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66. it should be smo:bered in their private bolomes, but

se octy inally opened and Practicilly

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To the Pious and Judicions Reader..

Oeft thou expe& an Account of the Pres-
ching and Publishing of this Treutise, take
what the Frontispicce holdeth forth. The

Word of Reconciliation is that sacred Deposa-
tum, whiçb God hath committed to bis Minifters, not
that by them it might be transmitted and published to
the world. And luch is the main Subject of this Dir-
course, which is
applied. As for the Polemicall and Controverfall Part

I wish it were 'not too juftly occalioned through thofe'pernicióus errours of Socianisme, which now, a- t 'Erawi? emong the croud of many other, begin to walk abroad, atau, Jude v.3. Atriking at tlte very Root or Foundation of that Rei. gion, which hah hitherto been called Chriftian. And If

* Nec fi ubique the Foundation be destroyed, whit that the Righteous do? clariffimis ver

, ? This it îs which hath ftirred my spirit to appear in this

bis teftatum recause, thus tof contend (which I am required

to do, and periremus,fic ia, (

, unto the Saints: 'Wherein my deligne is we delivered bere nobis comto recover those who are already taken in this toare; pertum cffct. Sowho are by other's Chow juttly let themselves fee to it) Chrifto Serva

cin. de Jesu looked upon for the most part, as men lo wedded to their own carnall Reason, as that they disdain to fub- tore, part.3.

submit themselves to God's Reafon; not regarding the capiti: Authority of Scripture further then as it complieth with t Ego witem,

etiamfi non fcthe genius of their naturall Principles. So much their Majter and Leader sticketh not to professe, who haib id in (aris mo

mèl, sed sæpè for* Got's punishing'our fin in, and upon his son Chrifto rum extuvet, in down-right terms publiked it to the world, that as nimentis serip

. though he slot di fint il every where are sted in mot cxprefs non idcircò ta

ir words in Scripture, yez would be not take it for granted

men iti tem that so it is. And again, Ipeaking of Christ's Šitisfa. ction : For my par: Caith hwythough I should not once, but

prorsùs se babe

re credcren, often meer with f exeunien (áred Records ,yet woould I not for all that believe thdt ie was so indeed. Now it his filmi

. Socinusid. it

ut vos opinumi

ni. lowes biofineiunémind;. ithall icave them as I find

cap.6. AC,8. chem, onily praying for them, (what Simon Peter wi

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leth Simon Magus to do for himselfes, that upon their Repentance, Whis thought of their heart may be forgiven them. It is for cbe lake of others that I bave spent this little strength ; luch whose veins are not as yet infe&ed with this poison. For them have I prepared this Antidote, that their spirits being confirmed in the ancient and received Truths of God, they may not by whatever devices of Satan, or his inftruments, be removed to another Gospell. In the managing of this controver fe, I must acknowledge (what my Margin confessech) my selfe to owe not a little to the learned Grozius. But whether to Grotius Oribodox, or Grotius Heterodox more, I must say I cannot readily tell. I have made use of both, comparing the one with the other, his former with his later thoughts, bis Book De Satisfan ctionc, with some of his Comments. So doing, I have found the one clear and candid, free from subterfuge, er evasoox; such as (whatever bath been aflayed by way of reply to it) may give full fatisfaction to any unprejudiced fpirit : The oxher fo palpably guilty of both, as that they deserve both Censure and Pity. And this to me, (and I suppose it may be the like to others,) hatb been, and is no small confirmacion of this Truth of God. Surely, if any one had been able to answer Gratius, it should bave been Grotim bimselfe, then whom I know none more able to have done it, and (as it seemeth) none more willing. But finding him fo foiled by himselte, lo unable by all bis Artifice, to build again

what before he bad destroyed; I canaot but subscribe so 1 Esdras 4.41. chat Apocryphall Text, Magna eft veritus, ut præualet:

Great is Truth, and mighty above all things. May these ! my poor labours contribute ought towards the clearing and vindicating of this facred Truth, (upon wbich i do freely adventure my own soul, not knowing in what other way to look for salvation) whileft God hath the Glory, and others the Benefit, my selfe thall bave what I aimed at. In the desire whercof, I reft

Tbine in the Service of

this blessed Mediatour, JOHN BRINSLI Y.

