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find out all the good that is among | of God. Cases may occur, that them; and, copying Christ's con- will require publick and cutting duct towards the seven Asia:ick reproof: but, as I hinted before, churches, preface all that you in all such cases copy the example have to say on the head of their of our blessed Lord to the seven backsliding, with the good that Asiatick churches. remains in them; and make that have an infallible directory. May good, which they still possess, the God help you to follow it! reason why they should shake 5. On this head I will venture themselves from the dust, take to give you another piece of adcourage, and earnestly strive for vice, to which you will seriously more. If you ground your ex- | attend, if you regard your own hortations to increasing diligence peace, and the good of the peoand zeal on what they have lost, ple. instead of on what they yet pos- Avoid the error of those who sess, and may speedily gain, you are continually finding fault with miss your way, and lose your la- | their congregations because more bour. I tried the former way, I do not attend. This is both imand did no good: I abandoned it, prudent, and unjust.-- Imprudent, and adopted the latter, and God for as people do not like to be blessed it. Mr. Wesley used to forced in what should be a freegive the significant appellation of "will-offering, so they are infallibly Croakers, to those who were al- | disgusted with those who attempt ways telling the people, “Ye are it : unjust, it being contrary both fallen! ye are fallen!" and he ob- to reason and equity, to scold served that such injured the work those who come, because others of God wherever they came. I do not attend. I have known this have in general found, that those conduct scatter a congregation, who are most frequent in the but I never knew it gather one. above cry, are such as have suffer- || Indeed, it savours too much of ed loss in their own souls; and pride and self-love. It seems to taking a prospect of what is with say, “Why do you not come to out, from a retrospect of what is hear me? Am I not a most exwithin, they imagine that all they cellent preacher ? What a resee are in the same apostate con- proach is it to your understanding dition with themselves.

that you keep away when I am 4. Man is naturally prone to here!"-Bring Christ with you, act in extremes : therefore, take and preach his truth in the love good heed that while you avoid thereof, and you will never be the above evil, you fall not into without a congregation, if God that other of slightly passing by have any work for you to do in the transgressions of the wicked, :) that place. or the backslidings of the people




peace with Burmah, which was announc

ed by the firing of guns and the beating Calcutta, Feb. 16, 1826. Il of drums in this place. We were soon Rev. and dear Sir,

saddened by hearing that Rangoon, and Four weeks ago we were gladdened, Ava, and Prome, were to be retained by for a few moments, by the news of "the Burmans, and that probably many


of the poor creatures who had put them- || If they have written go, they were probselves under the protection of the Brit- || ably compelled to do it by the Burmans. ish, would fall a prey to the more stub- Since I wrote last, the friends here born Burmans, as soon as their protec. have been called to weep over the grave tors should leave the country.

Still as

of another Missionary. The Rev. J. B. the articles of the treaty sent by Sir Warden of the Independent Mission SoArchibald, to his Burman Majesty, stip- ciety died of the dysentery one month ulated that the prisoners at Ava should since. His race was short, but his death be delivered forthwith, we hoped to hear was triumphant. He left a disconsolate from our dear friends Judson and Price widow and child. But our cup is not in a few days, and ere long to see them unmingled. We have much to say of in Bengal. But there was not time for divine mercy. The Lord is reviving his a message to be sent from Ava to Cal- | work in several places. At several stacutta, before our ears were again saluted tions in Ceylon there is a very considerwith the din of war. The Burmans did able excitement. Mr. Winslow of 00nothing towards performing their part of dooville is now here. Not long since he the treaty, and in 'fifteen days after received letters from his colleagues in the articles of the treaty were pre- | Jaffna, that in one of their schools there pared by Sir Archibald, he found it was not a single boy but was anxious for necessary to recommence hostilities, || his soul, or had found mercy; and in the which he did on the 19th ultimo. || College only three.—That several other He attacked Melloon and captured it, || stations were blessed, particularly among with considerable booty, and among oth- the Church people, and that Christiane er things the very articles of the treaty in general appeared to be very much enwhich he had prepared for his Bur-gaged in religion. man Majesty to ratify. The Woon.

The Rev. Mr. Trawin's native congregyees (chief ministers of State) had con- gation at Kidderpore, five miles below cealed them in an old chest, and his Bur- | Calcutta, is very solemn, and many man majesty was not probably aware heathen are seeking Christ. At one of that any proposals for peace had been the Church stations, near Madras, and at made. Indeed, some suppose he may another up the country, the Spirit of the not have been apprised of the fall of Ran-Lord is poured out, and many are ingoon and Prome. It is very dangerous to terested for the salvation of their souls. announce any bad news to the golden Mr. Yates, who now officiates as Pas. ears, so that his majesty should be led to tor in the place of our lamented Mr. suspect that he is not omnipotent. It is Lawson, told me this week that six perreported that Mr. Lausago, who has been sons stood as candidates for baptism in in high repute among the Burmans was Circular Road. I know four of them. prevailed on not long since, to propose to They are young men of great promise. his Majesty to make peace with the Eng-|| Three of them are sons of Missionaries. lisha ; and that his proposal implied such Seven were baptized at Serampore last a suspicion of the weakness of the Bur- ordinance day. man cause, that it cost him his life. Sir We have heard from the faithful Archibald, when we last heard from him, || Moung Shwa-ba, that he adorns his prowas on his way from Melloon to Ava, fession at Rangoon, and has laid up in where he expected to arrive about this the course of a year, 150 rupees, as the time, to propose terms to his Majesty in avails of making shoes. person at his capital. What the event We have lately removed from Chitwill be, we cannot foretel. We feel ex- pore into Calcutta ; the reasons for our ceedingly anxious about our friends at removal we intend to state in a joint Ava. Not one word from them yet, letter to Dr. Bolles next week. The letthough it is said some of the prisoners at ter will probably be sent by the Asia of Ava, have written to Sir Archibald advis- | Philadelphia. ing him to make peace on any terms. We have reason for much gratitude to SEPT. 1826.









