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The Frogs' Parish Clerk teaching the little Batrachians the whole art of Music.

school, where he had been giving the

young Batrachians a lesson in the art of singing. He was a wonderful musician was Rana, and his method of tuition combined two systems, which have become very famous.

He wrote the lesson on a big leaf, which he stuck up against the trunk of a tree for the scholars to look at, just as the teachers do now on the black boards that are in use in some of our village schools; and when the little Batrachians once began to sing, it was on the Tonicsol-fa plan : that is to say, they opened their mouths as wide as ever they could, nodded their heads, and beat with their hands to keep time, and shouted like good ones till their voices could be heard miles off above the booming of the Bitterns, a set of old-fashioned birds who lived in great style on the island of Toppititti, and even above the cawing of the solemn Rooks, who sometimes flew from their city of Minster over the fenny country of Batrachia.

Well, as we have said, Rana was coming home from the school when he saw the grand procession of the Lord Mayor's show coming along the high street of Slosh, and stood to see it pass, with a tear in his eye, and grief in his heart. It was a very wonderful sight, for a great many of the inhabitants of the countries round Batrachia had come there to honour Master Frosch. First there was a deputation of jolly Sand pipers, who sang choruses in honour of the great Mayor; but as they had never been taught on the Tonic-sol-fa plan, and sang out of tune, Rana stopped his ears till they had gone past.

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