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An Alphabetical Table of the chief Points

handled in this TREAT ISE:


34, 36





How Christ is said to bear our ghd Hrift an Advocate for his fins

66 people, and bow. p.168 Tbe difference betwixt Chrifts bear. С

Christ an Agent, or Lid. ing our fons, and our ficknesses 67 **** gér Ambassadour in Sins expiated by Blood beaven,

160 ! Covenant old and new, both made How Christ per formeth the office of with Blood

148,149 en Agent in beaven for us ou carth


162 CHrift called to the office of a MeAngels, whether they have any be- diatour, and that by God his

nefit by Chrifts Mediation 198 Father Cbrift she Head of good Angels Horo Chrift was called to this office

37 To the good Angels Christ is e Me When Christ was called to this of

| diator of Confirmation


42 Primitive Angel-worship 268 Cbrift & Surety by way of caution Christ the Annointed, bom 38

139 Tbc Greek particle 'Ayti explain. Conditions of the new Covenant, ed

Faith and Obedience

141 The word 'Ayliau y expounded 11 Christ an undertaker for the perforComfort againft fear of totall and mance of these Conditions ibid.

finall Apostalic 233 No cruely in the sufferings of Chrifts appearing on earth in the end


129 of the world

88 Crueltie what, and when 130 Shrift appeareth once upon carth, and once in heaven


D Cbrift an Arbitrator betwixt God David annoynted, a type of Christ and Man 48

39.39 To receive the Atronement , wbar The death of Christ more then a pré246 paratory to his oblation

93 Cbrift an Atturncy for bis people, Comfort againf Death and box

170 The Law, Deuter. 24. 16. The word "Acous explained 135

commutations of Punish Pa??


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Sense of ennitie preparatory to it? Cbrifias God-mán differeth from


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plained and cleared 114 | Christs giving himself for us explain. chrift the Disposer of bis peoplehi 93 ed and vindicated.

74 Christ a Dispenser to his people ib. Christ truly God, evinced by ScripE

The God-head of Christ evinced by Satan Atin a Mediator of Enmity 28, Argument.

Iz Mediators of Ennity

. too many | Christ not Mediator oily as God 204

God taken Efentially and Personally Naturall eninity betwixt God and

209 Min

God and

210 conciliation.

222 Christ as God differeth from his fa Enmity againft God to 'be laid afide ther,4 threefold difference. 2it

247, The God-head of Christ conçurria Expiation bow understood by the with his min-hood in all the dates Socinian

98 of bis Mediatorship. 213 Cbrists expiation properly of the The God-head concurring with the guilt of fin

min-bood in suffering, 4 ways.2 16 Expia:ory Sacrifices under the Labo Christ a governour generally over a type of Chrifts.expiation 99

the whole world, Ipecially ozer Sacrifices under the Law, how they mankind,

17,5 arcftil to expiate 101 Chrifts government over the ReEzek. 18 20. explained and vindi

probate world.,

176 cated

106 | Chrifts government over the Elcet world.

180 F C

Christs outward government in his FAith and Repentance subordinate Church.

184 unto Christ and his fatisfaction Christs inwird government in the

ΙΙΟ Hezrts of Beleevers. Forgiven.ffe of fins,' how consistent The Grace of Got consistent with with Christs satisfaction 125, Chrifts Satisfaction

126 Gʻice

gloriously minifested in Christ The Parable of the Kings forgiving his fatisfaštion in five particulars his servants Mac.18.23. explai. med. !

127 The Grace of God 'exalted by the

Doctrine of Christ's fatisfaction, G

yaore then by the Socinian Doctrin Adable Garment wherwith Christ

123 Cloniveis 3 is Eléct 191 | The Grace of God in vaine'to four clet guhered by Christ ing

forts af Perfons. Kingdom of Grace and Glory, TI Grace of God is Christ to be 181 received.



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