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0ftbt trujkrtt. Chap: ttvil. The twelve ctpUitft

bad sons i Simrj thechieflfor though he wardj in all business oftht LORD, and was not the first- born, yet his father made in the service of the king, him the chief; * "■ * '• ?i Among tie Hebronites w*i Jerijah if Hilkiah the second* Tebaliah the the chief, tven among tfee Hebronites, acthird, Zecbariah the fbuTth: allthesorM cording-othegenerations of his fathers, and brethren et Hosah were thir'eent • • In the fourtietn year of the reign of Data Among these WfpethecHvifrc^of the1 vid» they were sought lor, andtherewere porters, evert among the chief men, btving' found among them mighty men of valour, wards one against another, to minister in at Jazer of Gilead. the hooseolthe LORD. 1i And his brethren, men of vaIour,tr>tr#

13 And they cast lots as well the small two thousand and seven hundred ciiief faas the great, according to the house of them, whom king David made rulers over their fathers for every gate. the Reuben tea- the Gartites, and the half

14 And the lor eastward fell to Shele- tribe of Manaflch, for every matter perniab: TheoforZ»chariafchisson(awise taining to Gad, and affair" of the king, counsellor) they cast tots, and his lot came \ C H £ P. XXVII.

t north-ward. ;:,( ;1 Toe twelve taprVni for every stvirsl

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ftrt£west-ward,with thegateSfiallechethi1 captains of thousands and hundreds, and

hj the causey of the going up, ward a- their officers t! at served the king in any

gainst ward. matter of the courses, which came in and

17 East-ward were fix Levites, north- went out month bv month, throughout, all

ward four a day, south-ward tour a day, themonthsof the year, of every course

and toward Asuppim two tndtwo. were twenty and four thousand,

rS At Barb ar westward, four at the a Over the fiift course tor the first

causey,*ndtwo at Parbar. month, Was lalhobeam the son ofZab

19 These Art the divisions of the porter* diel: and in his course wtre twenty and

among the sons ol Kore, and among the fourtboufand,

for* ofMetari.' ?Of the chldien os Perez, Was the

ao And osrhel.evitesj Ahiiah »<i over chief of all the captains of the host for the

the treasuresof the house of God, & over fiift month.

the tieasurea of the dedicate things 4 And over the coarse of the second

11 A% concerning the sons orLaadan: month, Was Uodai an Ahohite, and of his

the sonsoftheGerfhonite Laadan, chief course waiMiklothalsofrulerrin hiicourse

fathers, tven of Laadan the Gerslionrte likewise wert twenty and four thousand. were, )ehieli. 5 The third captain of the host for the

ix The sons of Jehieli; Zetham, and third month, wai Benaiah the son of je

Joelhis brother, which wen over the trea- hoiada a chief priest: and in hit course

sure* of the house of the LORD. were twenty and four thousand.

a? Of the Amramite?,'nd the Izharife*, 6 This i* that Benaiab, who Was mighty

the Hebronites, and the Uzziehte*: Among the thirty, and above the thirty:

*4 And ShebuclthesbnofGer(ho;n the and in ^scourseTrai Aœmizabadhii son. Ion of Mosei, n>«j ruler of the treasure*. 7 The fourth ftptdio tor the fourth

1? And his brethren by E'ifzer; Reha- month, Was Afrits the brother of Joab,

biati his son, and lelhaiah his son, and to- and Zebadiab his ion after htm: and in hit

ra m his son, and Zichti his son, and Shclo- course vert twenty and four thousand, mith his son. 8 The fifth eaptain for the fifth month,

1.6 Which Shelomirh and his brethren, Was Sbambnth the Iztahitei and in his

trrrt oversUthetressuresofthe dedicate course wtrt twenty and four thousand, things, which Davitl the king and the chief 9 The sixth f*ff«Jo for the six b month,

fathers, the captains over thousands and Was Ira the son of IkkethS Tekoitt: and

hundreds, and thecaptainsoi the host bad in his course were twenty & four thousand, dedicated. 10 The seventh ctftain for the seventh

17 Out of the spoils won in battles, did month, Was Helez the Pelonite, of the ♦hey dedicate to maintain the house of the children of Ephraira: and in his course. LORD. . wtrt twenty aod four thousand.

