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forces, has released upwards of 180 from native born sons of Ham are present,
chains, since the first of October, which and they begin to learn to read and sing
has added greatly to our strength. If the the praises of God. I should think that
coloured people of Virginia do not think among your large population of coloured
proper to come out, the Lord will bring people, that if the love of themselves did
help to the colony from some other quarter, not bring them out, the love of God
for these re-captives are ready to fight as would, for here is a wide and extensive
hard for the protection of the colony, as missionary field.
any of the rest of the inhabitants. I

My respects to all. Please let the
mention these circumstances that you coloured brethren in your church hear
may look through them to the time fore- this letter read. Farewell.
told in prophecy; i. e. Ethiopia shall soon Very respectfully, yours, in the bond of
stretch out her hands unto God. We have christian affection,
very few meetings but that some of the


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BAPTIST EDUCATION SOCIETY individuals, of their willingness to renew

their subscriptions.

The Board of the Education Society in From the ninth report of this Society,

that city, which have for several years read at their late annual meeting in

past united their efforts with this Society Hamilton, Madison County, it appears

in support of but one institution, have the whole number of scholars, now in the taken the subject of the proposed building Seminary at that place is 42; 30 of whom

under consideration, and transmitted are more or less aided by the funds. results highly favourable to the object. Seven of the whole number are Indians They have it in contemplation to make from the Carey station, whose assumed by the Baptist Board of Foreign arrangements for sustaining a part of the

expenses, and also for perpetuating their Missions, in connexion with appropriations from general government.

generous support to the School.

The Education Society in Connecticut A class of sixteen students have just continue to sustain their friendly recompleted their course of studies, and are

lations to this institution. They annually about to enter the field of public labour. Il send to it their students and their aido; The whole number who have completed and about three hundred dollars have re. their education and gone out from the cently been contributed from that quarter Seminary since its establishment, is 58

towards the building, and about a hunA stone building is in a state of for: dred to be applied to the expenses of the wardness; it is to be 100 feet long and I school, together with some articles of 60 wide, four stories high, containing I clothing. thirty-six rooms for study and nearly as many for lodging, together with a large chapel, a room for a philosophical appa. BAPTIST 3TATE CONVENTION ratus, and large convenient rooms for rec

OF OHIO. itations. Another stoge building is to be erected, for a boarding house, 48 feet long The Convention of the Baptist Denom and 3A wide, two stories high from the lination of the State of Ohio, commenced foundation, making a cellar of one half its session in Zanesville, on Monday, the of the basement story, and a kitchen of 22d of May last, and continued by the other; the upper story to contain a adjournments until Wednesday evening, large dining hall, and other convenient when it adjourned until the 4th Monday rooms for a family : the whole to be done in May next, to meet again in Zanesville. the present year, for $950. The Society Unanimity of sentiment prevailed among also own a farm of 123 acres, lying near the delegates composing the Convention ; the Seminary, valued at $4,1100.

and each one seemed willing to sacrifice There

seventeen temporary his private interest for the public good. scholarships obtained in the city of New A desire to spread the Gospel in that York and vicinity, for the term of three State seemed the only wish by which years, which terminates with this anni every member was actuated. versary. The agent has visited that city, The introductory sermon was preachand received assurances from a number of ed at 11 o'clock on Monday, by the Rev, AUGUST, 1826.



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James M'Aboy, and divine service was held at Dunstable, on Wednesday, the 14tk performed in the Baptist Meeting House, June, at which time a sermon was delivevery evening during the session. The ered by the Rev. J. Cooksos, of Lowell, house was generally crowded, and the a collection taken in aid of its funds, and congregations unusually solemn. The its ordinary business transacted. This ministers were much engaged in preach- Society has received during the three ing, and private brethren in singing the years of its existence, $240,57 cts. songs of Zion-yea, all seemed to say 'It is good to be here.'

The Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer both reside in Zanesville, where the Board will meet on the first Monday afternoon of every month, 1o transact the THE NEW HAMPSHIRE BAPTIST business of the Convention during its MISSIONARY SOCIETY. recess; and in the evening engage in prayer for the spread of the Gospel. The Board at its meeting on the follow. || nesday, June 28, in the old Baptist Meet

Held its eighth anniversary on Weding Thursday, employed an agent, ouring House in New London, when the highly esteemed brother Corbly Martin, Rev. Wm. Taylor, of Sanbornton, deliv. to travel through the state, and advance ered a very interesting and important disthe best interest of the Convention.

course from Gal. iii 10. « As we have therefore opportunity let us do good,” &c. It will shortly be printed by request


After the sermon, the Secretary's ReRY SOCIETY.

