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late Virgin Mary, Mother of God: of her spouse, St. Joseph; Thy holy Apostles Peter and Paul and all the Saints, lend a merciful and compassionate ear to the prayers which we pour forth for the conversion of sinners and the freedom and prosperity of Holy Mother Church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

OHOLY Archangel Michael, de

fend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wiles and the wickedness of the devil. Restrain him, O God, we humbly beseech Thee; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast him into hell with the other evil spirts who prowl about the world 'seeking the ruin of souls.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. (Three times.)


MAKE our dear Lord in the Blessed Sacrament your constant thought; recollect that He is your friend: tell Him all your sorrows; go often in the week, if only a few minutes, to relieve your mind in trouble, and you will find that the hardest trials will seem to pass away in a moment. Run to Him always, and you will wonder at the fullness of the consolation which you will receive, and at the clearness of the answers that will come in time of doubt. Throw your cares into the hands of Jesus in the Tabernacle, and they will cheer you by becoming light, very light.


DEAREST LORD! make us remember, when the world is cold and dreary and we know not where to turn for comfort, that there is always one spot bright and cheerful-the Sanctuary. When we are in desolation of spirit, when all who are dear to us are passed away, like summer flowers, and none are left to love us and care for us, whisper to our troubled souls that there is one friend who dies not-one whose love


never changes-Jesus on the altar. When sorrows thicken and crush us with their burden, when we look in vain for comfort, let Thy dear words come forth with full force: "Come to Me all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you." Thy friendship, dearest Lord, thenceforth shall be the dearest treasure possess. It shall compensate for the treachery and ingratitude of creatures. It shall be our consolation when the wild flowers are growing over the best loved ones, and when all who hold a dear place in our hearts are withered and gone! With Thy friendship the world shall never be dreary and life never without a charm. Would that we could realize the pure happiness of possessing Thy sympathy! Would that we could feel when we are crushed and humbled-when the hope we have lived for has withered-when sorrows and trials that we dare not reveal to any, make our souls sink well-nigh unto death-when we look IN VAIN for some one to understand us, one who will enter into our miseries, make us remember that there is One on the Altar who knows every fibre of our hearts, every sorrow, every pain special to our peculiar natures, and who deeply sympathizes with us. Compassionate Jesus! our hearts crave for sympathy, and to suffer seems nothing to the bitterness of suffering alone.



MY CHILD, it is not necessary, to know much to please me; it suffices to love me much.

Speak to me simply, as you would do to your intimate friend.

Have you no one you wish to recommend to me?

Tell me the names of your relatives, your brothers, your sisters. After each one of these names, tell me what you wish me to do for them. Ask much for them, ask much. I love generous hearts which forget themselves for others. Tell me of the poor you wish comforted. Tell me of the sick you have seen suffer, of the wicked you wish converted, of those persons with whom you have some quarrel, and with whom you wish a reconciliation. For all recite a fervent prayer. Remember I have promised to hear every prayer coming from the heart; and is not that truly a heart prayer when offered for those we love and who love us?

Have you some graces to ask for yourself?

Write, if you will, all the wants of your Soul, and come and read them to me.

Tell me simply how sensual, proud, susceptible, selfish, cowardly, and lazy you are. Ask me to come and help you to overcome all these failings.

Poor child! Do not blush; there are many of the Blessed, many saints in Heaven who had all these faults, who asked me to cure them of them, and who, little by little, overcame themselves.


Do not hesitate to ask me for the good of the body and the mind; health, memory, I can give all, and I give always when it is to render the soul more holy. What do you wish to-day, my child? If you only knew how I long to do you good.

Have you no projects which occupy you?

Tell me all the details . . . what do you think of, what do you hope for? Is it to give pleasure to your relatives, your brother, your sister, or those you depend on-what do you wish for them?

And for me, will you not wish something? Will you not wish to do a little good to the Souls of your friends whom you love, and who perhaps forget me?

Tell me in what do you interest yourself, what are the motives urging you on, what means you would take? Explain to me your want of success, I will show you the cause. Whom would you have join you in

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