Early English Poetry, Ballads, and Popular Literature of the Middle Ages, Tom 11

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Percy Society, 1844
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Strona 58 - said the Doctor, 'do you pretend to be paid for such a piece of work ? Why, you have spoiled my pavement, and then covered it over with earth, to hide your bad work ! ' ' Doctor ! ' said the paviour, ' mine is not the only bad work the earth hides.
Strona xx - Leader sees his follower thus prepared, hee sups up his broath, turnes the bottom of the cup upward, and in ostentation of his dexteritie, gives the cup a phillip to make it cry Twango. And thus the first scene is acted. The cup being newly replenished to the breadth of an haire, he that is the pledger must now beginne his part, and thus it goes round throughout the whole company...
Strona 39 - I haue heard it tolde that now very lately there hath bin a cathalogue taken of all those new erected houses that haue set vppe that trade of selling tobacco in London, ande neare about London, and if a man may beleeue what is confidently reported, there are found to be vpward of 7000 houses that doth liue by that trade. I can not say whether they number apothicaries...
Strona 73 - ... of goords, of the eggs of estriches ; others made of the shells of divers fishes brought from the Indies and other places, and shining like mother of pearle.
Strona x - Temple, he took up his residence there in 1780; and it would seem that during the time passed in London, he improved, by a more diligent study of ancient as well as modern writers, the learning he had previously gained at school and in the university. It will be readily acknowledged by all who knew him, that his acquirements in almost every branch of literature were as accurate as they were extensive ; add to which, he was gifted with a very retentive memory, and possessed the valuable faculty of...
Strona xi - To the most noble Captaines and renowned Souldiers of England,' and the third ' To the friendly Readers in generall,' — Lowndes. 9. " The Aduentures of Brusanus, Prince of Hungaria, Pleasant for all to read, and profitable for some to follow. Written by Barnaby Riche, seaven or eight yeares sithence, and now published by the great intreaty of diuers of his freendes. Imprinted at London for Thomas Adames, 1592,
Strona 8 - He is him ripe and fastrede, Ne lust him nu to none unrede; Nu him ne lust na more pleie, He wile gon a rijte weie.' I'e Nijtingale was al jare, 215 Ho hadde ilorned wel aiware: 'Hule,' ho sede, 'seie me sob, Wi dostu f'at unwijtis dob?
Strona xxvi - And other that were coblers and tinkers, they used shoe maker's wax, with the rust of old pans, and made therewithal a noble salve, as they did term it. But in the end this worthy rabblementwascommitted to the Marshalsea, and threatened by the duke's grace to be hanged for their worthy deeds, except they would declare the truth what they were, and of what occupations, and in the end they did confess, as I have declared to you before.
Strona 36 - Idole-maker, then to the Idole it selfe ; now, (vnder the correction of diuinitie), I would but demaund what are these puppet-making Taylers that are euery day inuenting of newe fashions ? and what are these that they doe call Attyre-makers ? the first inuenters of these monstrous periwygs ? and the finders out of many other like immodest attyres ? what are these and all the rest of these fashion mongers? the inuenters of vanities that are euery day whetting their wits to finde out those gaudes that...

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