18 And all that Samuel the seer, and n The eighth tAftAtn for the eighth S?ulthe son of K*sh, and Abner the son of month, was Sibbecai the Hufhathite, of Ner, and ]oai> the son of Zcruiah had' the Zaibites .* and in his courle wars dedicated, and whosoever had dedicated twenty and four thousand.

Aiiy thing-, it Was under the hand of Shelo- 12 The ninth CAptAin for the ninth

mits), and of his brethren. month, Was Abiezerthe Anetothite, of the

2911 Of tbelzharites, Chenaniah & his Benjamitej :and in his course wire twenty

sons werefoT the outward business over If- and four thousand* raei, lor Officers and Judges. n The tenth c*pf«in for the tenth

?o Api of the Hebronites, Hashabiah & month, Tpaj Maharai the Netopharhire, of

his biethren, men of valour, a thousand the Zarhites: and in his course wemwen

and seven hundred were officers among ty and four thousand. j them of Israehta this sadcjoidao west.- 14 The elcvcatht^f<rn foi the eleventh


b*\>Us tAfUim* I Chronicles, . Mt cfictrt. ,

Month, w*i Benaiah ihe Piratfionite, of C H , A P.. XXVIII, the children otEpbraim: and In hi* course i Vwrdexbortttbto far God, i, 10 #*• vert twenty and sour thousand. ■ nurmgttk Stiomon ta build tbt templt,

if The twelfth ctfUln for the twelfth A Nd David assembled alltfie princes of JDonth, tr<i tieldai^the Netophathite, of I\ Israels the princes of the tribes* ard Otbniel: and in hit course wen twenty the captains of the companies that minland tour thousand. slred to the king by course, and the cap

i6<J Furthermore, over the tribes of Is- tains over the thousands, and captairoover ta«l: the ruler of the Reubenites w#* E- the hundreds, and the stewards over al) the liezer the son ofZichri: of the Simeo- substance and possession of the king, and cites, Shephatiah the son of Maacah: of his sons, witn the officers, and with the

17 Of the Levites, Hafhabiah the son mighty men. and with all the valiant men ofKemuel.- ofthe Aaronites, Zadok: unto Jerusalem.

i80f Judah,Elihu,om of the brethren of 1 Then David the king stood up upon David: of tssachar, Omri 5 son of Michael: his feet, and said. Hear me, my brethren,

Iqo: Zebulun.Uhmaiahthe sonofOba- and my people, Atfornte, 1 had in mine sliah:offNapfitali,)erimoth? sonolAzriel: heart to build an house of rest for the ark

10 Of the children Ephraim, Hoshea ofthe covenant of the Lord, and for the the son of Azzatiah: ofthe half trtbeof footstool of our God, and had made ready Manassen, Joel the sonosPedaiah: for the building:

11 Of thehalf-fWieof ManassehinGi- | But God said unto me, Thou shalt not lead, Iddotbc son of Zechariah *. of Ben- build an house for my name, because thou jamio. Ja^ziel the son of Abner: bsji btem man of war, & hast shed blood.

%x Of Dan, Azareel the.sonof Jeroham. 4 Howbe.it, the Lord God of Israel Theiewerethe princes ol y tribesof Israel, chose me before all the hou'eaf my father,

a, 3 dut David took not the number of to.be king over Israel forever: for he hath them from twenty years old and under: chosen Jud ah tobi thornier} and of the oecause the Lord had said, He would in- house of Judah, the house of my father 1 «ceafe Israel like to the stars of f heavens, and among the sons of my father, ht J iked

24 jbabthe son of Zeruiah began to me to make ffl< king over all Israel: number, but he finished not, because there f And of all my sons (for the .lord hath fell wrath for it against Israel, neither was given me many sons) he bath chosen Solothe number put in the account of the mon my son, to Gt uponthethroneof the chronicles of king David. kingdom of the LORD over Israel.

tf And over the kings treasures w«j 6 And he faidunio me, So lemon, thy son, Azmaveththesonof AdieT: aodoverthe he seal! build my bouse and my courts:for store-houses in the fields* in the cities, and I have chosen him toil my son, and 1 will m the villages, and in the castles, w*i Je- be his father.

honathantheson olVz-ziah. 7 Moteover, I will establish his king

16 And over them that did the work of dosi for ever, if be be constant to do the field for tillage of the ground, vets my commandments and my Judgments, as Jzri;thesonotCh£iub. at this day. .

