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The “Scholastical History of the Canon of the Holy Scriptures," contained in the present volume, was first published in London, A.D. 1657, during the author's retirement and residence in Paris. It was reprinted in London, A.D. 1672; and again, A.D. 1683. Except in the spelling, these three impressions are precisely alike. The editor has followed the first, comparing it throughout with the second.

In preparing this volume for the press, some difficulties have been met with, arising partly out of the wide range occupied by the numerous writers whose testimonies had to be verified; partly from the author's having derived his extracts, not always from the original works themselves, but apparently very often from summaries and abridgments; and, again, in part also from his frequent practice of abstracting the sense of long original passages, so as to express their meaning in comparatively few words, many of which are probably his own.

In all such cases it has been thought advisable to produce the original passages at length, and (where practicable) with their context : nor, where the work was scarce, or curious, or otherwise of special value, has the editor scrupled to risk the charge of occasional prolixity.

It is a matter of regret, that, in several minor instances, the passages referred to in this work have not been found, owing, perhaps, generally to some mistake in the reference. But, in these cases, it has been thought worth while to produce parallel passages, (where such could be met with,) in order to verify, out of the same author, the particular assertion or argument employed by Bishop Cosin. It should be stated also, that, in a very few instances, our best libraries have failed to supply a single copy of some particular work referred to in this Scholastical History.

On the other hand, it is a matter of satisfaction, that altogether, throughout this volume, the references will be found to have been, at the least, sufficiently verified to establish the accuracy, no less than the extent, of the author's reading: making it evident, that, in those few instances where the attempt at collation has proved wholly unsuccessful, this failure (if not the result of some false reference or misprint) can be only attributable to the inability of the present editor to do complete justice to a work of so much learning, and of so deep research. And here it may not be out of place to record the editor's thanks to the librarians of the Bodleian Library, and of Lincoln College, and Queen's College, Oxford, to the late librarian at Lambeth, to the librarians of Sion College, and to several gentlemen at the British Museum, as well as to some private friends; from whose kindness he has received much aid in his search after some of the rarer editions, or less known works, referred to here and there in this volume.

Little requires to be said further, but to inform the reader, that, for the most part, throughout the notes, Bishop Cosin's own words are distinguished from his quotations by the former being included within parentheses (); whilst the additions made by the editor have, in every instance, been enclosed within brackets [ ].

Those editions of the authors referred to have been chiefly employed, in the course of editing, which Bishop Cosin himself appears to have used, where such could be ascer. tained. Otherwise the Benedictine, or the best accessible editions, have been usually resorted to. As, however, recourse has been had not unfrequently to several editions of the same work, it has been found desirable to prepare the following list, wherein, in each case, the edition commonly used, (i. e. wherever, in the reference, no other is specified) may be readily distinguished by its priority of place.

J. Sansom.

OXFORD, Dec. 13TH, 1848.




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