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Then breaking [the bread] he shall put it into the cup of the Blood, FRACTION saying:


Fulness [of fulfilment] of the Holy Ghost.

Then taking one piece of the bread in his hand, he shall say privately with XVII. tears and thanksgiving, to the Father and to the Son:



Holy Father, who hast called us by the name of Thine Only Begotten, and hast enlightened us through the baptism of the spiritual font, deign to accept this holy [sacrament] mystery for the forgiveness of our sins; stamp upon us the graces of the Holy Ghost, as Thou didst on the holy apostles who tasted of it, and became the cleansers of the whole world. And now, Lord and beneficent Father, make this communion a part of the evening meal of the Apostles, by removing the darkness of our sins. Look not upon the unworthiness of my sins; neither withhold from me the grace of Thy Holy Spirit. But according to Thine unspeakable charity, grant that this [sacrament] be for the expiation of sins, and for the loosing of trespasses. As our Lord Jesus Christ did promise and say, 'Whosoever eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood shall live for ever;' therefore, now make it to be to us for the expiation of sins, so that those who shall eat and drink of it, may bless and glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, now and ever, world without end. Amen.

Peace be to all.

I thank Thee, Christ O King, for that Thou hast made the b unworthy worthy to partake of Thy Holy Body and Blood. Therefore, do I now beseech Thee, let it not be to me unto condemnation, but for expiation and forgiveness of sins; for health of body and spirit, and for the accomplishment of all virtuous works. So that it may purify my breath, and my soul and body, and thus make me the temple and abode of the Most Holy Trinity; and that I be made worthy with Thy Saints to glorify Thee with the Father and the Holy Ghost, now and ever, world without end. Amen.

Prayer of S. John Chrysostom.


I praise and magnify and glorify Thee, O Lord my God, that c Thou hast made me, unworthy as I am, worthy this day to be



Then shall the Priest sign himself; and shall request of the true God the Of Celebrant. divers things he wishes for himself, for the congregation, and for the whole

world; he shall also pray for the forgiveness of his own offenders, enemies, and of those that hate him. And then with fear and trembling shall he taste of the Body and drink of the Cup, saying:

In faith do I believe in the Most Holy Trinity, in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

In faith do I taste of Thy holy, life-giving, and saving Body, O Christ my God and Jesus, for the forgiveness of my sins.

In faith do I drink Thy sanctifying [purifying] and cleansing Blood, O Christ my God and Jesus, for the forgiveness of my sins.


fellow-communicant of the awful and holy Sacrament of Thine immaculate Body and precious Blood. Wherefore, having these [sacred emblems] for intercessors, I beseech Thee to keep me with Thy holiness every day and during the whole time of my life. So that, bearing in mind Thy clemency, I may become living in Thee, who for our sakes didst suffer, and die, and rise again. Let not, O Lord my God, the Destroyer come near my person, signed [or sealed] with Thy precious Blood. Almighty God, through these [emblems] cleanse me from all my dead works; for Thou alone art without sin. Guard my life, O Lord, from all temptation, and let my adversary turn back from me ashamed and confused, as often as he rises against me. Guard the goings of my mind and of my tongue, and all the walks of my body. Be Thou every day with me according to Thy never-failing promise, that 'Whosoever eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood dwelleth in Me, and I in him.' Thou didst say so, O Thou Lover of men; establish the Word of Thy divine and abiding commands. For Thou art the God of mercy, of pity, who lovest men, and the Giver of all good things; and unto Thee belong glory with the Father and Thy Most Holy Spirit, now and ever, world without end. Amen.

Of Deacon.

Let Thine incorruptible Body be to me for life; and Thy holy Blood for the propitiation and forgiveness of my sins.

Then [is the curtain drawn aside] and the Deacon communicates; and, after communicating, he calls aloud to the congregation, and says:

Draw near with fear, and communicate [holily] in holiness.
Then the Clerks with a loud voice, shall say:

Our God, our Lord has appeared unto us. Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Then shall the Novice lately ordained communicate, not [with the host put] in his mouth, but upon the palm of his hand: After this shall all who are wor communicate. Then, when they have all communicated, the Priest shall make the sign of the Cross over them with the sacred offerings [holding the chalice with both hands, after the Greek custom], and say:

Save alive Thy congregation, O Lord, and bless Thine inheritance; feed it and exalt it henceforth and for ever1.


The Priest then replaces the chalice upon the altar.

And the curtain is again drawn while the Clerks sing :

We have been filled, O Lord, with Thy goodness, while g tasting of Thy Body and Blood. Glory be on High unto Thee who hast fed us; Thou who continually feedest us, send upon us Thy spiritual blessing. Glory be on High to Thee who hast fed us.