17 And over the vineyards »* Shimei S Now therefore in the fight of all IsIhe Ramathite : over the increase of the rael the congregation ofthe Lord, and in vineyards for the wine-cellars, w«jZ»bdi the audience of out God, keep and seek the Shi ph mite. for all the commandments ofthe LORI)

18 And over the olive-trees, and defy- your God -.that ye may possess this good eomore-trees that iw/t in the low plains, land, and leave if for an inheritance for

Baal-ftanan the Gedcrite: aodoverthe your children after you forever, cellars of oyi was Joasli." 9 U And thou, Solomon my son, know

29 And over the herds that fed in Sha- thou the God of thy father, and serve him rot), was Shitrai the Sharonite: and over with a perfect heart, and with a willing the herds ttatwsreia the vaUeys^npm Sha- mind: for the Lord searcheth alt hearts, phatthe son of Adlai. and understandeth all the imaginations of

30 Over the camels also, war Obis the the thoughts: Ifthou leek hira.he will be Ilhmeelite : and over the asses, w*s Jeh- found of thee j but if thou toisake him, he de.ahtheMeronothiteJ will east thee off for ever.

$ < And over the flocks, was Jaeiz the 10 Take heed cow, for the Lord haw Hagerite. All these wers the rulers of the ehosentheeto build an house for the saociti'astanee which w«* king Davids, toary : be staoog and do itt

31 AI(b Jonathan Davids uncle was a its Then David gave to Solomon his counsellct, a wise man, and a scribe: and son the pattern of the porch, and^of the Jebiel the son of Haeimoni was with the hoqsesthereofjandofthetteasuneatherekings sons of. and of the upper chambers thereof, and

3; And Ahithophel Xpas the kings coun- of the inner parlours thereof, and of the selior, and Rufliai the Archite w**the place ot the mercy feat, kings companion. 11 And the pattern of all that he bad by

3* And after Ahithophel w*i Jefcoiada the Spirit, of the courts ofthe bouse of the the ion of Benaiah, and Abtathar* and the Lord,aud of all the chambers round ab&ut, fitcoialof ihc tungiaiinyw*; Joab, ofthe treasuries of the house ol God, and

at the UuJuues of the dedicate things.

13 AU»

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ltlv ,LWJ.,„U, .wi ••« u*uHM»t uivcr 101 rarngr 01 silver, and tor all manof tilver,by weighr, lor all instrument!of net of work rote maJi by the hands of artievety kind of service: ficers. And who thin ia willing to coo se

1; Even the weight for th< candlesticks crate his service thii day unto the Loeb? of gold, and for their lamrs ot gold, by 6 «J Then the chief of the fathers and weight for every candlestick, ana for the ptinceiofthe tribecofIsrael,andjcaptauis lamps thereof: and for rhe candleiticks ot of thousands, and ofhundreda, with the rusilver by weight, boti for the candlestick, lets over the kings work.offered willingly, and til" set the lampslthereof, according j And gave for the letvice ot the house to the use of every candlestick. of God, 01 gold, five thousand talcnu, aod

16 And by weight it&tve gold for the ten thousand drams: and of stiver, ten tab lei of thew bread, for ever) table, and thousand talents ; and of brass, eighteen 4r{ei*i/rtilver sot the tables of silver) thousand talents; and one hundred thou

17 Also pure gold for the tielh-nooks, land talents of iron.

and the bowls, and thecups: and totthe 8 And they with whom pr eWoui stones golden basons it gtvt gold by weight tor wete found, gave f*em to the treasure of every bason; and Hktwisif'tvir by weight the house of die Lord, by the hand of for every bason of silver: Jchiel the Gerlhomte ■8 And for the altat of incenle, refined 9 Then the people rejoyeed, fur that mid bv weieht 1 and eold for the oatiern than »tr— J — m- • pei_

the rejoyeed

with great joy.

