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was to pass that way. And when Jefus came to the place, he looked up, and faw him, and faid to him: Zacheus, make hafte, and come down: for to day I must abide in thy houfe. And he made hafte, and came down, and received him with joy. And when they all saw it, they murmured, faying: That he was gone to be a guest to a man, that was a finner. But Zacheus ftanding up, faid to fefus: Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor : and if I have wronged any one of any thing, I reftore it him fourfold. Je us faid to him: This day is falvation come to this houfe: for this man also is a fon of Abraham. For the Son of Man is come to feek, and to fave that which was loft. CREDO.

OFFERTORY. Lord God, in the fimplicity of my heart have I joyfully offered all thefe things and I have feen with great joy thy people, which are here prefent. O God of Ifrael, preferve them for ever in this difpofition.

1 Chron. xxix. Domine Deus, in fimplicitate cordis mei lætus obtuli univerfa, & populum tuum, qui repertus eft, vidi cum ingenti gaudio. Deus Ifrael, cuftodi hanc voluntatem.


What is included within this [ ] is omitted, if the prayer be faid without the walls of the Church. Rant us, we beseech thee, O Lord, our peti

tion [that all of us, who are prefent in this church, of whofe confecration we celebrate the anniversary feast, may pleafe thee by a full and perfect devotion of body and mind:] that whilft we offer thee these our vows, we may, by thy help, obtain an eternal reward. Thro'.


My houfe fhall be called the houfe of prayer, faith the Lord: in it

Matt. xxi. Domus mea, domus orationis vocabitur, dicit Dominus: in ea, om

whofoever afketh, receiveth, and he who feeketh, find th: and the door fhall be opened to him that knocketh.

nis qui petit, accipit, & qui quærit, invenit: & pulfanti aperietur.


POSTCOMMUNION. Deus, qui de vivis. God, who, out of living and choice ftones, prean eternal abode, people at their prayers; that as thy Church is corporally, fo it may be fpiritually, increased. Thro'. II. VES PERS.

All as in the first Vefpers, p. cxlvi: Except what follows:

V. Holinefs becometh V. Domum tuam, Dothy houfe, O Lord. R. mine, decet fanctitudo, For a neverending length R. In longitudinem dieof days.


At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. O how awful is this place: truly it is no other than the houfe of God, and the gate of heaven.

Ant. O quam metuendus eft locus ifte: verè non eft hic aliud, nifi domus Dei, & porta cœ


On the DAY of the DEDICATION of a CHURCH.

All the Office as above, p. cxlvi. except at MASS.


Deus, qui invifibiliter.
all things


yet, for the falvation of man, vifibly manifefteft the figns of thy power: make this Temple famous by the majefty of thy abode therein: and grant, that all who meet here to pray. may obtain the bleffings of thy comfort, in whatever tribulation they have recourfe to thee. Thro',


author of the gifts which are to be

confecrated to thee, pour thy bleffing on this house of prayer, that all who call on thy name in it, may find the help of thy protection. Thro'.

POSTCOMMUNION. Quafumus. W TE befeech thee, O Almighty God, mercifully to hear all thofe, who pray in this place, which we, tho' unworthy, have confecrated to thy name. Thro'.


On the DAY of the CONSECRATION of an ALTAR.

All as above, p. cxlvi. except at MASS.

COLLECT. Deus, qui ex omni. God, who formest to thyself an abode in all thy faints, give a heavenly increase to thy building, that we may always be affifted by their merits, whofe relicks'we piously embrace. Thro'.

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ET thy holy fpirit, we beseech thee, O Lord our God, defcend upon this Altar, both to fanctify the offerings of thy people, and to purify the hearts of thofe that receive them. Thro'.


Almighty and eternal God, fanctify, by the virtue of thy heavenly bleffing, this Altar, confecrated to thy name; and grant thy help to all who hope in thee; that we may receive here the efficacy of thy facraments, and the effects of our prayers. Thro'.






"Ail, Holy Mother, Alve, Sancta Parens, who didit bring enixa puerpera reforth the king, who reigns gem, qui cœlum, terover heaven and earth for ramque regit in fæcula evermore. P. My heart fæculorum. Pf. Eruchath uttered good ti- tavit cor meum verbum dings: I refer my works bonum: dico ego opera to the king. V. Glory. mea regi. V. Gloria. Concede nos.


G a

thy fervants may enjoy a conftant health of body and mind, and, by the glorious interceffion of blefled Mary ever a Virgin, be delivered from all temporal afflictions, and come to thofe joys, that are eternal. Thro'.

LESSON. Ecclef. xxiv.


ROM the beginning, and before all ages was I created; and I fhall not cease to be in the world to come: and I miniftred before him in his holy abode. And thus was I established in Sion, and took up my reft in the holy city, and my empire is in Jerufalem. I took root amidit an honourable people. it's inheritance is in the lot of my God, and my abode is in the midft of the faints.

GRADUA L. Thou art bleffed, and worthy of our refpects, O Mary, the Virgin, who, without prejudice to thy Virginity, didft become the Mother of the Saviour. V. Virginmother of God, he, be

Benedicta, & venerabilis es, Virgo Maria, quæ, fine tactu pudoris, inventa es Mater Salvatoris. V. Virgo Dei Genetrix, quem totus noncapit orbis, in tua fe claufit vifcera, factus

come man, was fhut up homo.
in thy womb, whom
the whole world can-
not contain.


Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone haft deftroyed all herefies. V. Who didft believe the words of Gabriel the Archangel. V. Whilft a Virgin thou didst bring forth him that was God and man; and after child-birth didft remain a pure virgin. V. O mother of God intercede

for us.

Gaude, Maria Virgo, cunctas hærefes fola interemifti. V. Quæ Gabrielis Archangeli dictis tredidifti. V. Dum virgo Deum & hominem genuifti; & poft partum virgo inviolata permanfifti. V. Dei genetrix, intercede pro nobis.

GOSPEL. Luke, xi. 27, 28.

AT that time: While Jefus fpoke to the multitude:

A certain woman from the croud, raising her voice, faid to him: Bleffed is the womb that bore thee, and the breasts that gave thee fuck. But he faid: Yea rather, bleffed are they, who hear the word of God, and keep it.

OFFERTORY. Thou art truly happy, O facred Virgin Mary, and moft worthy of all praise for out of thee arofe the fun of righteousness, Christ our God.

Felix namque es facra Virgo Maria, & omni laude digniffima: quia exte ortus eft fol juftitiæ, Chriftus Deus nofter.



AY, O Lord, by thy own mercy, and the interceffion of bleffed Mary, ever a Virgin, this oblation procure us peace and happiness both in this life, and in that which is to come. Thro'

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