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quity therefore God, thy God anointed thee with an oil of gladnefs in a more excellent manner than thy companions.

tereà unxit te Deus, Deus tuus oleo lætitiæ præ confortibus tuis.

POSTCOMMUNION. Satiafti, p. cxxxvii.

All as in the firft Vefpers, p. cxli. except

V. Grace is fpread on V. Diffufa eft gratia thy lips. R. Therefore in labiis tuis. R. Prophath God bleffed thee terea benedixit te Deus for ever. in æternum.

At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. She opened her hand to the needy one, and ftretched forth both her hands to the poor, and eat not her bread in idleness.

Ant. Manum fuam aperuit inopi, & palmas fuas extendit ad pauperem, & panem otiofa non comedit.



The PSALMS as on Sundays, p. xli. Except the laft, which is: Pf. cxlvii. Lauda Jerufalem, p. Ixiv.


cometh thy houfe, O Lord, for ever.


TOlinefs be- Ant.


Anth. My houfe fhall be called the houfe of


Omum tuam,

D Domine, de

cet fanctitudo in longitudinem dierum.

Ant. Domus mea domus orationis vocabitur.

Anth. This the house

of the Lord is ftrongly built, it's foundation is on a folid rock.

Anth.. The house of the Lord hath a good foundation on a folid rock.

Anth. All thy walls are of precious ftones, and the towers of Jerufalem are built with jew


Ant. Hæc eft domus Domini firmiter ædificata, bene fundata eft fuprà firmam petram.

Ant. Bene fundata eft domus Domini fuprà firmam petram.

Erufalem, whofe name


That heav'nly peace, which in thee reigns; Thy living ftones raife thee fo high,

That ftars beneath thy pavement lie: Attended like a bride in


Millions of Angels on

thee wait.

O happy Bride, whofe dow'ry is

The glory of the Father's blifs! Thrice beautiful and - charming Queen, In whom the fpoufe's grace is feen!

Ant. Lapides pretiofi omnes muri tui, & turres Jerufalem gemmis ædificabuntur.

LITTLE CHAPTER. I faw, beginning of the LESSON to this mark, p. cxlix.


leftis urbs, Jerufalem, Beata pacis vifio,


Quæ celfa de viventibus

Saxis ad astra tolleris; Sponfæque ritu cingeris

Mille Angelorum milli


O forte nupta profperâ, Dotata Patris gloriâ,

Refperfa fponfi gratiâ;

Regina formofiffima,

City of heaven, fhining bright,

Chrifto jugata principi,

Coeli corufca civitas.

Govern'd by Chrift, the prince of light. Thy gates with orient pearls array'd For all ftand open, and display'd, Who follow clofe th' un

erring guide Of virtue, and by torments try'd, Suffer with patience for their Lord, Find here a plentiful reward.

The wholefome chi

zel often went, Many a faving stroke was fpent; And th' architect dealt heavy blows

The ftones to polifh, that compofe

This pile, and join'd with fit cement, Renders it's roof magnificent.

Let ev'ry tongue and place proclaim Of God moft high the holy name; Of God the Father and the Son,

And Holy Spirit, three

in one:

To whom be power, glory, praife, For an eternal length of days. Amen.

Hic margaritis emi

cant, Patentque cunctis oftia;

Virtute namque præviâ

Mortalis illuc ducitur,

Amore Chrifti percitus

Tormenta quifquis fuftinet. Scalpi falubris ictibus,

Et tunfione plurimâ,

Fabri polita malleo

Hanc faxa molem conftruunt; Aptifque jun&a nexibus,

Locantur in faftigio.

Decus Parenti debitum

Sit ufquequaque altiffi


Natoque Patris unico

Et inclyto Paraclito,

Cui laus, poteftas, glo


Eterna fit per fæcula. Amen.

[blocks in formation]

COLLECT. Deus, qui nobis..

God, who reneweft every year the day of the confeciation of this thy holy temple; and bringeft us always in health to the celebrating thefe facred mysteries: hear the prayers of thy people, and grant, that whofoever fhall come hither to afk any blcffing of thee, may rejoice in the obtaining all his requests. Thro'.

LESSON. Rev. xxi. 2, 5.

N thofe days: I faw the holy city, the new Ferufalem, coming down from heaven, from God,,

prepared as a bride, adorned for her husband. * And 1 heard a great voice from the throne, faying: Behold the tabernacle of God with men, and he will dwell with them. And they fhall be his people, and God himself with them will be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death fhall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor forrow shall be any more, for the first state is paffed away. And he that fat on the throne, faid: Behold I make all things new.

GRADUA L. P. cxxxvii.

This place was made by God, a myftery above all value; it is without reproof. V. O God, on whom quires of Angels attend, hear the prayers of thy fervants.


They, who truft in the Lord, are like mount Sion: he, that dwells in Jerufalem, fhall never be moved. V. It is furrounded by mountains: and the Lord himfelfencompaffeth his people both now and for ever.

Locus ifte à Deo factus eft, inæftimabile facramentum; irreprehenfibilis eft. V. Deus, cui adftat Angelorum chorus, exaudi preces fervo

rum tuorum.

Pf. cxxiv.

Qui confidunt in Domino, ficut mons Sion: non commovebitur in æternum, qui habitat in Jerufalem. V. Montes in circuitu ejus : & Dominus in circuitu populi fui, ex hoc nunc, & ufque in fæculum.

GOSPEL. Luke xix. 1, 10.

AT that time: fefus entering in, walked through Jericho. And behold there was a man named Zacheus who was the chief of the Publicans, and he was rich. And he fought to fee Jefus, who he was: and he could not for the crowd, because he was low of ftature. And he ran before, and climbed up into a fycamore-tree, that he might fee him: for he

a Expl. Chief of the receivers of the publick revenue

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