19 All this,slid David, the LORD made 10 «, Wherefore David Welled the Lord me understand in willing by *» hand up- before all the congregation -. and David "nme.Mitnall the wotki of this pattern, said,Blessed it thou, Lord God of Israel ac Aod David saidto Solomon his son, out father, for ever and ever, strong, and os good courages and do »: n Thine.O Lord,/< the greatness, and * not, nor be dismayed, tor the Loud the power, and the glory, and the victory, twn my God, wilt it with thee, he aod the majesty: lor all ti*t it in the heawill not fail thee, not lorfake thee until venand in the earth, it tiint j thine is the thou sast hnisiiedall the work for the scr- kingdom, 0 Lorb, and thou art exalted vice os the house of the Lord. aa Head above all.

a 1 And behold, the courloc of theprieiu 11 Both riches and honour etmeof thee, and the Levites.eotn titjrjhtlt it with tint and thou reignett over all,& in thine hand for all the service ot the house of God,and is power and inight,and in thine haod it ia tiirt stall it with thee lor all manner of to make great, S to give strength unto all. workmanship, every willing skilful man 13 Now thetefore, our God, we thank tor any manner ot service: also the prw- thee, and praise thy glorious Name, ces and all the people will it wholly at 14 But who am l,and what is my people, thy cammaodment. that we fbduld be aole lo offer so willingly

CHAP. XXIX. afieithii sort ? tor all things so»ii of thee,

1 Vavidhjtiitximflt etufititit frintti And and of thine own have we given thee. ftoflt to o/ftr. to Hit titnks&iving 16 if F6r"we*re strangers before thee, and tin rain and dtttb. fojourners, as wire all our fathers : our

Furthermore, David the king said unto days on the earth art as a shadow, and all the congregation,Solomon my son, titr t it none ajiding. whom alone Gou hath chosen, rejeryoung t6 O Lord our God, all this store that and tender, and the work i J gteat 1 lot the we bava prepared to build thee an bouse

Salecc fmot for man, but for the Lorb for thine holy Name, comet* of thine □d. band, and is all thine own.

a Now I have prepared with all my 17 I know also, my God, that thou migu tot the house ot my God, the gold melt the heart, and haft pleasure in upior rci/j^i to htrirndtoi goM, and the stiver rightnesa. As for me, in the uprightness fbrrftinjjsot stiver, and the brass for rer>£i ot mioeheartl havewillingly ottered alt of brass, the itoo sot rifitgi of iton, and these things: and now have 1 saen with wood tor tbin&t of wood; onyl stones, and joys thy people which arc present here, to JNftfj 10 be ftti glistnng stoncs,and ofdi- offer willingly unto rhee. vers colours, and all manner of precious 18 O Lord God of Abraham, llaacsot ffoces, and marble stones in abundance. Iltael our fathers,kcep this for ever inthe a Moreover, because I have set my imagination ot the thoughts of the heart ot affection to the house of my God, lhave thy pcople.ckptepare their licaituotothcaj. of mine own proper good, of gold and i9 And give unto Solomon my son a trivet, wfciei 1 have given to the House of neiject heart to keep thy cnm»andj»cnis.

Ulomon tnaittttjl. II Chronicles* , . Vsvids ittth, fty testimonies, ardthystatut«.aridtodo men, and all the sons likewise of king Daall tbejitbings, and io build the palace for vid submitted themselves unto Solomon the which 1 have made provision seeking. xo i\ And David said to all the congre- x y Aod the Lord magnified Solomon ition, Now Mess the Lord your God- exceedingly in the light ot all Israel, and And all the congregation bleslcd the bestowed upon blm/itctVroyalmaieltyas had LORD God of their fathers, and bowed notbefn on any king before him in Israel, down their heads, and worshipped the x6 5 Thus David the son, of Jesse' LORD and the king. reigned overall Israel.

21 And they sacrificedsacrificestntothc 17 And the time that he reigned over

LoRD,and offered burnt offerings unto the Israel, w*i forty year*: seven yean

Lord on the morrow a fwi that day. tven reigned he in Hebron, and thirty and tsiiee

a thousand bullocks.athoulandram%**fJii a jtsrt reigned he in Jerusalem."

ehousanclambs,with their drink-offerings, x$ And he died in a good old age, full

and sacrifices in abundance sot all Israel: of days, riches, and honour: and Solomon

xi And did eat and drink before the hisCn feigned in bis stead.

