [ie the block of the sea-front just south of the entrance to Ice fiord] hath four very high mounts [Mount Starashchin], like heapes of corne.
Strona 124 - Sound, as commentators generally assume. " Now, having the wind at north-north-east, we steered away south and by east, with purpose to fall with the southermost part of this land, which we saw ; hoping by this meane, either to defray the charge of the voyage [? by discovery], or else, if it pleased God in time to give us a faire wind to the north-east, to satisfie expectation.
Strona 48 - But that axial mountain chain in Central America is a myth. Central America is traversed by a series of ridges which run east and west, and not north and south.2 The watershed, it is true, runs along the Pacific border, but that is due to a movement later than the mountain ridges which are thus truncated.
Strona 57 - Dickson a'so contributed a paper on the temperature and salinity of the surface water of the North Atlantic during 1896 and 1897.
Strona 125 - ... north-east, which came with the flood with fogge. We plyed too and againe in the bay, waiting their comming ; but after they came aboord we had the wind at east and by south a fine gale ; we minding our voyage, and the time to perform it, steered away north-east and north northcast.
Strona 90 - Die Entwickelung der Pflanzengeographie in den letzten hundert Jahren und weitere Aufgaben derselben.

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