port was read and accepted, as also the From the Annual Report of the Board Treasurer's Report, in moving and secof Managers it appears, that the work of londing the acceptance of which, several Domestic Missions has very specially oc- interesting addresses were delivered. A cupied the attention of this Society. I resolution also passed, expressive of the Through its aid, a new Baptist Church, I gratitude of the Society to Almighty God consisting of 22 members, was constitut- for the measure of success which attend. ed April 13, 1826, in the city, and Eldered the labours of the Society, and its John C. Murphy, late a member of the missionaries the past year. After which Oliver-Street Church, has taken the pas- the Society was re-organized by choosing toral care of the new Church. Tbey || Rev. Otis Robinson, President ; Ferdiworship at the Mission-House in Broome- | nand Ellis, Vice-President ; N. W. Wil. street. Through the agency of this Soci- | liams, Secretary ; Wm. Cate, Treasurer ; ety, the gospel has been preached occa Wm. Taylor, Phineas Richardson, Michsionally in Newburgh and its vicinity ; | ael Carlton, Joseph Davis, John Atwood, in Cattskill, Volney, Richland, Vienna, and John B. Gibson, Trustees. Camden, Redfield, Fish Creek, Florence, Stockton, Westfield, Erie, Ashtabula, Kingsville, Randolph, N. Y. and in Cassawago, Penn. At Randolph, Crawford, co. between 20 and 30 bave been added to the church withing a few months. I THE BAPTIST CONVENTION OF Twenty-one had been previously baptiz THE STATE OF NEW-HAMPed. The labours of Rev Mr. Tucker are

SHIRE, mentioned as specially owned of the Lord. This Society maintains a very friendly intercourse and correspondence Lately incorporated by the General with the Baptist State Convention of Court, held its first meeting under charNew-York, and contributed $50 to its ter, June 28th last, elected its officers, funds in the last year. The receipts of formed its by-laws, and received several this Society, since the last annual meet sums of money for missionary and eduing, were about $500, and its disburse- cation purposes, with pleasing prospects ments nearly the same amount. Rev. of being useful to the cause of religion SPENCER H. Cone, the active pastor of and learning. Joseph Colby, Esq. of the Olive-Street Baptist Church, is the New London, President ; Rev. James Secretary

Barnaby, of Deerfield, Secretary. The
Rev. Dr. Bolles, Corresponding Secreta-

ry of the General Convention of the MIDDLESEX BAPTIST MISSIONA- States, being present, delivered by re

Baptist Denomination in the United RY SOCIETY.

quest an interesting sermon from 1 Cor. The third anniversary of the Middlesex

xv. 25. For he must reign, until all eneBaptist Missionary Society, (Mass.) was mies are put under his feet.



REVIVALS OF RELIGION. |I am happy to say that they remain

steadfast in the faith. Yours, &c.


Rev. Daniel Sharp.

Sept. 19th, 1825.
A great revival of religion commenced
here in April last. Many stout hearted

METCALT, sinners, many proud worldly men, have been made to feel their need of pardon

Sardinia, (Erie Co.) June 12, 1826. ing grace, and apparently bow to the Forty-four have united with the Baptist sceptre of Immanuel. About 158 per. Church, and appear established in truth sons during the last four months, have generally ; many of these are persons of united to the Baptist and Congregational the first respectability in town. Ouc Churches in this town, besides a small meetings continue full on the Sabbath, so number with the Methodiste, and others that we are obliged to make use of the have experienced religion who have made grove for our chapel, to accommodate no covenant profession.

the people who attend. The Church The religious excitement has now now consists of between 80 and 90. somewhat abated. But there is still a They feel very anxious indeed, to have mighty and powerful spirit of prayer constant preaching, at least half the prevailing among many of the converts time, and under the existing circumstanand old professors, and some cases of|ces of the Church and the state of socihopeful conversions have occurred every lety around, it is very important they week. I believe that for 15 weeks pasi, should be so supplied. I think of these the Baptist Church in this place, have “ few sheep in the wilderness," and inbeen to the water side every Sabbath, | treat for them. I am now endeavouring besides once or twice on week days. to influence the minds of the people in May the Lord add to his people, be they favour of the Sabbath schools; we have a ever so many, an hundred fold.

number which will soon be in operation; some already have commenced. It is a novel thing, in this place, but I hope we shall succeed to some good advantage ;

the greatest obstacle will be the want of

REV. J. 1 suitable books; some have no bibles and BLAKE, EMPLOYED BY THE BAP. MISS.

no other books suitable for small children.

