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Louder than a thousand thunders

Shakes the vast creation round!
How the summons will the sinner's heart

See the Judge our nature wearing,

Cloth'd in majesty divine!
You who long for his appearing,

Then shall say, “This God is mine!' Gracious Saviour, own me in that day for

At his call, the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea :
All the pow'rs of nature shaken

By his looks, prepare to flee:
Careless sinner, what will then become of

Horrors past imagination

Will surprise your trembling heart,
When you hear your condemnation,

• Hence, accursed wretch, depart! • Thou with Satan and his angels have thy

But to those who have confessed,

Lov'd and serv'd the Lord below,
He will say, • Come near, ye blessed,

• See the kingdom I bestow, • You for ever shall my love and glory know.' Under sorrows and reproaches, May this thought your courage

Swiftly God's great day approaches,

Sighs shall then be chang'd to praise : We shall triumph when the world is in a


451. Judgment.
He comes ! he comes ! the Saviour dear,
The seventh trumpet speaks him near :
His lightnings flash, his thunders roll,
He's welcome to the faithful soul.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome,

Welcome to the faithful soul.
From heav'n angelic voices sound,
See the Almighty Jesus crown'd!
Girt with omnipotence and grace,
And glory decks the Saviour's face!
Glory, glory, glory, glory,

Glory decks the Saviour's face. Descending on his azure throne, He claims the kingdoms for his own: The kingdoms all obey hiş word, And hail him their triumphant Lord ! Hail him, bail him, hail him, hail him,

Hail hini, their triumphaat Lord. Shout all the people of the sky, And all the saints of the Most High: Our God, who now his right obtains, For ever, and for ever "reigns ! Ever, ever, ever, ever,

Ever, and for ever reigos.

The Father praise, the Son adore,
The Spirit bless for evermore:
Salvation's glorious work is done,
We welcome thee, great Three in One.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome,

Welcome thee, great Three in One.

452. Judgment. He comes ! he comes! to judge the world,'

Aloud th' archangel cries:
While thunders roll from pole to pole,

And lightnings cleave the skies.
Th' affrighted nations hear the sound,

And upward lift their eyes;
The slumbʼring tenants of the ground

In living armies rise.
Amid the shouts of num'rous friends,

Of hosts divinely bright,
The Judge in solemn pomp descends,

Array'd in robes of light.
His head and hairs are white as snow,

His eyes a fiery flame,
A radiant crown adorns his brow,

And Jesus is his name.
Writ on his thigh his name appears,

And scars his vict'ries tell;
Lo! in his hand the

conqu’ror bears
The keys of death and hell.
So he ascends the judgment seat,
And at his dread command,

Myriads of creatures round his feet

In solemn silence stand.

Princes and peasants here expect

Their last, their righteous doom; The men who dar'd his grace reject,

And they who dar'd presume.
• Depart, ye sons of vice and sin,'

The injur'd Jesus cries,
While the long-kindling wrath within

Flashes from all their eyes.
And now in words divinely sweet,

With rapture in his face, Aloud bis sacred lips repeat

The sentence of his grace : • Well done, my good and faithful sons,

• The children of my love ; • Receive the sceptres, crowns, and thrones,

• Prepar'd for you above."

453. The Judgment. Lo! he cometh, countless trumpets

Blow before the bloody sign;
'Midst ten thousand saints and angels,
See the crucified shine.

Welcome, welcome, bleeding Lamb!
Ev'ry island, sea, and mountain,

Heav'n and earth shall flee away;

All who hate him, must ashamed,
Hear the trump proclaim the day :

Come to judgment,
Stand before the Son of man.
Saints who love him, view his glory

Shining in his bruised face.
His dear person on the rainbow,
Now his people's head shall raise :

Happy mourners,
Lo! in clouds he comes ! he comes !
Now redemption long expected,

See in solemn pomp appear;
All his people once rejected,
Now shall meet him in the air :

Now the promis'd kingdom's come.
View bim smiling, now duterinin'd

Ev'ry evil to destroy ;
All the nations now shall sing him
Songs of everlasting joy:

O come quickly :
Hallelujah! come Lord, come.

454. Judgment. Lo ! he comes with clouds descending

Once for favour'd sinners slain ! Thousand thousand saints attending,

Swell the triumph of his train !
Hallelujah! hallelujah! Amen.

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