Lord on that day with great gladness and xo. Now the Acts ofDavid the king, fi It

they made Solomon the son ofDavid king and last, behold, they *rt written in the

the second time, and anointed bim unto book of Samuel the seer, and in the l*ook

the Lord tobt the chief governour, and of Nathan the prophet, and in the book

Zadok to bt priest. of Gad the seer,

%i Then Solomon sat on tie throne 30 Wish all his reign and his might,

of the Lord asking inlteadcf David his ard the times that went over him, and

fatherland prospered, and all Israel obey- over, Israel, and over all the kingdoms of

ed him. the ccnmieys. 14. And all the princes and the mighty

f The second BOOK of the C H RONICLES.

C H A P. I. to Give me now wisdom and know.

offering *t Gibton. 7 Hit ekoitt ledge, that 1 may go out and come m beimubirjj'ed by Cod. fore this people: .for who can judge this

■«u Solomon, the son ofDavid, thy people, thttisso great? was ittengthred in his kingdom, n And God said to Solomon, Because and the LORD his God Was this was in thine heart, and thou hast not with him, and magnified him asked riches, wealth, or honour, nor 'the exceedingly. ✓ life of thine eneaiesineithcryet hall asked

a. Then Solomon spake unto all Israel, long I is;; but hast asked wisdom and knowto the captains of thousands, and of hun- ledge for thy self,that thou may?stjudgerny dreds, and to the judges, and to every go- people, over whom I have made thee king: vernoarinall Israel,the chief off fathers. it Wisdom and knowledge is granted

3 So Solomon, and all the congregation unto thee, and 1 will give thee riches, with 'him, went to the high place that was and wealth, and honour, such as neneof atGiheon.foi there was f tabernacle off the kings have had, that b*vt bttn before congregation of God. which Moses y servant thee, neither shall there any after thee of the Lord had madein $ wilderness. havethe like.

4 But the ark of God had David brought 1? fl Then Solomon came/>om bis jour. up from Kirjath-jcarim, totbepUc*wbicb nry,to the high place rhatnp.tr at Gioeop, David had prepared for it : for he had to Jerusalem,from before thetabemacle or pitched a tent for it at Jerusalem. the congregation, and reigned over Israel.'

5 Moreover, the brasen altar that Be- 14 And Solomon gatheied chariots and xaleel the fen of Uri, the son of Hur, had horsemen: and he had a thousand and four made, he put besow the tabernacle of the hundred chariots, and twelve thousand Lord: and Solomon and the congrega- horsemen, which he placed in the chahottion sough', unto it. ■ cities, and with the king at jeniia'e^,

6 And Solomon went up thitherto the 15 And the king made hlvcf and gold at bialen altar before the Lord, which Was Jerusalem As pltnttoutn stofiei.aritt cedarat the tabernacle of the congregation, and trees made he as the sycomore-treea that: offered a thousand burnt offerings upon it. srt in the vale for abundance.

7 11 In that night did God appear unto ift And Solomon had hortes brought out Solomon, and laid unto him, AsK.what 1 of Egypt, and linen yarn: rhe kings merv lhall give thee. chants received the linen yarn ac a price.

8 And Solomon said unto God, Thou i*r And they frtchtup,atid brought f'ortn hast sliewed great mercy unto David ay out ol Egypt » chariot for fix hundred liefather, and hast made me to reign in his fatsos Giver,and an horie lor an hundred

atM T ± and fifty: and lo brou^nt they OUt her [ti

9 Now.O Lo»» God, let rfcy promise for all tha kings of tne'Hitntej, and lor unto David m, rather be establiihed : for the kings of £viia, by their means.

thou haa made me kiDg over a people, like the dust of uc earth in multitude.



Sticmcii tboiet. Chap. C H A K M. 1,17 Solomon labourert for tttbuUding of thtttmptt. ?HiitmbajJ'*g§to Huram. ■ f Hurams {ind MtisBHr;

ANd Solomon *• tcrmined to build an houlcf.r the Name of the LORD, and an house sot hiskingdom.

i And Solomon told out threescore and tep thousand men to bear burdens, and fourscore thou Cardto hew in the mountain, and three thousand and sil hundred to oversee them.