Many families are so poor, they think Stockton, (Chataugue Co.) N. v. they are not able to own a bible. Ono May 29th, 1826.

man heard that I was coming to visit him, Rev. Sir,

and he sent and borrowed a bible, for fear

that I should find him without one. I I would inform you that I have been la- should be glad could I get a few to disbouring as a missionary, since I wrote | tribute among some who are really needy. you last, and the Lord seems to have in Pray that I may be prudent and humble, remembrance this wilderness. and blossoms as the rose, and we hope is and directed in the path of duty.

Your much obliged servant and brother, bringing forth fruit. At Cold Spring the

WHITMAN METCALF. Lord has been pouring out his spirit. Between thirty and forty persons have Rev. Daniel Sharp. professed a hope in the mercy of God. I felt it my duty, as there was no other minister that could visit them, to pay some attention to their case.

IN CHARLESTON, s. C. JUNE 21, 1826, there was a Presbyterian Church, and a Methodist Society, most of the converts ti On the first Sabbath in this month, have joined them. Six have been bap- forty-four persons were received to the tized and united with the Church. The communion of the Baptist Church in this three little Churches which were gathered city ; 34 of whom were baptized that in that vicinity are prosperous. Two of morning, and ten the first Sabbath of them have about doubled in numbers, | May. In Beaufort, too, several additions since they were received to the fellow- have lately been made to the Baptist ship of our Churches the last year, and V Church.




But as




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Died, at Holmesburg, Penn. on Fri-|| same principle proceeded his punctuality day, May 26, 1826, Dea. Thomas Holme. jin attending in the house of the Lord. He Deacon Holme was born and brought, would be there in time. The people, up, on the place where he died. His between his house and the place of worparents were both members of the Baptist | ship, a distance of about four miles, used Church at Lower Dublin, sometimes to say on a Lord's day morning, “ It is called Pennypack. His mother was a time for us to get ready, for there is daughter of the great Abel Morgan, who Deacon Holme's carriage going by." for some years served the two churches He was a peace-maker. Many diffiof Philadelphia and Lower Dublin. He culties between individuals he has settled, made a profession of religion in the year and the church has known nothing of 1706, and was baptized by the late Dr. them. He was rigid in bis adherence Rogers, in the absence of Dr. Jones, who to “ The Golden Rule," given by the was then pastor of the Church. He King of Zion in case of individual was set a part to the office of a Deacon offences, If thy brother shall trespass in the year 1806, and surely of him we against thee, &c. If any one came to may say, that be used the office of a him with a complaint, which was often Deacon well, and purchased to himself the case, his first question used to be, thereby, a good degree, and great bold. Have you been to him, and talked the ness in the faith orhich is in Christ Jesus. matter over with him? If the answer The following, among other trails in his was in the negative, he would say with character, are worthy of imitation.

emphasis, Go to him ; I can do nothing He was a plain man. Under this for you till you go to bin, and converse epithet, is intended to imply more than on the subject belween yourselves. If mere habit or mannes of living, or wear. If there was any business, which involved ing of apparel, in these things more than ordinary responsibility, Deaalso, he gave a good example; but here con Holme was sure to be employed on we mean io include the virtues of integri- the Committed, 'On such occasions he ty, temperance, and upriglitness. He used to say, “ Well; of the church says ! seems in have been incapable of any

I will do the best I can." Blessthing like deception or disguise. Can-ed are the peacemakers for they shall be dour and simplicity marked all his doings. called the children of God. Deacon As he was a plain man, be pursued a me certainly bore this lineament of plain path.

his Heavenly Father in a very eminent He was a man of ardent piery. This in-degree. deed was evident in the whole tenor of Finally, he was given to hospitality. his life. It was witnessed in his inter- His house and his heart were always course and dealings with his neighbours s open to receive the passing stranger

, in his promptitude and seriousness in and especially the servants of God, in reproving sin, and in his attention to whose company he enjoyed great satisfamily religion. It will be long remem-faction His piety as well as his hospitalbered with what satisfaction he told a ity invited them under his friendly roof. friend, that his sons, soon after they made One instance of his liberality shall close a profession of religion, began to take a this brief ohituary. There was a young part with him in the devotions of the man by the name of William Fifebeld

, a family. "Yes," said he," if I am absent, total siranger to Mr. Holme until he befamily worship will be carried on." His came a member of the church which piety appeared moreover in bis manner was about four years ago. He was an inof attending to every religious duty. Iteresting youth, and many once thought he prayed or heard, he seemed to do it that the Lord would have employed him in with his might. It will be impossible his vineyard ; but an inscrutable provifor those who knew him to forget his dence has disappointed our expectations

. seriousness and earnestness in bearing | About the commencement of the present the word of life. He seemed to eat it, year, Williani appeared evidently to be Whosoever was listless or inattentive, sinking, under the grasp of an inveterate he was not; and the first symptoms of pulmonary disease. Being " a stranger feeling and tenderness in the assembly, in a strange land," he was invited to the would be found in his heaving breast house of Deacon Holme, and there he and weeping eye.

