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Eternal are thy mercies, Lord;
Eternal truth attends thy word;
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
'Till suns shall rise and set no more.

479. FAR above yon glorious ceiling

Of the azure vaulted sky, Jesus sits, his love revealing

To the splendid troops on high. Hosts seraphic, humbly bowing,

At his footstool prostrate fall, Saints and angels all avowing

God in Christ our all in all. Could we leave our foolish dreaming

Of a fancy'd heaven below, And see Jesu's glory beaming,

How our souls would long to go.

480. Fathér, before we hence depart,

Send thy good Spirit down: Let him reside in ev'ry heart,

And bless the seed that's sown.
Thou fountain of eternal love,

Who gav'st thy Son to die;
Let thy sweet unction, from above,
Enlighten and apply.

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481. FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss

Thy sov'reign will denies, Accepted at thy throne of grace

Let this petition rise: « Give me a calm, a thankful heart,

• From ev'ry murmur free: • The blessings of thy grace impart,

• And make me live to thee, Let the sweet hope that thou art mine,

• My life and death attend; • Thy presence through my journey shine,

• And crown my journey's end.”

492. FIRM as the earth thy gospel stands,

My Lord, my họpe, my trust; If I am found in Jesu's hands,

My soul can ne'er be lost.
His honour is engag'd to save

The meanest of his sheep;
All that his heavenly Father gave

His hands securely keep.
Nor death, nor hell, shall e'er remove

His chosen from his breast;
In the dear bosom of his love

They shall for ever rest.

FRIEND of sinners, king of saints,
Answer my minutest wants;
Let my cries thy throne assail,
Ent’ring now within the vail :
Give the benefits I claim;
Lord, I ask in Jesu's name.
Meek and lowly be my mind,
Pure my heart, my will resign'd;
Make me dead to all below,
Only Christ resolv'd to know ;
Firm, and disengag'd, and free,
Seeking all my bliss in thee.

481. GLORY be to God on high, Hallelujah. God, whose glory fills the sky; Peace on earth to man forgiv’n, Man, the well-belov'd of heav'n. Sov'reign Father, heav'nly King, Hallelujah. Thee we now presume to sing ; Glad thine attributes confess, Glorious all, and numberless. Hail, by all thy works ador'd, Hallelujah. Hail, the everlasting Lord ! Thee, with thankful hearts we prove, Lord of pow'r, and God of love!

485. GRACE, how exceeding sweet to those

Who feel they sinners are ! Sunk and distrest, they taste, and know

Their heaven is only there.
Rich grace, free grace, most sweetly calls,

Directly come who will,
Just as you are, for Christ receives

Poor helpless sinners still. 'Tis grace each day that feeds our souls,

Grace keeps us inly poor;
And O that nothing else but grace

May rule for evermore!

486. GLORY, honour, praise, and power,

Be unto the Lamb for ever, Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!.

Praise the Lord,

Heal us, Immanuel, here we are,

Waiting to feel thy touch;
Deep wounded souls to thee repair,

And, Saviour, we are such.
Our faith is feeble, we confess,

We faintly trust thy word;

But wilt thou pity us the less ?

Be that far from thee, Lord!

HAD I ten thousand gifts beside,
I'd cleave to Jesus crucify’d,

And build on him alone :
For no foundation is there giv'n
On which I'd place my hopes of heav'n,

But Christ the corner-stone.
Possessing Christ, I all possess;
Wisdom, and strength, and righteousness,

And sanctity complete:
Bold in his name I dare draw nigh
Before the Ruler of the sky,

And all his justice meet.

499. How glorious the Lamb is seen on the throne! His labours are o'er, his conquests are won; A kingdom is giv'n into the Lamb's haud, In earth and in heaven for ever to stand. Ye sinners below, then trust in the Lord; Look up to his arm, his honour, his word, Athirst for his favour, his godhead adore; Look up to your Saviour, and joy evermore! !

490. How safe and how happy are they

Whọ on the good Shepherd rely!

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