3 f And Solomon sent to Huram the king of Tyre, saying. As thou didst deal with David my father* and dilt fend him cedara to build btm an honle to dwell therein, tvtn so dtat xvitb mt.

4 Behold, 1 build an house -to the Name of the Lord my God»ro dedicate it to him, and to burn before him sweet incense, and tor rhecontinual Ihew-bread, and for the burnt-otterings morning and evening; on the sabbaths and en the new moons, and on the solemn feasts of the Lorn our Gbd.Tslisfr an orirsijoeeforevertolsrae',

5 And the houl>,whichI build is great: for great is our God above all gods,

6 But who is able >o build him an house, feeing the heaven, and heaven of heavens cannot conrain him? who am I then that 1 [hull build him an bouse, lave only to burn sacrifice before him *

> sLndrne now therefore a man, cunning to work in gold, and in silver,and in bra is, and m iron, and in purple,and crimfbeand blue, and that can skill to grave wirh the cunning m^n that ave with me in Judah and in jisulalem*whom David my fa-her did provide.'

8 Send me a'so ceda^-trees, fir-tree?, and algum-trees out of Labanon ( for 1 know that thy servants can skill to cut timberin Labanon)and bel.old,my(ervaEts flistl ifwitri thy servants,

9 Even to prepare me timber in abundance : tor the house which lam about 10 build, Jball be wonderlul great.

loAnd behold,1 willgiveco thyservanrs, the hewers th;rt cut timber, twenty ihousand measures of beaten wheat,and twenty thousand measures ot barley, and twenty thousand baths of wine* an.i twenty thousand baths of oyl.

I I Then Huram the king of Tyre answered in writing, wnicn he lentto Solomon, because the Lord hath loved his people,he hath madethee king over them.

ix huiam said moreover. Blelsed be the Lord God of Israel, thatmade heaven & earth, who hath given to David the king a wiie son, en-iued with prudence and understanding* that m-ght b ilJ an house let the Lord, and an house tor his kingdom.

rj And now 1 have sent a cunning* man ( endued with understands, g } of Huram my fa trier} i

J 4 The son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his farncrw*; a man ot Tyre, skilful to work in gold and in silver, in brass, in iron, in stone, and in timber, in purple* Id blue,and in tine imnen, and i-Q

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17 *s And Solomon numbred all the strangers that were in tteland of Israel, after it e numbering wherewith David his father had numbied rhem -, and they were sound an hundred and fifty thousand, and three thousand and tix hundred.

tS And he let threescore and ten thousand of them to be bearers of burdens, and fourscore thousand ro be hewers in the mouniain,and three thousand and iix hundred overseers to let the people a work.

CHAP. Ill, I The place and time of building tbe tentsU ^rbemtafmrt and ornaments oftbt '-oust.

TfienSolomonbegan to buildthe house of the Lord ar Jeruiatem in mount .Marian, where tie LORD appeared onto David his tarher, in the place that David had prepared in the tUeihing.floor of Oman the Jebulite.

a And he began to build in the second day of the-second month* in the lourrh year of his reign.,

? (| Now these are tbe things wbtrein Solomon was instructed for the building ot the house of God. Tne length by cubits after thefirst. mealure was threescore cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits.

4 And the porch that was in the front of tit bouse-, the length of it vent according to the breadth et the house twenty cubits, aod the height was an hundred and twenty: and fae overlaid it within with pure gold.

5 And the greater houie he ceiled withfir-tree, which he overlaid wish fine gold, and set thereon palm-ttees and chains.

6 Aod bo garnished the J oule with precious stones lor beauty: and the gold was gold of Parvaim.

7He overlaid also the house, the beams, the posts, and the walls thereof, and the doors thereof wito gold, ar.d graved cherubimsonthe walls. .

H And be made the molt holy hou fe, the length whereof was according tp the breadth of the hon le, twenty cubits, andthe breadth thereof twenty o bits: and heoverlaid it with fine gold amounting to six hundred talents. y . i -J

a And the w- ight of the nails vat fifty shekels of gold; and ne overlaid the upper chambers with gold. ■

t o Anu in the molt holy faoul e he made two cheru'Mms of image-work, and overlaid them with gold. _

11 t And tLc wwgs of the cfaeiubims

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