To Go Upon Discovery: James Cook and Canada, from 1758-1779

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Dundurn, 2000 - 224

To Go Upon Discovery begins with Cook's arrival in Canada in 1758 and ends with his appointment to take Endeavour to the South Pacific. In between these dates, we witness the siege of Louisbourg during the Seven Years' War, where Cook made his almost accidental discovery of the surveying techniques that distinguished him and gave him a prominent place in history. We see the development of his abilities while based in Halifax (1759-62), a port he knew better than any but his home port of Whitby, England. We are also party to the detailed description of Cook's Newfoundland survey of 1763-67.


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Early Life and the Path to the Royal Navy
The Royal Navy in Cooks Day
The Reason for Coming The French and Indian War in North America
Service in Canada Louisbourg
Service in Canada Quebec
Mastery Pursued Nova Scotia and the Wars End
Mastery Displayed Newfoundland and the Great Survey
The Great South Sea and the First Two Voyages
The Final Voyage
The Significance of Cooks Experience in Canada
Selected Bibliography
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Informacje o autorze (2000)

Victor Suthren is a writer with a special interest in the sailing ships of Canadian history. Educated at Bishop's and Concordia universities, he received an MA from the latter institution in 1970. He was a historian at the fortress of Louisbourg and later in Halifax, before joining the Canadian War Museum, where he was Director General from 1986 to 1997. In 1997 he was appointed an Honorary Captain in the Canadian Navy. He is the author of the Paul Gallant and Edward Manwaring series of naval novels, and has sailed extensively as a crew in traditional sailing vessels. He lives in Ottawa.

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