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Crown 8vo., cloth, neat. Price 3s. 6d.


Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d. Second Edition.










Special Mission Hymns. Selected by the Rev. W.

HAY CHAPMAN, M.A., Vicar of Christ Church, Clifton; and the Rev. SHOLTO D. C. DOUGLAS, M,A., Vicar of All Souls', Marylebone. Enlarged, 135 Hymns, large type. Price 11d. each. Special terms to the Clergy.

Hymns for Special Services and Prayer Meetings,

Consisting of "Special Mission Hymns" and fifty-two additional Hymns, intended to meet the wants of Prayer and Special Meetings. In paper covers, Twopence; in calico cloth, Threepence. Special terms to the Clergy.

The Church Mission Hymn Book, for Missions and

Devotional Meetings. Compiled by the REV. J. H. LESTER, M.A. Price 1 d. each. Special terms to the Clergy.

Hymns and Litanies for Parochial Missions and

Retreats. Price 1 d. each.

The Mission Hymnal, Edited by Rev. E. Husband,

Incumbent elect of St. Michael and All Angels, Folkestone; Revised, and with a preface by the REV. GEORGE BODY, M.A., Rector of Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire. Price 1 d. each.

A Mission Hymn Tune Book.

Containing Tunes for

all the Hymns in "Special Mission Hymns," arranged in Short Score, with Index, &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, price 1s. 6d.

Thoughts on the Harmony between the Beatitudes

and the Lord's Prayer. By the Rev. A. THEODORE WIRGMAN, M.A. Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 2s. 6d.

The First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Ten of the One Hundred Texts for the Mission Schools of the Society for Irish Church Missions. Briefly Expanded. Foolscap 8vo., price 14d. each.

23, Old Bailey, London; and Derby.

Bemrose and Sons, Publishers,

Life Thoughts.

By the Rev. T. De Witt Talmage,

D.D., Brooklyn, New York. Foolscap 8vo., cloth neat, price ls. 6d. Mission Texts, on Sin and Present Salvation. For use and distribution during a Mission. Price 2s. per 100.

The Conflict of Faith;

by the Rev. Ernest Boys. "Secret Prayer a Great Reality." By the late Rev.

Price 6d. per doz., post free.

HENRY WRIGHT, M.A. 3rd Edition. 32mo, Paper Wrapper, price 3d.,
Cloth 6d. Cheaper Edition, 1d.

The World before Adam: or Geological Footprints

of Jehovah. Illustrated with Four Plates and Geological Section. By Rev. A. BEANLAND, F.G.S. Crown 8vo. Cloth lettered, price 3s. 6d.

Mission Tract Series. 1s. 3d. per 100, or 10s.

per 1000.
Specimen Packet, 1s. post free. 1. About Missions.
2. Mission Workers. 3. Sin. 4. Repentance. 5. Conversion. 6.
Grace. 7. Faith. 8. Present Salvation. 9. Come to the Mission.
10. The Gospel in Scripture Texts. 11. The days of Thy Youth (to
the Young). 12. Young Converts.

Mission Cards, for hanging up.

9 inches by 12 inches. A Text and Verse daily for the Mission Week. Printed in Two Colours. Price 2d. each, 1s. 8d. per dozen, 10s. 6d. per 100.

The Mission ended; thoughts for Mission Workers.

Price 4d. per dozen, 2s. 6d. per 100.

"What is it Worth ?" An Address by the Rev. J. DAWSON, Vicar of Clifton, Bristol. Price 1d., 7s. per 100.

Rev. J. W. Boulding's Sermons. Crown 8vo., Cloth, 6s. Contents:-1. The Death of Moses.-2. The Christian's Heritage.3. The Christian's Aim.-4. The Religious Side of Nature.-5. The Prophet of the Whirlwind.-6. The Breaker of Bread.--7. The Temptation in the Wilderness.-8. The Martyrdom of St. Paul.Rest.-10. Christ, the Way.-11. Christ, the Truth.-12. Christ, the Life.-13. Christ, the Resurrection.-14. Job; or, Religion not Selfishness.-15. Balaam; or, Inspiration not Religion. The Sermons may be had separately, price ld. each.

Modern Infidelity Disarmed.

In a Reply to M.

Renan's Life of Jesus; being a Book for the Times, embodying the Principal Evidences of the authenticity of the Holy Scriptures, and of the Uncorrupted Preservation of the Gospel Records; together with a Demonstration of Christ's Divinity, the Personality of Satan, and the Supernatural Character of the Christian Religion. By E. STEPHENS. Crown 8vo., cloth, price 5s.

23, Old Bailey, London; and Derby.

Works Published by Bemrose and Sons,

Evening Devotions for the Household. By the Rev.

E. LATHAM, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge. Foolscap 8vo.

Cloth. 28. 6d. Hints and Thoughts for Christians; by Rev. John

TODD, D.D., Pittsfield, Mass. Foolscap 8vo. Cloth, neat. Price 2s, 6d.

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The Arranged as Said Edition



The Arrangement of this Edition of the Book of Common Prayer removes all difficulty in following the Services, not one word of which, or of the Rubrics, is altered or omitted, but the whole are printed in the order in which they are read; the Services can thus be followed with ease by those unacquainted with them, and the use of the Book is rendered more agreeable to those already conversant with it.

The Book is paged throughout, and such is the arrangement, that the pecessity of continually turning backward and forward is obviated. At the end of each day's Psalms, and wherever any pages require to be passed over, a reference is given by which the reader may at once pass on to the part next to be used.

The Morning and Evening Services are totally distinct, with their Psalms, Collects, &c. The Psalms for Proper Days appear in full in their proper order.

The Litany, Communion Office, Creeds, General Prayers and Thanksgivings, are placed where they are used. The Collects where repeated, as in Lent, are printed again.

Figures are used instead of numerals, and Tables of Contents, with other directions, render the use of the Book of Common Prayer perfectly simple.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. “This is an extremely elegant volume, and admirably printed. As regards size, it is neither inconveniently large nor provokingly small, and so arranged that you never turn back to a previous page in the course of the service. It is a very pretty and pleasing edition of our Book of Common Prayer, quite irrespective of the special motive which has led to its peculiar arrangement.”-Literary Churchman.

“The Services for Morning and Evening are arranged exactly in the order in which they come. The book is very neatly printed, and is published at a lower price, if possible, than the ordinary Prayer Books. The borders of the pages and the initial letters are especially worthy of praise.”—Church Opinion.

23, Old Bailey, London ; and Derby.

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