God for the good state of health we en- much encouragement.

“I am doing joy. The weather hitherto has been re- nothing, (he says) at repairs or improvemarkably fine, but the hot season is ments, on the premises, feeling that I am creeping on apace. That will probably | a stranger and pilgrim :” and he advises try our strength.

us by no means to think of coming to We hope you are enjoying the smiles | Rangoon at present. of the Redeemer in your family, and in Jan. 26, he writes that “ war is renewyour church and people, and especially in ed; a great battle was fought on the 19th, your own heart; and we rest assured that and the Burmese driven from a strong we are not forgotten in your prayers. position at Maloon, with great loss. It is

Yours, &c. quite uncertain what the future govern. GEO. D. BOARDMAN. ment in Rangoon will be ; if the Peguers

have it, they will be as bad as the Burmese.”

This is the amount of information

which we have received respecting the EXTRACT OF

present state of things, and our future

prospects as Missionaries in Rangoon. Calcutta, Feb. 17, 1826.

We feel great need of advice from the Rev. and very dear Sir,

Committee, but it is highly probable, We feel great pleasure in complying scene will be changed before we can hear with your instructions, by uniting in a

from you. Our eyes are unto Him in joint letter. At present, however, only whose hands are all hearts, and who ditwo of your Missionaries can unite in rects all events, particularly those which such a communication, brother Hough are connected with the advancement of being in Rangoon.

the Redeemer's kingdom, and the fulfil. We e have heard from him by three dif

ment of the prophecies respecting the ferent letters since his arrival there.

conversion of the heathen. Jan. 9th he wrote, “it is expected

We beg leave to inform the Commitpeace will be concluded on the 15th inst. tee, that we have removed from the BunThe English do not retain Rangoon, but galow at Chitpore, and taken a small they retain Arracan, Mergui, and Ta- house having three rooms in Calcutta. voy."

Our reasons for doing so, were, in the In another letter dated Jan. 17, he re- first place, to obviate the difficulty of marks,“ We are all anxiously waiting procuring our outfit at so great a distance for the events of to-morrow, as that is the from Calcutta, if Providence should open day appointed for the solemn ratification the way for our speedy return to Ranof the treaty of peace at Head Quarters. goon; but if otherwise, the Bungalow The inhabitants of Rangoon are exceed

was so much out of repair, that we ingly distressed in view of the prospect thought with our friends in Circular of being restored to his Burman Majes. Road, it would be imprudently exposing ty. For a year past, they have tasted

our health to continue in it during anthe blessings of liberty, and have con

other hot or rainy season.

These conducted their business without being opo siderations, connected with the expense, pressed or molested. Many of the in- and frequently the impossibility of obhabitants have already begun to prepare taining a conveyance to chapel on the for flight. Tavoy and Mergui, will prob- || Sabbath, or to Calcutta or any business, ably be a refuge for many; they all per

were reasons which we thought would, fectly understand the danger of attempt in the minds of the Committee, justify ing to escape after the English govern

us in removing into the city. The rent ment shall cease. He thinks the pros

of the house which we now occupy is pects for a missionary will be very bad fifty rupees per month.

We began to in Rangoon, if the place is given up as occupy it on the 16th ult. expected, but that Tavoy will hold out Since our removal, we have been busi

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ly employed in furnishing ourselves with || EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM REV. JOKarticles necessary for us to carry to Rangoon, or any other place where divine

Calcutta, Feb. 26, 1826. Providence may cast our lot. Also, in business relative to the Dictionary, and

Rev, and very dear Sir, in studying the Burman language.