He listened as if he found a home indeed. For some days would not lose a syllable. From thellit was doubtful which of the two should

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and on

first have bis dismission. In the event || Her mind naturally intelligent was imhowever, the master of the house had the proved by education, to which she depreference, so as to be ready to welcome | voted herself with ardour and assiduity. his guest to a better and more enduring || She had been the subject of frequent rehabitation, an house not made with hands ligious impressions and convictions. In eternal in the headens. It was a most her 18th year, when a season of unusual affecting, instructive, and delightful duty excitement existed in the church, of to visit “ the chambers where these good which her parents were members,t she men met their fate,” for they were privo | was deeply affected, though for sometime ileged beyond the common walks of virtu- she concealed her feelings.

; he was ous life.” They seemed as if running a race, tempted to despair, in reflecting on her and although neither of them had any previous resolutions and impressions, raptures, yet each had a steady hope, which had been obliterated by the vaniwhich triumphed over the fear of death, ties of youth. A grove which had been and was full of immortality! One morn a favourite scene of solitary musing, was ing the Deacon, hearing the family say now resorted to for earnest prayer.. One something about William, thought he evening after being much engaged in this was dead.

Ah !" said he, poor Wil- exercise, she returned from ibis retreat, liam is gone; well, you must give him a to her chamber in such agony, that her decent burial as if he was one of the involuntary exclamations called her family.” The young man, however, parents, who were apprehensive of sudsurvived his benefactor nearly two weeks, den illness ; but found the cause of her but the dying parent's request was care distress to be the burden of guilt. The fully complied with by the family. Their tempter suggested that her day of grace souls are again united in the same society, was gone. Her father prayed by her,

more equal terms, where each and pleaded with such fervour the merits feels, that all the good he ever did or of the Redeemer, that she felt a degree ever received, should be ascribed to of hope : and the day following, while en

great and sovercign grace.” Their || gaged in devotion at her usual place of bodies rest together in perfect equality, retirement, she experienced full deliverin the ancient cemetery belonging to the ance. The trees, the sky and earth, apchurch, until the mandate be given, |, peared to her full of God and expressive Gather ye my saints together unto me, of his love. A visible change of counthose who made a covenant with me by tenance now bespoke internal peace and a sacrifice.

purified serenity ; with which her temThe church of which these persons per and conduct harmonized. She felt were members, has been greatly afflicted not the extacy, which some professed ; recently, having lost ten of its number but exhibited a living proof of the transby death, within eight months, among forming power of grace. She delighted whom was their valuable brother Malachi || in religious conversation, and expatiated Taylor. He was a humble, modest, freely on the great things which God had unassuming person, but yet active and done for her soul. She soon made a pubuseful in no common degree. The loss lic profession of her faith by baptism. is greater, in this case, as he was but in Not long after she was united in marriage middle age, and might have been of much to Mr Charles Singleton. Her kind and service to the church for many years to

gentle demeanour endeared her to him. The Lord is righteous in all his Her domestic economy was exemplary. ways, and holy in all his works. Yet Her affection to her parents seemed to surely, we may utter the prayer of the increase when she became herself a paancient church Help, Lord, for the godly rent, and her visits to them were highly man ceaseth, and the faithful fail from gratifying. In returning the fourth Šabamong the children of men.

bath of July, 1825, from an attendance
on the Lord's supper, where she had been
much elevated in religious affection, her

child was taken very ill. After some MRS. CAROLINE SINGLETON. days she removed it to her father's house,

and there after constant watching and Another instance of an early and hap-anxiety, was herself seized with fatal illpy exit, is furnished in the decease of

At its commencement she felt a
Mrs. CAROLINE SINGLETON, who died at
Robertville, S. C.on the 4th of August, ll she had not lived as much devoted to

presentiment of death ; lamented that
1823, in her 20th year. She was the God as she ought ; but expressed assur-
daughter of Mr. · Lawton, the off-
spring of pious parents, and the descend:deeming love. Her malady affected her

ance of interest in his pardoning and reant of progenitors eminent for piety.* || much with stupor, and occasionally with

delirium ; so that for some days she spoke * Her grandfather, Joseph Lawton, was many years the useful and revered Deacon of the Church, at Black Swamp, Beaufort District : her maternal grandfather, Dr. George Mosse, formerly of the Euhaw Church, was long distia.

+ The church at Black Swamp, having its seat at Robe guished for enlightened devotion, liberality and zeal.




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