The above rubric thus briefly given in the Constantinople and Venice editions, and omitted in the Russian translation, which are all published for persons familiar with the Service, is thus explained in the French translation:-If there be any communicants after the Deacon has said, 'Draw near in the fear of God and with faith,' and while the Clerks sing: 'Our God and our Lord has appeared unto us,' the Priest takes the chalice and goes to the further end of the platform on which stands the altar. The Deacon then takes from the altar the veil of the chalice, and placing himself to the left of the Priest, also supports the chalice, letting one end of the veil hang down.

Then do the faithful draw near; every one comes with his arms crossed on the breast, bowing several times, and receives a particle of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, which the Priest takes from the chalice, putting it into his [the faithful's] mouth, and saying to everyone:

The incorruptible Body of Jesus Christ give thee everlasting life, and His precious Blood be to thee for the remission of thy sins.

Every faithful, after he has communicated, wipes his mouth with the end of the veil, and kisses the foot of the chalice. When the Communion is ended, then the Priest blesses with the chalice the communicants and the assistants saying:


Of the

Meanwhile the Priest thus prays privately:

We thank Thee, O Father Almighty, who didst prepare for h us the Holy Church for a haven of rest and a temple of holiness, where the Holy Trinity is glorified. Alleluia.

Save, O Lord, Thy people, and bless Thine inheritance; feed it and exalt it henceforth and for ever. Amen. (M.)


[Taking the second bit of the consecrated Bread, he communicates, saying Cleansing of privately:]1

the Holy


We thank Thee, Christ, O King, who hast vouchsafed unto us the quickening [food] of Thy life-giving Body and of Thy holy Blood. Grant us remission [of sins] and Thy great mercy.


[He then communicates with the fourth bit; drinks what remains in the chalice; wipes it; covers it with the veil; and gives it to the archdeacon, who places it back upon the credence-table.]1


XIX. a The Deacon: Let us again pray to the Lord for peace; and POST-COM- let us also render thanks unto the Lord for our having received in faith the divine, holy, heavenly, immortal, immaculate, and faultless Sacrament.



[Taking the third bit of consecrated Bread, he communicates, and says privately :]1

We thank Thee, O true Spirit, who hast renewed the Holy Church. Keep her without blemish by faith in the Trinity, henceforth and for ever. Alleluia.

The Clerks: We render thanks unto Thee, O Lord, who hast fed us at Thine immortal table, distributing Thy Body and Blood for the salvation of the world, and for the life of our souls.

Then shall the Priest say privately:

We render thanks unto Thee, O Christ our God, for that Thou hast granted to us such a taste of Thy goodness, unto holiness of life. Keep us through it holy and without blemish, by dwelling in us through Thy divine protection. Feed us, O Christ, in the green pastures of Thy holy and benevolent will; by which, being fortified against every attack of the adversary, we may become worthy to hear Thy voice alone, and to follow Thee alone as our true and kind Shepherd, and receive from Thee the place prepared for us in the kingdom of heaven, O our God, Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ; who art blessed with the Father, and with the Holy Ghost, now and ever, world without end. Amen. [With a low voice :] Peace be to all.

d [Then privately:] To the unsearchable, incomprehensible,


1 Rubrics from the French translation. (M.)

Triune essence, creating, embracing, and indivisible, belong XIX. d glory, dominion, and honour, now and ever, world without end. Amen.

1 And now the Priest shall take the holy Gospel in his hands, and worshipping three times, he shall kiss the Holy Table. Then, preceded by the Deacon, who meanwhile censes, he comes down the steps on the right hand of the Holy Table, among the choir of clerks, who stand on the foot of the platform on which the Holy Table stands. He then places himself facing it and says aloud:


O Lord, who blessest them that bless Thee, and makest them f holy that put their trust in Thee, save alive Thy congregation, and bless Thine inheritance; maintain the fulness of Thy Church, and sanctify those who in love come to greet the majesty of Thy House. Glorify us with Thy divine power, and forsake not those who put their trust in Thee. Grant peace to the whole world, to the Churches, priests, Christian kings, to their armies, and to the whole of this congregation. For all good gifts and all perfect gifts come down from thee above, who art the Father of light; and unto Thee belong glory, dominion, and honour, now and ever, world without end. Amen.

Then shall the Clerks say thrice :

The Lord's Name be blessed henceforth and for ever.

Then shall the Priest turn to the congregation and say aloud:

O Christ, our God and our Saviour, Thou art the fulness of the g Law and the Prophets, who didst fulfil all Thy Father's counsels. Fill us with Thy Holy Spirit.

The Deacon: Orthi [opeo, stand up].

The Priest: Peace be to all.

The Clerks: And with Thy Spirit.

The Deacon: Let us hearken in fear.

The Priest: The Gospel according to S. John.

The Clerks Glory be to Thee, O Lord our God.
The Deacon: Let us attend.

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1 Before this, the French and Russian translations give the following rubric:-Water is then brought to the Priest to wash his hands; after which he puts on again his crown (mitre), his pastoral cross, and his decorations, if he has



The curtain is then drawn aside, and the Deacon says aloud: Bless us, O Lord.

Gospel according to S. John.

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