I have the pleasure of forwarding six The Dictionary, we are happy to say, I copies of the Burman Dictionary, to you

by Mr. is now out of press, and two hundred

of Philadelpbia, who is copies are put up in boards. We have

about to leave this port for America in just sent to Government, the 100 copies

the ship Asia. I have the pleasure also subscribed for by them, but have not yet

of informing the committee, that I have received any return. We have some

just received the sum of two thousand prospect of selling 100 more, for 1000 rupees from government, being the full

amount of the bill for the one hundred rupees, on condition that we shall sell no

copies subscribed for by its order. In more in Calcutta. In order to save the Board expense,

subscribing this sum, it must be remarkand ourselves much time and trouble ined, that according to my particular rehiring carpenters for every little repair or quest, the government took into considpiece of work, which will need to be eration lhe importance of my having the done when we return to our station, and assistance of a competent Burman teach

in order to do justice to the work, to provide ourselves with a little bodily exercise which is so necessary to our

and the expense of obtaining such a one health, we have purchased a few tools in Calcutta, at a time when on account for the Mission, the expense of which of the war few Burmans were in the does not exceed 35 rupees. This sum, place, and in order to defray this expense, we are fully persuaded, the Committee exceeded in their subscription the mere

cost of printing. This was particularly will approve of our expending, under the circumstances we have mentioned. The stated in the correspondence with govern.

ment. I afterward found this allowance as bills for the tools, and other extra expenses, we shall send at the close of the I had expected, a very necessary one ; for

in order to obtain a competent teacher, year.

I was obliged for several months to pay Earnestly desiring to be employed as

20 rupees, then 14, and at length I sucsoon as Divine Providence shall allow, in labours of love among the Burmans,

ceeded in reducing it to 10, making

in the whole a bill of more than 200 to whom we are sent, we wish to commend ourselves to the protection and rupees.

I guidance of our covenant-keeping God,

very sincerely and respectfully and to the advice and intercessions of the yours,

J. WADE Committee. Our hearts and those of our

Rev. Lucius Bolles, D.D. beloved companions are bound up in the cause, and we hope we may so live and act, as to show ourselves worthy of the confidence which the Committee have

ICAN GENTLEMAN, GIVING THE INTELreposed in us, and to obtain the testimoay which Enoch did, 'that he pleased God.' We remain yours in the service of Je

Philadelphia, Aug. 2, 1826. sus Christ.

Dear Sir,

We had a long passage to Madras,

where I found a letter waiting me from

Mr. Boardman, in which he states that Rev. Lucius Bolles, D. D. Assist. Cor. Secretary. S

letters were received from Rangoon, that Dr. Price had been deputed by the Bur










mans to sue for peace; that he had given | rey at whose house I have resided ever information of the others belonging to since I came to the Colony, attended me the mission being alive and well, but not with the affection and constancy of a at perfect liberty. At Madras, later ac- brother. I have not yet recovered more

were received confirming the than half my usual strength, but have news, and that a treaty of peace was preached twice since my sickness: the ratified at the British camp a little below the last time, however, brought on a Ava. The terms were the same, or near- slight fever. All the sick, as well as myly so, as the former unratified treaty, self, who are recovering or recovered, giving up some territory and paying bave experienced much delay in their reone hundred lacks of rupees. One ar- covery, from the want of suitable proticle in the treaty is said to be that no || visions. Here there is no medium be. foreigner shall be allowed to remain in tween salted and fresh provisiong. To eat the Burman empire without consent of the former, even for one day, predisposes the company. Probably these accounts one to have the fever, or brings on may be new in America, and I hasten to cramp in the stomach, and if persistgive you the pleasing information. ed in, is almost certain death.

Yours, &c. We have some things of interest to

communicate to our friends in America ; not indeed any revival of religion, but the recapture of more than 150 slaves,

the burning and blowing up, with 250 barAFRICAN MISSION.

rels of powder, of Trade Town, one of

the principal slave factories on this coast, EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM REV. CAL. together with the capture of three VIK HOLTON TO ONE OF THE EDITORS. Spanish Slavers by two Colombian

privateers which are now lying with Monrovia, (Cape Mesurado,) | their prizes in our harbour, the imSir,

April 24, 1826.

possibility of any slave traders landBy the good Providence of God, while | ing their goods for the purchase of many have been taken, I have been left. | slaves from Gallinas to below Trade Of the colonists that came out in the Town, may be considered as giving a Vine, eleven or twelve are removed to deadly blow to the horrible traffick in the land of silence, among whom were this vicinity. Mr. Force, the printer, the two deacons Much, under present circumstances, of the Union Church formed in Park- can never be done in the Missionary street, as well as several other aged and cause, in my opinion, till a school youthful members. The death of most house be built, of proper size, and with was, however, owing to old age, or im- | desks for writing, &c. and the children prudence, or want of suitable stores. | be where their deportment can be looked The fever brought me very low; so that after, in some such way as the Cherokee my life was despaired of by some. For youth are at the Valley Towns, little a week or two I was weak as an infant. But need be expected. A vigorous Missionprayer was made for me by the Baptist ary establishment here will be attended, Church here almost without cessation, at first, with considerable expense. I and a number have since stated to me know not what can be done without a that, at particular seasons, they were en- dwelling-house for one Missionary or abled to plead with the Lord of Hosts more residing in this Colony. Emifor my recovery, so as to rest ontirely as- grants come out so frequently as to occusured of an answer to their petition. py every space which can be occupied From the first of my sickness I felt a

Mr. Ashmun, governing very good degree of confidence that God Agent of the Colonization Society, has would preserve my life in answer to the thus far endeavoured in vain to procure prayers of these dear brethren. Dr. Ca- for me a room, convenient either to me

as shelter.

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